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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mean-Spirited Homophobic Bully Mitt Romney Cuts the Hair of a Student in High School

 Well Guess What?  I don't give a damn!
While Obama  and Julio were down in the Schoolyard wearing their Air Jordan’s, shooting Hoops and Smoking Mauie Wowie, that Mean-Spirited Homophobic Bully Mitt Romney was down in the Schoolyard cutting the Hair of a  High School Student!  Well paint my toenails and call me Mabel.
Let me  get this straight: Joe Biden's latest gaffe forces Barack Obama to "come out" in favor of gay marriage, something he might have done anyway and the he media jumps all over this, and then the Washington Post  all of a sudden comes out with a 50 or 55 year old story about that “ MEAN-SPIRITED HOMOPHOBIC BULLY MITT ROMNEY CUTTING  THE HAIR OF A STUDENT IN HIGH SCHOOL” hoping that the elections are about Gay issues and about  "Two Mommy Families" rather than families with no jobs, and families who are losing their homes, and who have lost their rudiment funds. Ans as if that's not bad enough, hours later Obama rubs elbows with big Hollywood Movie stars like George Clooney and other mega-millionaire loyalty of Hollywood's elite where they pulled in $15 million for Obama’s campaign, does anyone  think that gay marriage, or Romney’s giving a Haircut to a gay student 50 years ago was on the top of everyone conversation. They paid $40,000 a tickets to the dinner at Clooney's home, producing more money for Obama's campaign fund than any he has held since becoming a presidential candidate.  Where were the Wall Street occupiers at this  mega-millionaire’s event? 
Did the socialist media, let's talk about OBOZO's massive drug use in high school, where he was stoned on coke most of the time, and let's talk about his high school infatuation with communists, communism and radical, anti-American black nationalism.
Another very typical pathetic example of another liberal MSM smear campaign. 
Another case of the Obama GANG throwing mud in hopes it will stick!
Does any of this this matter at all? We have a sitting president that has exhibited, in my opinion, very little if any at all in the way of leadership.  A sitting president that has FAILED and FAILED MISERABLY!
While the progressive left wing socialist media Rag known as the Washington Posts spent the past few months digging  up every piece of negative piece of dirt on a Conservative like Romney they seemed to fail to report on the LOADS of negatives on their Poster Boy Obama. It's disgusting.
It’s about time we woke up and noticed that everything  Barack Obama does and has done puts us further and deeper in debt.
Obama has failed miserably in reducing unemployment and yet he talks of helping the middle class, and helping the minorities!  How has he helped anybody?  By raising Taxes? By his taking Air Force One to New York for a weekend date, and by Minny the Moocher taking her daughters, her mother and cousins and half of Black Hollywood on worldwide vacations?
Or by ignoring the the Constitution by making appointments of self admitted Communists without Senatorial approval, or by telling off the Supreme Court?
Or maybe by all but throwing  Benjamin Netanyahu the Prime Minister of Israel out of the Oval Office so that he could go to dinner. Or maybe part of Obama's greatness was when he BOWED down to Saudi Kings! 
And how about when he told us about that "Typical White Women", his own Grandmother? 
Should I be angry at Mitt Romney for the "cutting of some hair of a fellow student over 50 years ago?   Are the Millions of Americans who are suffering  as the result of President Obama’s Failed economic policies?  
My  phone bill has gone up over $20 monthly due to increased taxes, with no additional benefit.  Should I be paying more for my phone to help pay for the FREE cell phones and I-pads that the Government is handing out on their entitlement programs?  Let's look at the larger picture and focus on that rather than giving a rat's ass about what that Bully Mitt Romney did over 50 years ago in High School.  Who didn't do something that they are ashamed of in High School, or when they were younger.  Certainly NOT Barack Hussein Obama! 
"The Obama campaign and the leftist media has always cried out when the name Bill Ayers and Berardine Dohrn comes up, claiming "guilt by association" 
Well, he was guilty "guilt by association"!  How many of other people that we know of Hung-Out with Domestic Terrorists?
And PLEASE don't tell me again or even try to convince me that Barack Hussein and Michelle sat in a Pew in Jeremiah Wright's church for over 20 years and never heard any of his anti-American- anti Semitic- anti White ranting! Or the belief that the American government created AIDS to kill black people, or any of his other conspiracy theories, because no Normal America believes it, and neither do I! 
And whats with this crapola on the Gay Marriage issue and what is it that when a Conservative changes their mind they Flip-Flop, but when Obama changes HIS mind he has "Evolved"what is with that crap, or should I say distraction?
Bottom line as far as  Mean-Spirited Homophobic Bully Mitt Romney Cutting off the Hair of a Student in High School, I don't give a crap in the least about it. Mitt Romney has always been a good guy, a good family man and one heck of a good or great businessman.  And I can't say any of that about Barack Hussein Obama.

