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Sunday, September 2, 2012

I'll Take Clint Eastwood Over Bill Maher Anytime

Obama defenders and supporters are champing at the bit to try to nullify Clint Eastwood's Republican convention fabulous and original performance, but it's not going to work.  They didn’t seem to feel the same way when Michael Moore, Tina Fey and Bill Maher made a living out of mocking George Bush did they! Michael Moore even wrote a piece labeled  "Clint's Crazy Speech." but then again  everyone knows Michael Moore is a left-wing propagandist who never met a Republican he didn’t mock.
Personally I loved Clint’s performance at the Convention, And I thought tat it wast very brave of him to do so Maybe it was a little weird at times but lets not forget that this was totally UNSCRIPTED, and it was don by an 82 year old man.
And when he said “We Own America”, he hit a home run.

How many years did we have to sit there and put up with the likes of Alec Baldwin, George Clooney, Barbra Streisand (when she was able to put a sentence together), Whoopi Goldberg, The Dixie Chicks, Larry David, Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, Joy Behar, and the Bitch of all Bitch’s Jane Fonda.
Isn’t it amazing how the people on the far left have been doing this for years and years but when it’s done to them, they don’t think that it’s a good idea to ridicule the President.
And the one time that the Republicans invite an Actor to speak the Liberals go wild and calling it Bizarre . 
Maybe Clint did not get the memo from George Clooney  on how to vote!

And on a personal note to you ignorant lefty morons,! IT WAS AN AD-LIBBED SKIT, NOT A SPEECH!
Get a sense of humor!


  1. I was about say that Clint Eastwood is worth more than all of the others, mentioned, combined. But that's a given since the combined worth of Baldwin through Fonda is NEGATIVE!

  2. This site is a Charter Member of The Empty Chair Movement and celebrating National Empty Chair Day.
    This replaces Labor Day because there are No Jobs.

    Happy Labor Day DD and the rest of all you Conservatives.
    And remember, "We Can Do This"

  3. That mock empty chair debate will be no match for Paul Ryan debating Joe Biden's empty head

  4. Clint made my night. .
    This seems to be the biggest story to come out of the Republican's Convention.
    And his performance has the Lib's/Progressives shitting Green.

  5. Yes, the Left is saying HE WAS RUDE...after the AWFUL things they called Bush for EIGHT YEARS? Well 'rude' and 'weird' is better for them than actually having to acknowledge what he so WISELY SAID. The truth hurts for the left, doesn't it.

  6. When the left lies and runs those vicious attack ads what do you call that "Rude", it's much worse than being "rude" don't you think!

  7. and let's not forget Clint Eastwood is a Hollywood actor.
    A nothing in politics or any administration.
    Barack Obama has Joe Biden the Vice Pres of the United States and a 13 billion dollar debt with a plan to keep on spending!
    I'll take Clint Eastwood the Hollywood actor any day!

  8. Clint Eastwood has forgotten more than those libtard morons will ever learn. The only speaker there that I liked better was Paul Ryan. I can hardly wait to see him "debate" Mr. Gaffe. Unfortunately, we will never see it. NOMObama will be coming up with an excuse to cancel that thing. You can bet the farm on that one!