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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

 Late Breaking News!

US Eye Possible Al Qaeda Link in Ambassador Murder
U.S. officials are investigating whether murder of US Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and three American staffers was part of an Al Qaeda 'coordinated' 9/11 anniversary terror strike.

Further Late Breaking News! Marine Contingent Being Sent to Libya Officials tell Fox News that a Marine fast team of about 50 is being sent to Benghazi, Libya, to secure the consulate, where US Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three staff members were killed.

And that's it?  Isn't that bit too little and much too late? 
What say you?


  1. "And that's it? Isn't that bit too little and much too late?
    What say you?"

    It sure sounds like a little too late to me!

  2. I will pray for these 50. After watching the video and images of the torture our Ambassador and the other 3 endured, I think we should close the embassy and get out. I'm changing my views as the past few years have gone by.

    Right Truth

  3. Thanks guys, I see you think along the same line as I do..

  4. WE all understood Al Qaeda's probably involved...what takes our gov't so long!?

  5. Why were we not there to begin with. It's ALWAYS been the job for Marines to guard embassies. Also, any form of violence on an American embassy is considered an act of war on American soil. Well, 40 or 50 years ago, it was.

    Never mind.

    I forgot there for a minute.