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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Those Idiotic Wall Street Occupiers Are At It Again

Did you happen to notice what the Wall Street Occupiers are up to now?   I thought this pathetic band of morons had gone away, but apparently not.  The now diminished numbers of incredibly stupid people have taken to picketing the Republican convention and various other cities around the country, carrying their belongings and even their furniture on their backs.  And it was just a day or two ago when o few of these pigs took to  the lobby of the Bank of America plop down their furniture and announce they’ve come there to live there.       Brilliant, don’t ya think?    Just freekin’ brilliant!
Just  think that it was only a  months back when all this nonsense started that we were dealing with the largest assembly of stupid people in the recent history of demonstrations, remember when they were crapping on Police Cars, raping women in their tents, and destroying all the private and public property that they were able to get their filthy hands on.
But the good news is, now that they have been Occupying the Republican Convention, Everybody including themselves now know what are really Protesting

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  1. "I thought this pathetic band of morons had gone away"

    The fact is that many have. Drugs, STDs, filth takes its toll. For example, a good source has informed me that the photo above was taken on that guy's 23rd birthday!