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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Why are Liberal blog commenters so naive?

Just imagine how much worse it would be if they had a brain that functioned.  But like they say, "if Democrats/liberals had any brains, they'd be Republicans".  But I guess that with Hero’s like Obama, Trotsky, Lenin, Marx, Mao, Stalin, and Pelosi, we can’t expect much else.  Yesterday after reading one of the comments that was written by Ducky Here, I immediately I sent a donation to the National Mental Health Association of America. 
And this very morning after reading some of the posts written by this guy who goes by the name Xavier Onassis and has the "gall,“and the chutzpah” to call himself a “Hip Suburban White Guy”
Well he may be a “White” guy and he may be suburban  but “HIP” I doubt that. [laughing] that’s almost like saying Harry Reid is the Life a the Party!  Anyway after reading this guys blog, I came away thinking that it may had been written by Forrest Gump.  And he had the cojones to blog about another fellow bloggers Posts. 

There is a very interesting book about how the conservative and liberal brains function differently from one another and these two bloggers prove that point. .But the scary part of all this is to think that these people vote! And that their vote counts as much as a normal persons does. Thus the mess of trouble/problems America is in at this very minute.
If there is evil in this world, it lurks within the hearts of the Democratic/Liberals of the world.

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