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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Obama's VERY Mediocre Speech, And Bubba Stealing The Show!

 In my honest and “non-bias" opinion, 
(ok, so I'm a little bias).
Obama’s speech at the convention was kind of boring.  It was a re-run of the same old promises, insults, and stale jokes, it was very obvious that the novelty in Obama’s “hope and change” message  has worn off for most of us. Yes, we have seen a “Change” I’ll admit that  our country has changed! We have seen the Black Panthers  intimidate voters right in front of polling places, and putting a bounty on private citizens heads. We’ve seen Washington spend our money like "drunken Sailors".  My apology to our Sailors!
Obama has been playing that worn out “Blame Game” and his “Inherited” his problems a little too much and the people are wise to him now.

The Democrats worst fears came true last night. Bill Clinton gave a better speech than Barack Obama. And the worst part about it was that everyone there knew it.... including the Moocher who seemed to look very pissed off. But then again, they should have known this was going to happen. 
Is that a knife Clinton is putting in Obama's back?

As Bill Clinton spoke at the Democrat National Convention the other night. He wowed them in the way only Clinton can, he wowed them with his “Good Ole Boy” way of  distortions, and his preacher’s way of story telling. As usually he owned the room. Even though you know you're being lied to. and Man did he shovel it to ya that night.  So much that Moochie was biting her tongue in the wings as she listened to Bubba stab her Hubby in his back..
Yes, he gently plunged the knife into Obama's back, and he did it with the old Clinton charm. And don't think Obama didn't know he was getting stabbed in the back. Obama knew exactly what's being done to him, and that’s why he came out before Clinton was finished and “hugged” him. He was actually trying to stop him and shut him up!.

Bubba deep down really hates Obama and did everything in his power to outshine him. Meanwhile Obama appeared tired and worn out. His usual soaring rhetoric was no longer soaring. And to add to the misery, thes crowd reaction to him wasn’t what it was 4 years ago. 
When people start saying that even Biden's speech was better, then you know it was pretty darn bad... to put it lightly. And what was with that long parade of Rock Stars, Old Folk Singers, and loud shouting hand waving politicians?  They didn't seem to help at all. 
Barack Obama accepted the nomination at the Democratic National Convention, but his speech is already being panned as mediocre and largely void of substance.
The speeches that he gives are just words that really mean nothing tomorrow. His actions show what he's really about. And in the last 3+ years, there isn't much to clap about. I got the feeling that people are getting sick and bored of listening to all of his wonderful promises that makes, believing his lies, and  comparing himself to FDR and Lincoln.  If you can deal with this and continue to believe him, and are still going to vote for him than I’m sorry to say that you are  ignorant!
I'm not saying that I know it all and that I'm better equipped to run the country than Obama is, but in my eyes it's pretty clear, that the ONLY thing that will save the economy is to drastically cut government spending, get rid of all of the useless newly appointed czars,and   agencies, stop the bleeding by not raising taxes, and kill  Obamacare!  Anyone who has driven thru their neighborhoods, no matter where you live at and no matter what Stare you are in, has seen all the houses for sale that can't get sold, and worse all those empty stores for rent that can't get rented.  These empty stores represent owners who have families who are now unemployed! 
And talking about unemployment, look at those numbers that came out yesterday!   Ask yourself why did the numbers reflect a 2 tenth's of a percent drop when the numbers were SO bad?  The sad and pathetic answer is because of the fact that SO MANY people have just given up and dropped off of the unemployment lines.
Anyone who thinks we are really better off than when he became President is seriously mentally ill.. Unemployment up, food-stamps up, poverty at all time high, average incomes down, USA credit downgraded, national debt crossing $16M, and on, and on... And so much for "equal treatment",  the average guys down on their luck who make mistakes rot in jail, while crooks like Corzine, who ripped Billions off of farmers walks the streets and contemplates his next hedge fund... Look, I wasn't on Romney's bandwagon in the beginning, but that doesn't  matter now.  The Obama Biden ticket is the pits, and we are doomed if he gets another 4 years.  And if you vote for this guy again, they you are as DUMB as Biden is.
Obama’s speech is being panned as pedestrian and overconfident from the left. Obama offered few if any specifics about his plans for a second term. He spent most of his time blaming Bush, without actually naming him. We’ve heard it all before from this President, at what point does he think the public will stop listening? The problem is that Obama thinks the public is listening but are
Everybody knows that Obama pretty much just totally sucks, but a large group of despicable people are determined to vote for him anyway. Doesn't matter to them if Obama is a total incompetent failure.
Obama has told us that the "War on Terror" is over, while we see our Troops getting killed more and more every day. Now we find ourselves even giving aid to Al Qaeda in Libya and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. And how about our killing Leaders of Foreign Governments?.

Obama and his team including the Nutty Vice President want credit for authorizing the killing of Osama Bin Laden, but the Seal Team Six are the ones who did the job and who we owe our thanks to for getting the job done! Obama has vowed to honor our commitments to our ally Israel, but has recently declared that we won't back up Israel if they attack Iranian nuclear sites as a preemptive strike for her own self-preservation. And he has treated Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu worse than Hugo Chavez!

And another thing,How many times are we going to here "Osama is dead and General Motors is alive"?
News Flash!  ....... Joe Biden is NO Clint Eastwood! 
When is Crazy Joe Biden going to add that Government Motors still owes taxpayers $42 Billion Dollars?  Why does he continue to leave that out of his funny little stale, stupid saying, is it a dirty little secret?

So all you Progressives, Liberals, Dimocrats, get ready for it. Practice it. Get familiar with saying it President Mitt Romney, and Vice president Paul Ryan.

And why was  Moochie wearing her $2700 Sweater, and her $500.00 shoes during an interview on “The  Morning Show.” while she was attacking Ann Romney and when the middle class is suffering?


  1. "the Moocher who seemed to look very pissed off."

    The 1st Wookiee usually looks "pissed off". She hates America as we know it! Man oh Man, will I be glad when they are gone!

  2. Now COME ON, Dude..it's okay for Michelle to spend thousands, but ANN CAN'T, you know that? :-)
    I LOVE your knife in the back 'caption' near that picture AND I have to correct you on one thing: YOu ARE better equipped to run this nation than he was. is.

  3. This was a horrific speech for anyone to hear especially if you are a democrat. This is your leader? Really?

  4. ...you said what you had to say, now sit down, be quiet & eat you vegetables, tofu & no franch fries, m'kay... there's a good boy.