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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Obama’s Commercial with a Steelworker’s Wife Dying of Cancer

Without a doubt, the most brutal political ad of the 2012 election has blown up in the Obama campaign's face after blatant deceptions were revealed in the story of a woman who died of cancer following the closure of a steel mill owned by Mitt Romney's venture capital firm.
Joe Soptic, who has appeared in an anti-Romney ad before, links the loss of his job and health benefits at a plant in Kansas City, Missouri, to his wife Ilyona succumbing to stage four cancer in the new commercial titled 'Understands.' Mr Soptic says Romney doesn't know what his private equity firm did to workers, 'and further, I don't think he's concerned.
However, it has come to light that Mrs Soptic had her own health insurance from her employer for years after her husband was laid off.
Furthermore, the plant closed in 2001 - when Romney was no longer involved in the daily operation of the company - and Mrs Soptic died five years later in 2006. 
But this is just the kind of stuff we have to expect from this vicious socialist, lying &$^%%@% !
But we shouldn't be surprised, this is the way the Democrats are play.  We are NOT "their friends across the aisle". We are the ENEMY. We are hated and condemned.
They will do whatever is necessary too win and we need to fight back and fight hard, and tough



  1. I also read the the was offered a buyout before he was laid off and he turned it down. And besides, did he not get another job for 5 years? Typical Democrat.

  2. Without belaboring the obvious I'll simply say there is no limit to how low this Chicago thug and his moron disciples will sink. Re-election of this fraud will signal the demise of this Nation as it was intended and it will probably be irreversible. Somehow we have spawned a lot of very stupid people! If they prevail we will all suffer.

  3. If anyone thinks the media is not in the tank for Obama, here's a headline in today's Christian Science Monitor:


    Really, what filth!

  4. I second. What Mustang said! Never had any doubts about it.

  5. What a pathetic joke this amateur playing the part of a man is. . And he actually has the nerve to say that Romney is guilty of the same disgusting type of ads. Nothing can come even close to the sleaze coming from 0bama and his bunch of sleeve-bags, and liars..