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Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Heat Is On!

Obama and HIS Administration’s Foreign Policy About What Happened In Benghazi!

The State Department released their transcript of the briefing that two high ranking officials gave to reporters. It is very, very damaging and enlightening I highly advise everyone to read it as it is the most detailed description I have seen yet. It describes every single event that happened at that Benghazi Embassy on September 11th

It clearly shows that the State Department’s version of what happened is in complete conflict with the story that Barack Hussein Obama, Smirking Joe Biden and

Obama’s Messenger AKA Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton came up with in their in their desperation to accept responsibility for the Benghazi slaughter. Obama and Biden have once again played the "Blame Game" this time at the intelligence they incorrectly received stating that they were told the entire

assault on the U.S. diplomats in Libya was over a protest over a YouTube video clip. And denied that the State Department did not request any further security for the Ambassador and the Embassy. The State Department’s transcript also said that Susan Rice's statements of those attacks being "spontaneous" was wrong, but also, they said that assessment was never even mentioned in the conclusion by the State Department at any point, or at any time. .

Meanwhile, Barack Obama, meanwhile, was jetting off to Las Vegas for a fundraiser.

Let’s face it, Susan Rice didn’t come up with those lies she was telling on her own. Obama owns those lies. Carney and Obama said the same thing for over a week after Obama knew he was lying. The question is who put her up to it and why did she agree, Was it Obama or was it Hillary Clinton, but regardless the lie and the cockenbull story came from the Lair In Chief. 

And Obama and Biden has the
balls to attack Romney and Ryan about telling lies?

And some poor guy gets thrown in Jail charged with parole violations from a previous conviction.

How can anyone read this and not get angry at this bunch of Clowns , at these lying incompetent fools!

And that buffoon Biden knew it all the time yet sat there Grinning , and smirking, and shaking his head at Paul Ryan like the LYING IDIOT he is, while four brave American men's bodies are in the ground.


  1. Bill Clinton is FURIOUS over the liklihood of Hilary being thrown under the bus. I wonder if he's pissed enough to run political ads AGAINST the pompous ass that's infesting the White House? Wouldn't THAT be rich!

  2. I just saw B.O., delivering pizzas, on FOX NEWS-no kidding! It's the first time that I've seen him doing something he is actually qualified for!

  3. AA, Bill and Hill are going to be the thorn ij Obama ass, you watch and see.

    Jon, Could BO be applying for a new job?

  4. The mainstream media will not go after BHO in the same way that the msm went after Richard Nixon.

    More is the pity.

    Romney MUST bring up this topic in both of the next debates. Today, we have the Internet, and my undecided voters will do their own research. And it won't take long for even an inexperienced web surfer to discover what the mainstream media minimize and obfuscate.

  5. I honestly do not know how Biden lives with himself. He knows what filth he is.