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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"Mitt Romney Gonna Put Y'all Back In Chains"

Just when you thought that these Democratic MORONS could get any lower.  Job Biden steps to the front.  And boy oh boy, you want to hear "low"?  You just can’t make things like this up! The one thing that you can count on is that these bonehead  Dumacrats will never let you down if you are a fan of DIRTY LIES. 

The  Ignoramus that Holds the Office Of Vice President of these United States  Joe Biden Told a Predominantly Black Audience to Southern Audience: Romney Would “Put Y’all Back in Chains” It seems to me that the only reason Obama keeps him around it to make himself look smart!  But even that doesn’t seem to be working.  And look at this words, “PUT Y’ALL BACK IN CHAINS” Does anybody really think that Joe Biden uses terms like “Y’ALL”? 

Hey You Lame-Brain Progressives who can’t seem to stop yourselves from these anti Paul Ryan posts, ask yourselves this! Who would you rather be a “Heart Beat” away from becoming the President, Joe Biden, or Paul Ryan?
Okay, so Mitt Romney is not your dream Candidate but ask yourself do you REALLY want four more years of Obama Marxism?
Anyone with a functioning brain knows that we cannot allow Obama another four years in the White House
And the Progressive Idiot Bloggers have been posting away for a week now about how bad a choice Paul Ryan was. With their post after post about Mr. Ryan’s “Political Baggage”. And Get This one! Paul Ryan’s  “Big-Spending Conservative Record”, calling him a “Radical Right-winger,” Is that the Pot calling the Kettle Black or what? Talk about Numskulls, or are they!  Are they that dunce to actually think that people in their right minds believe this? And to make things even worse,  the donkey’s over at the main Stream Media along with the Sicko’s Hollywood and TV bunch like David Letterman and Jay Leno are helping them get their sick, twisted message out, so the Birdbrains who aren’t capable of reading a newspaper will hear their sick twisted Marxist message. These are the same pin-headed schnooks who are still waiting for their free Cars, and Homes!  Keep waiting you half-witted morons.
And when Mitt Romney answered by saying "Mr. President, take your campaign of division and anger and hate back to Chicago.  His campaign and his surrogates have made wild and reckless accusations that disgrace the office of the Presidency.”
The Lame-Brained, knuckleheads at the Democratic National Committee, had  had the gall to say that “Mitt Romney was Un-Hinged”.  Hows that?  And that wasn’t even from Harry Reid!  Yuck Yuck!
And they get away with it! The Democrats feel that they can do or say anything because the END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS. That's why they feel they can do and say anything and feel that they still have the high moral ground no matter how low they go. They feel this doesn't hurt them because it hasn't hurt them so far. The Liberal Media has protected them far, and it they don’t have too, they simply don't report it.
And just like the rest of the Progressive Bloggers and the Leftist Media, they just keep on  making excuses for “The Master Racist and Gaffe Master " Joe Biden. For years, The Progressives have been excusing Biden's racist remarks.
And side stepping the failed policies and the lack of leadership of Barack Obama.
I just can’t wait for the Vice President Debates to begin, Paul Ryan will chew up Joe Biden and spit him out. This guy has the intellect of an ant.

 We have been hearing these disgusting remarks for weeks now, and it's time that our side goes on the attack, heaven knows that we have more than enough ammunition. . We should know by now just how vile these people are, and we should know how ugly this is going to get.. So good for Romney, he did a great job at answering them today.

They think that Obama is safe just because he sends in his attack dogs to do his dirty work for him, they are  crazy.

First Romney is a Felon. Then a Tax Evader, then  Granny's Murderer, and now he's a Slave Master!

Well at least he has a Birth Certificate.

Kind of reminds me of when the rabid ignorant Rep. Andre Carson,  Democrat from Indiana said and I do Quote!  "The Tea party wants blacks hanging on a tree"



  1. I haven't seen this yet but based on the quotes in the post above, "unhinged" seems like the perfect word to describe Biden's behavior. Not Romney's.

  2. "Progressive Idiot Bloggers have been posting away for a week now about how bad a choice Paul Ryan was."

    A "bad choice" for whom? Bear in mind that: "dogs don't bark at parked cars". If the LEFT considers Ryan a "bad choice" then I submit that Ryan is, in deed, a [good] choice!

  3. Great point Jon, I agree 150 percent, we should know by now just how vile these people are, and we should know how ugly this is going to get.. So good for Romney, he did a great job at answering them today.


  4. This may be a very smart ploy by Obama to have Biden continue inserting his foot in his big mouth. This way Obama will have an excuse to drop him and send him to the Loony bin, Crazy house, Cuckoo's nest, Funny farm.

  5. That "ya'll" from Biden is telling.

    I look for BHO to dump Biden off the ticket.

  6. I second what Always On Watch said.

  7. Biden is such an effing moron. Really. How can the people of Delaware be proud of this sleazebag?

    Re: AOW's prediction, McCain and Palin suggested that Obama draft Clinton as his VP. They must both be stark-raving bonkers! Idiots!

    Thanks ... now I feel better.