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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Obama hates the American lifesyle

 The problem with America today  is that the media will blow any bad news that has to do with Obama and his bunch of stooges he calls his administration, from Eric Holder on down.  And this is great for the Left/wingers oe should I say  "progressives".  Obama is so arrogant and brazen that he  doesn't even even trying to hide his disdain for  this country anymore.
Is Obama really a Socialist?
You can bet your last dollar that he is. But he must avoid that label. In today's society, labels are important, no one want to be guilty of voting for a Socialist, American isn't quite ready for that...  Not yet anyway. By  Socialist, I do not mean a real hard line Dictator like, Castro, or Mao, but  Obama falls. somewhere in the middle like a modern or contemporary Socialist.
He has to avoid that label like the  plague because socialism doesn't work here because it takes away all  incentives to work hard.   Why work hard when the government will make sure your taken care of with Healthcare, Food Stamps and Welfare?

And where I come from that's called Socialism.  I personally do not want to pay for other people's mortgages, food stamps,lottery tickets, or welfare and healthcare. I have a job and I pay taxes.
To put it in proper perspective, Obama a Con Man, a Con Man that hate sall of our  traditional American values.  He's gotta go.

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  1. Dude, every single DAY we're bombarded with things that are SO HORRIBLE to hear in our country and the media doesn't really divulge, you're right.
    Today, Holder's arguing TX's LAW (LAW, that was voted for by its people) that makes voters have photo ID. He's blocking every law that says, basically "we think voters should be smart enough to get equipped to vote"... who'd ARGUE THAT? We know WHY, don't we.
    I can't stand it and I don't see any Republicans fighting very hard against this stuff, which is even worse.