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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Hillary Clinton the butcher of Benghazi

Yes, you read it right, Hillary Clinton the butcher of Benghazi cancelled a speaking engagement to 700 people in San Diego after finding out the mother of a dead Benghazi victim, American soldier Sean Smith, was going to be there. Apparently Hillary is brave enough to dodge sniper bullets in a NON EXISTENT ATTACK in Bosnia, along with her lying Daughter who backed up the LIE that didn’t happen or in or near ANY specified place,  but can't face a Benghazi victims mother. This shows the pure cowardice and a guilty conscience. And that she would make a terrible president just like the president that she is protecting that currently holds the office.  Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice and their Boss Barack Hussein Obama, all are typical Leftist cowards and lairs.
 Isn’t it too bad that our LEFTIST media doesn't give Pat Smith the mother of Sean Smith, one of the American soldier’s  who was killed in the Benghazi attacks, the same amount of coverage and support they gave Cindy Sheehan every time she farted during George Bush's second term. But then again....”What difference does it make at this point”?  The Traffic jam on the George Washington bridge is much more important to report on.
They already know damn well who the people are who were responsible, but its not enough, now it’s a witch hunt for Christie. Boy would it have been nice to see the Jackass Democrat flakes do the same for Ambassador Stevens' family and other family members of our Benghazi hero's.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

We Republicans Have Been Vilified And Insulted For The Past 13 Years, And We Aren’t Going to Take It Anymore!

We Republicans have been vilified and insulted for the past 13 years, from the day that George Bush was elected and through the past 5 years of Barack Obama’s failed Presidency. From his gross failures, his lies, and his manipulation of the United States Constitution.  From the Duck Dynasty issue to the Chick-fil-A issue.  Black Republicans have been vilified and insulted by the Left for the past 13 years from Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, to  Herman Cain. Ben Carson, the more eloquent version of Herman Cain, Black neurosurgeon from Baltimore has become the latest Black conservative to have been shot down, The liberals have taken the politics of personal destruction to new levels. It is no wonder that the Republicans have become a little uncooperative. If the President and his party treated me in the same manner they have treated Republicans, I would be loathe to have any part of them. The day he took office, the President forgot his promise to be President to all Americans and became President of liberal Americans.

In the five years that Barack Obama has been President the liberals, media, talking heads, and politicians, have been wearing out their race cards. There has been no such thing as a disagreement on policy or a dislike of planned results. If you disagree with Obama you are automatically a racist. Why else would one not cheer every word he speaks.
And now the Liberals are fixed on Ted Nugent, addressing him as a prominent Republican! 


I do not agree with most of what Mr. Obama says and does, while not caring a bit about his skin color. He talks too much and says too little.
We all know where Obama and the liberals stand, with Socialism, class warfare, lyes, and broken promises. We know exactly where Obama and the liberals stand: bigger government, less freedom, and massive job losses. Obama had his chance to make things better. Instead, he took over healthcare, passed massive tax increases, and presided over record gas prices and unemployment.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Vilifying Christie!

Chris Christie addressed the media and the Nation about his bridge scandal and started by saying,   “I am embarrassed and humiliated by the conduct of some of the people on my team,” he then apologized to his state’s residents and announced that he had fired a top aide after emails surfaced indicating staffers planned to cause a traffic jam on the country’s busiest bridge as part of a political payback scheme to punish a local mayor.
But it seems as if none of that was good enough for the lefties who are out to detail him.
It seems like the lefties are trying to put the skids on Christie's run before it even starts. This could be a huge mistake on their part.
But we all know to well how the progressives love to make of false statements that damage a Republican’s reputation.
If the media had devoted a similar amount of time toward investigating Fast & Furious (where 3 Americans and hundreds of Mexicans have been killed).   Or Benghazi (where 4 Americans were killed and 30+ injured and Obama, Hillary and Rice lied about a video for 2-3 weeks), and the abuses of power by the IRS (where only 20% of the requests for tax exemptions by Liberal entities and 80% submitted by Conservatives were held up), Americans might begin reading the media's newspapers and magazines again.
The media is digging its own grave with its extreme Left biases -- which is proven by its extreme Bridgegate coverage and ignoring stories that would make Democrats look bad.
If only they had given as much coverage of a traffic jam in 2 days as there has been in 6 months of IRS scandal, about the same for a year's worth of pitiful "cover-up" of Benghazigate...And as for that ridicules Nre York Times Investigation story
maybe their definition of an "investigation" is different from that found in a dictionary. The media did not even investigate why Obama, Hillary, and Rice lied about the video for 2-3 weeks.
And, yes, I am quite sure that I am right!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Obama, The American President with the Shortest List Of Accomplishments".

A list of political correctness, welfare, food stamps, never-ending unemployment benefits, labor union control, globalism, wealth redistribution, restrictions of free speech a strangulation of business and punishment of  prosperity, steering America into a second Great Depression, calling the Tea Party racist’s and radical’s, taking sides with the radical Muslim Brotherhood, Promising to close Gitmo, failing to do so punishment through taxation. to his handling of the Syrian crisis, and of course Benghazi.
But there is no doubt he will either deny that anything has failed that, and will resort to his favorite tactic of blaming others from George Bush to Rush Limbaugh.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Damage Has Already Been Done!

