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Monday, October 8, 2012

And what's this thing with Big Bird that has become the newest Viral marketing video all over the country and the topic of comedy on all of the TV late night shows. 
We all knew that an October surprise was coming, but I thought it would be the Cooking of the unemployment numbers, nit Big Bird!
How did I know that this was coming?
Well it was very easy to see also . The lefties are SO low that they will stab at anything including your children's favorite TV program to make Gov. Romney look like the Bad Guy... Romney said he loves Big Bird but threatened cuts to PBS.  

Yes, Romney showed just how cruel and evil he really is trying to kill Big Bird to win a debate.
 Now it's war against Romney for launching a war on children!
So, Big Bird's life hangs in the balance of the Election!

But all kidding aside, Why not?  Why can't Sesame Street  go on a network?  Any network would jump at the chance. to get them..  Big Bird and Elmo can pay their own way. Sesame Street  is a cash machine.
Obama got Spanked on his Anniversary, and he blames Big Bird?  Give is a break!
Why should the Federal Government pay for TV shows! I think our  tax money can be better used somewhere else.
NPR is a nest for liberals to spew their venom.  It always was, and it is worse right now.  And the funny this is when NPR fired Juan Williams is was Fox that came to his rescue.  And why do the Liberals need NPR, they already have
the Main stream Media's news. and CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, and MSNBC, all of cable, satellite, and the idiots on Television talk shows..
It's pretty sad when the morons in this country that will vote Obama because they actually believe that Romney will kill big bird..  And it's even sadder when the Liberal/progressive bloggers write about this.
Forget the fact that Obama and company are strictly responsible for the death of our Ambassador and his 3 staff members, oh no, that doesn't matter, but the Big Bird comment makes headlines for weeks.
And those on the left and you know exactly who I mean, voted for him before and will vote for him anyway. Yes, now they will repeat the same mistake.
Even though they saw the real Obama on stage in the first debate and saw who this loser really is.
He was over rated when he was a Senator,  he was over rated when he ran for president  in 2008 and he's over rated right now.. It was the press that insisted that 0bama was  Gods gift to the masses, the smartest man on earth. 0bama didn't defeat Hillary Clinton. The truth is that  George Soros wanted him so  the press destroyed her while ignoring anything negative about 0bama, like the Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers thing,  and as we all know there was plenty negative FACTS there right before our very eyes, Oh but they had to make history and elect the first Black man to the Oval office, and they did and we are stuck with the most inept, unqualified, socialist that American has even allowed in the Oval office before. ..
0bama is the creation of the Marxist George Soros and with the help of the the media!!! He is no more qualified to be president than his lefty Hollywood buddies that play the president on TV like Martin Sheen. .
And one more thing, Don't think for one minute that this next debate is not going to be rigged.. They are not going to let him fall twice! The second debate is a 'town-hall' debate that will be heavily stacked with liberals all stacked up with handwritten gotcha questions that I'll bet anything that Obama gets to see them in advance.
The spin masters have been working all day and night as you have seen with the "Big Bird" nonsense
If this man is reelected than America should be ashamed of themselves.
But then again, Hugo Chavez was just re-elected, so who knows?


  1. "It's pretty sad when the morons in this country that will vote Obama because they actually believe that Romney will kill big bird.. "

    I hope that Romney kills the @$$#0!e that has been flipping this Nation the "bird" for the past 3 1/2 years!