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Thursday, September 27, 2012

So the Truth Finally Comes Out!

What Did Obama Know, And When Did He Know It!
So the truth finally comes out, Our Dear Leader President Barrack Hussein Obama knew that the  attack on our embassy in Libya when our Ambassador and 3 staff members we so brutally murdered was Terrorism!!  Of course he knew it, and if he didn’t know it, Why didn’t he” Everyone else in the world knew it.  Even his lying Secretary of State Hillery Clinton knew it as she stood in front of those TV cameras lying her ass off.  She couldn’t even keep a straight face.
And where was the leader of the free world the President of the United States of America as Americans were so brutally murdered, embassies are attacked and burned and the Middle East erupts in Anti-American rage? The President thought it more important to attend a campaign fund-raiser than to speak to us, the people who he represents.  And where was he in the days that followed while our country was morning the deaths of these fine and patriotic Americans who were so brutally murdered and whose dead or almost dead body was dragged in the streets by these Savages and who was so Savagely Raped? This was a man who commitment to helping people in Libya.  
And where was Obama? He was at another fund-raiser held by J-Z and Beyonce.  Followed by a trip to New York to film an appearance on the Dave Letterman show and another appearance on The View.  All this when the Prime Minster of our best ally and friend in the Mid- East asked for a meeting to discuss a very urgent and most important problem with the Worlds most threatening Country Iran.
  Israel out closest allied friend in the Middle East has reached a point in time where they no longer have any illusions of American support. Benjamin Netanyahu requested a meeting with Obama and was told Obama didn’t have time in his busy schedule to meet with him to discuss the current crisis in Iran..
If this doesn't prove that Obama and the White House are not engaged doing their jobs, I don't know what will! They tried to sell the American people a story, that they knew was false! Then two weeks later after all the lies and deception falls apart, now they admit terror attack!  The whole world knew this was a planned terrorist attack but Our Dear Leader continued to stick to his lie.  Even though the American public was ashamed of his arrogance, and his shameful  thinking that we are as dumb as he thinks we are.
Yes, Obama seems to take us all for Morons.  And he thinks that we don’t see right through him.
And yes indeedy is certainly seems that Obama once again thought a fund-raiser was more important than addressing the American public at a time of crisis..
So what does this show? In my opinion it shows us that America desperately needs  a strong leader whose main interest is to protect America and American lives, and to tell the American the truth. . It tells us that American embassies and American personnel abroad needs to be better protected if it tells us that if we are threatened such as we were in this case in Libya our personal needs to be evacuated or whatever it takes to protect their lives. These terrorists are indeed Savages and I will not stop using the word “Savages” because there is not a better way to describe them. They stop at nothing including murder and violence if it threatens their way. These countries have no interest in protecting American interests, or our Embassy personnel. And we all knew it from day one that it was it was Libyan who were working inside the embassy who tipped off the terrorists about the Ambassador’s plans. We all knew it from day one except the President of the United States who was to busy playing with the Hollywood celebrities and campaigning.
So Where is the “REAL” outrage of the President when he addressed the UN yesterday?  Why did he speak about that “film” that was a phoney distraction?
That film did not incite the violence and the murders, the film was used as a pretext to manipulate the American public’s opinion and to get the hear off of Obama.
And where was the Media on this cover up, why didn’t this “Cover Up” get the attention that Romney’s remark got?
And with all of this and all of Obama’s failures in the past 3 and a half years   Obama is still ahead of Mitt Romney?   WOW, something is terribly wrong here.
Something is terribly wrong with the mentality of the American people.  If we don't throw out this lying and crooked, shameful, Marxist in November we are in for a very bad next four years.  We all know that Obama has the press in his back pocket, but he doesn't own us real Americans! 

But think of it this way, the Progressives once again get to vote for a Black man as president!  And maybe that's all they care about!


  1. Here's your October Surprise!..

    Obama Administration Knew Libya Attack Was Terrorism
    Sources confirm to Fox News that the Obama administration knew from Day One that the deadly attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, was an act of terror. White House officials, including President Obama, have held to the explanation that the attack was a 'spontaneous action

    Is anyone surprised at the massive Obamedia cover up?
    Obama’s lies begin to crumble

    Lets just hope at Romney runs with it!

  2. "Yes, Obama seems to take us all for Morons."

    Well, we're not [all] "Morons" but he does have a point. Afterall there were enough "Morons" to put him in office!

    On another note: It's indeed sad when we must trust the Libyan Presdient over our own to tell us the truth!

  3. BHO and Hillary Clinton are traitors!

    It really is that simple, you know.