It took Obama six days to renew his calls for a ban on guns in the aftermath of the movie theater murders in Aurora, Colo. Following is an excerpt from his comments to the National Urban League, and it took him only one day after yesterdays  tragedy at the Naval Yard in Washington DC.

I, like most Americans that hold our constitution dear to us , believe that the Second Amendment guarantees an individual the right to bear arms. I also believe in the Bill of Rights!
and, THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS,  The Second Amendment to the Constitution guarantees Americans the right to bear arms. Many Americans believe that without weapons they would be powerless if the government tried to overstep its powers and rule by force. Or if they or their family  are confronted by Hoodlums or Criminal either in the Streets or in their own homes.
Barry seems to have no clue that the main purpose of gun ownership is for Protection for one’s Life & ones Property !!!
 If Obama feels so strongly that guns belong ONLY in the hands of law enforcement officers and soldiers not criminals, then why weren’t the thousands of assault rifles that were sold to the most violent and dangerous drug cartels in this hemisphere sold to the Mexican military instead? Once again we backed the wrong side!
Obama is the most  narcissistic, the most incompetent, and dangerous chief executive our country has ever had ever to occupy our White House.. He makes Jimmy Carter appear brilliant, sane and coherent.
Hanoi John Kerry who was the worst imaginable candidate for any office but who nominated and appointed away, said in his impassioned speech on last week that Assad was a “thug” and a "monster", and that his action could not go unpunished. The president then not only embarrassed Kerry by postponing action before even conferring with him, but put on hold all in his administration who were getting ready to gather support for a strike, which, as the president said, did not require any vote by Congress. Yet he has now asked for a vote, one in which he has no assurance that he can win. He has opponents on both the Republican and Democratic side of the aisle, and they might very well have enough votes to go against his stated desire that a strike against Syria be taken. But luckily was saved by the Former Head of the Russian KGB! An embarrassment to say the least.  In the end, should he lose and it turns out that he was scammed by the Russians, it will not only be a further humiliation, but a damaging setback for the reputation and word of the United States. Our enemies throughout the world such as Iran and North Korea will be waiting in anticipation for such a failure. Already, celebrations are in from Syria, which has declared that their regime has already won. By delaying any action for what could be two weeks or more, Obama has given Assad even more time to assure that if a strike comes, it will not harm any of his troops, their weapons and their troops have been given plenty of time to be hid.
Let me end by saying that in a civilized society murder is not committed by law abiding licensed Gun Owners, but by felonious criminals who will obtain a Gun no matter how many laws are on the books. Criminals do NOT obey laws, background checks or what not!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Some Days Go Just Right, and Other Just Don't!

It looks like the Nobel Prize winner turned out to be a War Monger .  But a bad one!
The War Monger Obama goes ahead and shows the enemy his hand. What he will do, when he will do it and how he will do it. How clever can this Dunce be?
Since when does anyone eliminate the element of surprise?
To bad the Japanese didn't let us know all those details before attacking Pearl Harbor!  If Obama struck 2 weeks ago without warning maybe the attack would have had some teeth in it, but NOW? Who is he fooling?   And he knows damn well that he screwed up so now he’s laying the  responsibility off on Congress, as well as the rest of the world for his stupid RED LINE comment.
And once again our President is  getting schooled and lectured in front of our enemies and the rest of the world and shown just how ignorant, feckless, weak and inept a leader he is. . And that is more dangerous to us than the chemical weapons in Syria is to us.  Ah, but General Motors is Alive!
You can say that Putin is a lot of things, but he is not stupid.
You Liberals  have to be kicking your selves in the ass, how can this be happening?  We’ve gone  from no jobs, to record deficits to the disaster of  Obamacare, the Benghazi lies and cover up to the IRS targets, the  Associated Press phone records leak investigation, the Eric Holder perjury, and  Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice’s cover up. and now this! I'd bet that the liberals are not happy campers right now.  And on top of all that, George Zimmerman was found to be Not Guilty! I guess that I can't blame them.......   But isn’t that special!
I’m thinking that I’d like a Chick-Fil-A sandwich for lunch today.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Barack Hussein Obama Warmonger!

 Most of us can remember how the King of America was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize literally for doing nothing but being the first “African-American President” But things have changed drastically since then.
Boy, you gotta admire that President Obama, he must have that Bashar al-Assad the Syrian president shaking in his boots by now.
Obama is Hell-bent on attacking Syria, and he let the whole world know it.
He told them that on NO uncertain terms and that’s another way of saying in a strong and direct way that We WILL attack you!
However, it may be tomorrow, but no that’s the Jewish Holidays, so maybe it wll be next week, but no the Congress is still on vacation.  So maybe when they come back we will discuss it and see what they say. I just have to get  approval and pass it through the proper channels.  But let me be very clear, we WILL attack you!  I made  a decision, and I’m going to stick by it.
But let me make it clear, we WILL take military action, but it won’t include any Boots on the Ground. And oh yeah, it will only be for about one or two days at the most.  And oh yeah, we will be very careful and only aim for Military targets, so don’t worry about us hurting anybody.
Just remember how I got Osama bin Ladin, and you think about that before you kill anymore women and children with your chemical weapons.  BUT, and this is a BIG BUT, if the Congress does not approve, then all bets are off!
And when I’m done with you, I’m going to secure the border by Mexico, and then Close  Guantanamo Bay!  Now go eat your Baba Ganoush!