So lets see, if we are going to bring up the past, how about  the good old days when obama  was a druggie, ate dogs in Kenya, got thru college on Affirmative Action, had a Domestic Terrorist pay for his law degree,  bought him a house, and sat in a church with a Racist, anti-Semitic,-anti White and anti America Pastor
 Instead of focusing on the real issues like the economy the left flings these nonsensical dirty attacks about petty issues. And worst of all they try to ignore the Obama administration creating distractions that have nothing to do with the fact that Obama is economically inept and lacks  leadership.
The U.S. Postal Service is losing $25 million a day, and forecasted a loss of about $14 BILLION this year.  They forecast that Medicare Medicare will run dry by 2024, and that Social Security will run out in 2033, and yet we hear very little if anything at all about it. Yet this stupid, and meaningless 50 year old story about Romney makes the Headlines, go figure! 


  1. I guess that that's all they've got. Good post Dude.

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  3. Great job here on this post DD. Please keep up the great fight, we need people like you fighting for us.
    BTW, I just blogged on the same topic.

  4. Your said a mouth full here, DD and ALL spot on.
    The left have nothing of record that is positive for the rest of the country that they can run on.
    And digging up a 50 year old story is a distinctive sign they are scrapping the bottom of the barrel, where the slim settles, to try and put a serious ding in the Romney's campaign. Not going to work, it my bet.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.
    You've got a good one here, which I will add to my roll!

  5. Wow is all I can say at this point. I found your site from where you added yourself to my list of peeps. I will enjoy following your blog and have shared it already with a few like minded people. I try to have faith that common sense will prevail.


    Now,I don't mean to be an @$$#0!e but I believe that it was the Washington [Post] and not the Washington [Times] that came out with this. The Washington Post (I call it the Compost) , as you know, is a perfect example of the MSM whereas the 'Times'(not to be confused with the New York Times) is far more objective. I just don't want to see them get blamed for the nonsense put out by their competitor. I agree with all of the very 'sage' observations in today's Post (this one!) and I've heard that there may be some problems with the veracity of this story; shades of Dan Rather-maybe.

  7. MAAAAN! When they gotta go THAT FAR BACK and dredge up something THAT'S THAT STOOPID, they're really getting desperate!

  8. So lets see, if we are going to bring up the past, how about the good old days when obama was a druggie, ate dogs in Kenya, got thru college on Affirmative Action, had a Domestic Terrorist pay for his law degree, bought him a house, and sat in a church with a Racist, anti-Semitic,-anti White and anti America Pastor...

    Jon, you are right, that was the Washington Post. I've corrected the error...thanks.

  9. And let's not forget the girlfriends! At least Romney had REAL girlfriends... not composite ones. (Are composites ones made up with something like particle board?)


    Was Michael Jackson included?

    1. Hmmm... I think you're thinking of COMPOST on her/him/it.

  11. I'll simply repeat a post I made earlier today.

    I SO don't care!

  12. The Obama campaign, with the media handling the propaganda is quite an operation.

  13. You got that right SF.
    Thanks for the comment

  14. Whatever Romney may have done 50 years ago doesn't matter a tiddler's damn today.

    Besides, let us remember that Obama has admitted to using drugs in high school. We're supposed to overlook that, yet berate Romney for something that happened in high school? Gimme a break!