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Monday, March 26, 2012

Maybe We Need A Hoodie Summit

Well it happened and I'm not surprised. The African-American  Lynch Mob that calls themselves the New Black Panthers  have put out a “Wanted Dead or Alive” Poster For George Zimmerman.   Is that what this country has come to UNDER OBAMA?  Mikhail Muhammad, the New Black Panther leader, announced the reward Saturday.  He remarked, "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth."
How low have we sunk as a nation ever since Barack Obama has become the President?  Where is the out-cry about this?   How can this man get a fair trial when every Black Church in America is going to on Sunday's wearing Hoodies, including the Black preachers. When did the law change to, “Guilty until proven innocent”?
 Yes, I DO believe that Zimmerman is guilty, but what has happened to "Innocent until proven guilty"?  I recently read on another blog that  "this country HAS become more divided than ever before because of President Obama, no question about that." And I have to agree with that 100 percent.
How can he get a fair trial when the President of the United States say's that "could have been my son"!  Of course Obama had to put his 2 cents into it with that dumb statement.  Shades of the Henry Gates Beer Summit.  Maybe we should have a  Hoodie Summit? And how can he get a fair trial when  everybody is walking around and protesting wearing "Hoodies" ?  I just can't wait to see Moochelle in a new fashionable hoodie while boarding Air Force One on on her way to the Caribbean .
We don't even wait for the Jury process any longer,  just put up a Wanted Dead or Alive poster and lynch the bastard!   This isn't  the way the jury acted when OJ Simpson was on trial was it?
How can this man get a fair trial when when we see the Black Panthers, Spike Lee, the NAACP, Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, all the Media Whore's,  and the President of the United States already saying that he's guilty?  And notice how quite Eric Holder is all of a sudden.
And all the rest of the racists in America already deciding he is guilty so why should we even bother with a trial and spend so much money on it!


  1. "How low have we sunk as a nation ever since Barack Obama has become the President?"

    How low did we sink to elect him in the first place?

  2. I even read in the paper this morning that Spike Lee thought he was putting George Zimmerman's address on his Twitter account when it was really that of an elderly couple probably trying to enjoy their retirement years. They were kind of bothered ya think?

  3. With all the "code language" coming out of the Left and the Black Caucus we need an interpreter to see where they are really headed with this...Not really...

  4. Z Man, I Know, isn't that nice! Spike Lee is another Race-baiting idiot

    Scott, you got that right.

  5. A Hoodie! Wasn't that part of Ted Kaczynski's persona?