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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Obama Lost The Debate, So Let’s All Attack Romney

The facts are in, and it seems that 65 million people who watched last week's debate, found out that Mitt Romney was not the Vampire that the Left-wing Media had made him out to be. . That's 65 million people who found out that Mitt Romney does not have horns, does not drown kittens, does not kick puppies, does NOT want to KILL Big Bird  and does not pull the wings off flies. And add to that they also found out that Barack Obama is not the Presidential man that the  Left-wing Media had made “HIM” out to be either.  The fact is that Obama was a bizarre empty bag of hot air, and Mitt Romney was presidential. And let's face it, Big Bird would have done a better job in the debate than Obama did.
Nothing can change what happened at last weeks debate. the media had convinced the American public that a Mitt Romney was a lying wild man who would blow up the world if he was given the job as President.  . Ah but once people saw Romney for themselves, Barrack Hussein Obama was dead meat, he was caught with out his Teleprompter and could not answer Mitt’s accusations.  Why?  Because they were true, and Obama know that if he tried to lie his way out, things would only get worse, because he didn’t have any rehearsed answers. And what got me was that the left-wing creep who was FIRED from NPR  Juan Williams that POS completely defended Obama. He looked right in the camera after the debate and declared Obama to be the winner!  What the hell was he on?  Or better yet, what debate was he watching?
The loyal, faithful, and highly  biased media and the Obama supporters went to bed shocked that night.  So shocked that they didn’t know that lie to tell this time.  So they came up with the Romney wants to KILL Big Bird theory.  And guess what?  It’s working, listen to every Late Night Talk Show, they are all having a field day over it.  Look at all the Progressive bloggers as well. Same thing happening there. Sure it’s a great way to bury the fact that the Obama administration Cooked the Books on the Unemployment numbers. We don’t hear anything about that any longer. But then again we never hear anything negative about Obama for more than one or two days at the most.   But when the media gets a hold of a 25 year old story about the 18 year old Romney Bullying a kid in the School yard or his giving a speech with TRUE facts about the percentage of people who aren’t going to vote for him anyway, that story lasts and lasts for weeks and never seems to go away.
The debate just didn’t go as the left expected, Obama didn’t have Romney on the ropes as they all thought so they had to go back to the drawing board and think up some excuses. Like Al Gore blamed Denver's high altitude for Obama's dismal debate performance . Man, that one was rich!   A bunch of College students even thought that it wasn’t fair that Obama couldn’t use his teleprompter!  But oh well, their only College kids.  But wait a minute, don’t College Kids vote? Romney was bullying!  Yeah right, who can Bully the Bully? How about, He was nervous because it was Michelle’s Anniversary his and he forgot to buy a gift!  Some one even dared to say that the debate  was raciest because they used a “white” moderator.  (I liked that one the best).
It’s unbelievable. It shows how far people will go to make up the stories that they want to believe in their own heads! 
They even blamed the Moderator for whatever reason ! As someone else said, “Eastwood’s chair would have done a better job”. Excuses, Excuses.  Obama did a bad job because he know that if he continued to LIE, he would only did himself deeper and deeper into a hole. Obama was in fact  prepared, but wound up in second place because that’s exactly were he belonged. The liberal’s and the Main stream media got so embarrassed that night that they worked all night thinking of a way that they could clean up the mess Obama made, so they came out with a lost of Commercials with the answers to Romney’s challenging questions and answer.
Yes, he waited until the next day when Romney was not there in front of him to defend himself and thus he would be able to spew more lies.
 But guess what Your Holiness, you don't get a second shot at the answers.


  1. "Yes, he waited until the next day when Romney was not there in front of him to defend himself and thus he would be able to spew more lies."

    This is what the little "Man Child" does best. By-the-way it appeared to me that he also underwent a miraculous recovery from his altitude sickness.

  2. He's a coward and not use to anyone confronting him, and Romney did and he was unable to defend his failed policies. You could tell how agitated he was and increasingly growing more and more irritated. Sorry, Mr. pres. no teleprompters allowed during a debate.