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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

This Election.

This Election is NOT about Mitt Romney, nor is it about Paul Ryan, Rush Limbaugh, Harry Reid, Sandra Fluke, Joe “going to put y’all back in chains.”Biden, or any of the other Psycho's in the Democratic party, it isn't about Todd Akin, or the abortion issue, nor is it about Roe vs. Wade, or Valerie Jarrett, Hillary Clinton or even Bill Maher, or George Clooney, Or Mitt Romney’s Tax records. So what is it about Debonair Dude?   I’ll tell you what its ALL about!
It’s ALL about the Future of our country!  It’s All about the Future of our Kids, and our Grandchildren.  That’s how important this election is.
Are You Ready To Surrender Your Freedoms?

The issues at stake are all too big for one issue, and this election is simply too important for a man from Missouri, that hardly anyone ever heard of before it and who has made one of the most asinine statements ever heard before to continue in race for the US Senate and who can wind up losing the election for the Republican party because of it.  Yes he has admitted that he had misspoke, and Yes he did apologize, and Yes there IS a double standard and Yes, whenever the other side screws up the sweep it under the run, BUT, this election is more important than to have any principles.  And sure this can't even compare to what that  goofball Joe Biden says on almost a daily basis. And Yes, this isn't even in the same league as what Bill Clinton did in the Oval office.  But lets not forget that the Main Stream media is on their side, and will play this up right until election day.  Where as they seem to sweep things like this under the rug when it happens to the Liberals.   But we can not afford to perhaps lose the Senate or even the White House because of this FOOL!  This guy is a  loose cannon  and one way or another he is going to cost the Republican Party dearly. If the Republicans don't make an example of him and destroy him.  Akin should go away and stay away forever.  This man can and will cost Mitt Romney Missouri and possibly the entire election with a back lase from all women Democratic and Republican.The media will be playing up this guys stupid comment until election day and will tie him directly to Romney 
Yes this election is VERY important, so important that you must think very hard about putting Obama back into office as a "Lame Duck" who is going to finish his job destroying America.  Destroying the health care that you and your Parents and Grandparents have enjoyed for their entire lives. If either if them God-for-bid are going to need a Hip or a Knee replacement, you can just about Forgetaboutit. it ain't gonna happen. If you or your parents are elderly be prepared.  Be prepared to get less and less Healthcare, and clear the way for the youth   Yes I may sound callous and it may sound irrational but I am not!  This is what Obama’s plan is all about. COST!

Can America survive another 4 years of Barack Obama?  Who knows, but who wants to that that chance?  It is less likely to survive with those Idiots  who made him our President.  And there lies the reason why we have the gullible, blind, ignorant, irrational and irresponsible people in America today.  Because our Liberal Media and our Liberal education system have brainwashed society has molded these people to the gullible people that they are today.  We have created a “Gimme, Gimme” society who would rather hang around the coiners collecting food stamps, unemployment checks, and welfare rather than getting up in the morning and going to work.
The Progressive ideology, and Barack Obana’s agenda is deliberately destroying our Nation along with the Constitution. ... Fifty percent of us Americans have been indoctrinated by our Liberal politicians, our Liberal education system and the Liberal progressives who hate Capitalism.
Parents have been losing the control and to guide their kid's because we have been asleep at the wheel while our Liberal/Progressive education system has been indoctrinating them These people must be replaced, along with the schools administers and the parents must become more involved with what their kids are learning. 
 And as for our Foreign Policy, why would Obama attack Libya and remain so silent about Syria and Iran?  Obama should be doing whatever is necessary to prevent Iran or anyone else from becoming a nuclear state.  Does he rally care about Israel?   The Israeli's have very much to lose if Iran does become a nuclear state, and Obama knows that as much as anyone else does.
And this is why Obama must be defeated in November 2012.


  1. I couldn't agree more.

    I just hope to God that enough responsible voters understand the gravity of November 2012.

  2. .

    "And there lies the reason why we have the gullible, blind, ignorant, irrational and irresponsible people in America today."

    Is this why you hate USA so much?


    Electoral College

    Obama = 265 Needed to win = 270 Romney = 191


    Ema Nymton

  3. Meanwhile Obama, Biden, and Dirty Harry continue their smear tactics spread these lies and innuendos the economy continues to sink lower and lower. And meanwhile the BLIND Obama supporters who voted for Hope and Change are still waiting.. That's exactly how the Communist Party. acts. Promise them everything and give them nothing!
    This country has been on the rocks and inl recession since Obama got elected and he's done nothing at all to help, in fact things are now worse than then it was since the dingbats elected him. But this isn't any shock to anyone with a brain, only the pinheads were blind and couldn't see that Obama always intended to destroy this economy and the country., and he didn't disappoint us. I only "Hope" that we survive until there's a "Change"

    And as for that screwball Ema's post above, the ONLY poll that means a damn thing at all is the one in November. The rest of this BS coming out is controlled by the media and you know what that means...

    Nice to see you back here again Ema Nymton, Your Nuttieness...

    And on a personal note, Golly Gee, I'm so excited that my cities traffic is once again going to tied up for hours and hours with those Basketball "Thugs", pardon me I meant to say HEROES Michael Jordan, Carmelo Anthony, and His Arrogance Barack Obama.. Anyone give a crap about that, besides Spike Lee? I wonder who's paying for this?

  4. As usual, Enema doesn't make sense.