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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Most Important Election of Our Lifetime

Lets face it, this November’s election might just be the most important election of our lifetimes.. As I’m sure you know already I am far from a fan of the current President and his miserable administration, especially the Vice president, and it irks me to even call him by that tittle. . Why?  It’s simple!  Let’s start with the rotten economy that we have at the moment, and that we have had for as long as this inept president has been in office. .  We have an economy that isn’t going anywhere but down, there has been practically no recovery at all.  This president has claimed that he has been successful at creating jobs, but lets face it, he claim that he has been successful at a lot of things.  If you listen to him, you’d thing that he was the greatest since Muhammad Ali.  And if you think the economy is bad now, just wait for a few months until Obamacare kicks in. The monthly new job numbers continues to decline, more and more stores are closing all over, in every City and in every State, the prices in the Super Markets go up while our incomes continue to go down, credit card debt already reach a new high, and student loan interest rates are soaring out of sight and now they are talking about doubling them, these young people are already buried in debt by Student loans and the out look gets dimmer and dimmer for them.  The Student loan defaults are rising faster than it takes  Michelle to buy a new pair of shoes.
Look, we were warned before the 2008 election about the relationship that Obama had with that racist Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and that terrorist Bill Ayers, and we were told  that Barack Obama had little or no executive experience certainly no experience running a business, and certainly no military service, no foreign policy experience, and less than one full term in the U.S. Senate.  And even more important than that, no any other person with such a long history of Communist contacts and connection was ever able to get a top secret security clearance, with the background of being a "Community Organizer" But it didn’t matter to the Progressive people, he was a Cool Black Guy, and he fed you Kool-aide drinkers with a sack of phoney promises just as a Carnival Con Man would do, and you fell head over heels for it..   Obama's policies and his arrogance towards our allies is not only shameful but disgusting, especially his attitude and his arrogance towards Israel and Prime Minster  Benjamin Netanyahu.  Obama didn’t think twice about sending US troops to Egypt, or bombing Libya or even Uganda.  But when it come to a serious situation like it is in Iran, he tells  Benjamin Netanyahu not to strike Iran until after the November election. And that It may interfere with his campaign.

Ok, lets continue.
On Barack Obama's first day on the job, there were about 32 million Americans on food stamps.  Today, there are more than 45 million Americans on food stamps.
And how about the Housing Market?...  Is there a market at all?  I we see around are For Sale signs and foreclosures, that don’t resemble a market to me, it’s more like a disaster. From what I read in doing research for this post I found they they are predicting a 25% increase in foreclosures for the current year.
So, what is this president doing about it?  I mean besides calling Mitt Romney names and allowing his Bubbling Idiot Vice president make these stupid name calling speeches almost every day.  We have a inept Amateur in the Oval Office and a Clown as his Vice President.  And an administration that doesn’t know what it’s doing.   The American people are struggling to keep their heads above water throughout  this recession with unemployment rising and the federal budget blown out of sight with Obama's massive deficit spending, and his wife is throwing it in our faces with her Vacations and her shopping.  Obama is living like a King, throwing parties and Hip Hop Concerts, and rubbing elbows wtih the Hollywood jackals like George Clooney and his ilk, with no criticism from the mainstream media.
Lets face it and call it like it is, Barack Hussein Obama isn't quite what anyone who voted for him had expected. The people who voted for "Hope" and "Change" got very little of either, at least not the kind of "Hope" and "Change" they had in mind..
So this election is about whether or not we can afford another four years of a stagnant economy, an America that’s going downward instead up rising upward the way we remember it . This election will decide whether America returns to living by and  following the United States Constitution, or continues to ignore it, and allows the President to whip his feet on it whenever it becomes inconvenient or suits his purpose. . This election will decide whether America brings itself out of the huge deficits like we have not seen in the history of this Great country, and more and more taxes and regulation, and violations of our freedoms and absence or abuse of our privacy or becomes another  European Socialist style welfare state.
How much longer are we going to settle for lower economic growth and higher unemployment.  When Barack Obama first took office, the official U.S. unemployment rate was 7.6 percent.  Today it is 9.5 percent.
Obama and his left wing looney base doesn’t want any oil drilling in the United States for environmental  reasons, and he’s too much of a wimp to stand up to anyone about it. When Barack Obama first took office, the average price of a gallon of gasoline in the United States was $1.83.  Today it is $3.58.
And as far as immigration is concerned, I don’t even want to get started on that, I think that you know where I stand on that issue. The quicker we throw out these ILLEGAL’S the better off we will be, and it’s time we do.
All he ever talks about is “taxing the rich”. Socialist nonsense.
Let’s make sure that one American does lose his job in 2012: Barack Hussein Obama, and his First Wookie.
When you put an idiot in the driver’s seat, don’t complain about the bumpy road.

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  1. If we make the wrong choice, there may be no turning back.

    If Romney wins, our job has only just begun. We will have to cajole and threaten him and the gutless poltroons in the GOP caucus to do the right thing.