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Friday, August 24, 2012

Re-Elect An Incumbent President Who Has Nothing But Failed the American People?

Obama can NOT run on his record, because his record has nothing but his record of Failed Policies. Usually when a sitting President runs for re-election they will run ads, make speeches etc. about their great achievements of their first term in office.  You will find this to be so with all of our most admired incumbent presidents.
However, Obama has nothing to offer but his record of Failed Policies, so what does he do?  He unleashes has his attack Dogs and has them do his dirty work for him. As we all know to well most of the media is heavily pro Democrat and will spin, twist, and turn the news and the facts to keep their candidate not only competitive, but leading in the polls. 
But it’s very clear and right out there in the open that Obama’s policies have failed the American people. And nothing has been more evident than Obama’s Administration’s failure in handling of our Nation’s economy. And Obama’s Administration’s failure in executing a policy in Afghanistan.  We see the devastating results every day our service men are being killed in new and devastating methods. 

Obama’s Administration Has Been Nothing But An Utter Embarrassment.
Obama’s Administration’s failure in handling of our Nation’s employment situation, more than twenty-three million Americans are unemployed, Obama had promised to help the middle class, but his policies has not only  left middle-class families struggling, but families from all walks of life.
Obama’s Administration’s failed in handling Tax reform, his Obamacare policy will hurt Businesses small and large Businesses alike.  And thus increase the rate of unemployment. Obama’s massive tax hikes would mean higher taxes on 53 percent of business income reported on individual returns, and that’s going to help the rescission recovery?
And one of the greatest Obama failures is the failure of Obama's Energy Policy, Obama has not only done NOTHING to help the situation, but he has contributed to factors that has made things even worse. His goal is "green," when it should be Drill Baby Drill! Wind Mills and Solar Panels or inflating or deflating your tires is NOT going to do the trick. 

Just yesterday Mitt Romney laid out his plan and policy  for achieving energy independence by 2020. Something we haven’t hear a presidential candidate say in decades. Yes, maybe it’s just talk, but at least it’s what we want to hear and want to get done.
"This is not some pie-in-the-sky kind of thing," Romney said of his goal for independence in the next seven years, to a crowd of around 200 people at a trucking and oil-services company in this oil-patch city near the Texas border. "This is a real, achievable objective."

Bottom line: If You Like Obama's Failed Policies, If You Like The Fact That America Is NO Longer A Super Power, If You Like His Disastrous Economic Record, If You Like His Redistribute The Wealth Policy, If You Like His Do Nothing To Our Miserable Energy Policy, And If You Like His  Obamacare Insanity.  

If you want to legalize 12 million illegal Mexican immigrants.
If You Like The way Obama has Handled the Worst Recovery In History  (If You Want to Call it a Recovery). If You Like The Vice President Making News with His Stupidity Everywhere He Goes.  If You Like A Nauseating First Lady Dictating to You.
If You like the Idea of a Clown And A  World-class-embarrassment to this Country Being Only a Heartbeat Away from the Presidency
Then You're An Idiot! And Vote for Him.  Because that’s how he won the election the last time, by all these Idiots voting for him.  Yes, by, all those dead, and illegal’s, and people voting multiple times.

Obama’s Plan? We don't need no stinkin plan!

No my friends, Obama doesn’t have any “plan” his only plan is to play dirty games to distract from the fact that his WHOLE Presidency has been a complete Failure.
King Obama has tried and has been successful in shifting his campaign off of the failed attempts to resolve the economy, unemployment, the National debt, Obamacare, and his bizarre spending, by his discrediting Congressman Paul Ryan, his disgusting, shameless and inaccurate, nasty ads about a steel mill worker’s wife who passed away from cancer, linking Mitt Romney to this man’s personal tragedy, and his Vice president’s stupid and racist remarks.   And all the media focused on all month is Romney’s Tax returns and the dumb statement from Todd Akin which NO Republican endorses.
So why should anyone want to give a second term to anyone who  has failed so miserably?  

If Obama is re-elected in 2012, the US may be finished as the wonderful nation of free speech, freedoms and as the super-power, we all knew and loved..


  1. .

    "And Vote for Him."

    Will do. And I'll do it because _YOU_ told me to.

    Will you for for Mr Obama too?

    Ema Nymton

  2. I was thinking of responding to the above comment but, on second thought, it's way too simple-minded to be dignified with a response!

  3. @ Ema Nymton "Will you for for Mr Obama too?"

    I wouldn't vote for that POS is he were handing out $10,000 bills to do so.

  4. this guy has got to go, doesn't he, Dude. We simply won't survive another four years as the AMerica we know. I grieve for the children who'll never know the true AMerica, which had honest media, teachers who didn't teach love for this country out of them, etc etc.
    Did you see Hannity tonight? 10 Obama voters who aren't voting for him this year because of the misery they've had in their lives due to his economic policies? There's a new film HOPE AND CHANGE that's coming out and I'm hoping many American see it...and the film 2016, by Dinesh DiSouza...got to see that one. All about the real Obama; clear, comprehensive, ...and convincing. I hope.

  5. Have you seen THIS. This week's cover story in Newsweek!

    The bloom is off the Obama rose.

    He's going down.

    I've got my bottle of champagne on ice already -- for November 7.

  6. "We simply won't survive another four years as the AMerica we know"

    NO, we won't. What in the hell are some people thinking?

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