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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Will The Real Hillary Clinton Please Stand Up!

The real danger to America is not Barack Hussain Obama but the citizenry who will vote and trust another leftist, Socialist, lying, conniving, immoral, individual like him with the Presidency.
Considering all those on the political scene today, Hillary ranks up there with Obama, Al Sharpton, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Harry Reid, Al Gore, and even that Dumb-Ass Joe Biden.  And all the others who make me want to vomit when listening to anything that they say. I try my very best to avoid them like the Plague or Ebola..Is she planning another run for the Presidency?  Well just take notice how she's distancing herself from Obama, isn’t that a good sign..
So if she does run, let us never forget who Hillary Clinton really is.   Let’s never forget what she did and what she said regarding Benghazi.  Hillary Clinton, aka as Her Thighness, is an outrageous liar, she lied about her and her lying Daughter being “Under Sniper Fire” in Bosnia, while she was really busy with photo Ops with a little Bosnian Girl. Saying and I quote “ I remember landing under sniper fire”  She lied to the face of the parents of the dead Benghazi victims at the airport when she was right in front of their coffins.
And like Barack Obama, she can't figure out where she stands on gay marriage until she figures out who is asking and who is the room listening, in other words, she will lie like her husband and her last boss to trick people into voting for her. Blaming all the failures and foolish policies on the Liar in Chief.
The truth is that Hillary Clinton’s past is full of scandals and lies.  Sound familia? Do we really want another LIAR in the While House?
Hillary Clinton is a Female Dracula!  And I hesitate in using the word “Female”

How stupid do the Politicians of this country think that we are to seriously risk handing over the Highest Office in the land to Hillary Rodham Clinton after Obama's disastrous two terms
You just can’t tell me that SHE’S the best that we’ve got! Where are all of our real American’s? Where is the press? Surely there are true Americans somewhere in power that are better that this Fake, Fraud, Phoney, depraved woman!

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