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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Is Obama Cooking The Books?

In case you haven't heard, the unemployment rate went down to 7.8 percent -- the lowest in four years  thanks to our Dear leader Barack Hussein Obama.
This is great  news for America.
Or is it..?  If it's true it most certainly is, but I as well as many other Americans suspect that something smells terribly wrong here. I agree with former GE CEO Jack Welch, that the old Chicago style politics is at work here. Somehow the manipulation of data  all of a sudden sunk below 8 percent unemployment, and conveniently just  one month before the Presidential election.  Welch smells conspiracy and he is not alone..
Are we all so naive here?  Talk about conspiracies!
So as they announced today that the unemployment rate fell to 7.8 percent!
Well isn’t that convenient!!  For EIGHT years it has been OVER  7.8 percent and so very conveniently after Obamba got the crap kicked out of him 2 days later, and 30 days before the election it falls below that magic number of being below  8 percent, and giving Obama a potential boost in the polls with the election only a month away!  October surprise? Resulting in a better than expected jobs report for the month of September..
Let’s not forget that the unemployment numbers are determined through a survey done over the phone. This lower number is based on a phone survey, and phone surveys have always had volatility, and can be manipulated anyway they want to have the results shown. In fact I think that these are the only numbers that are determined this way.

 So as far as "Cooking the Books"  to show that the  economy is improving, I would put anything past him.  Nothing at all.

I ask you, do you own a business? Did you work for a living, do you support a family?  And do you see any signs of a recovery?  Take a look around you, has anything changed in the past 30 days?  I still see stores in the shopping centers going out of business, I still see restaurants here in New York that have been in business for years and years now closing their doors.  And not only in New York, as I just googled this topic I found that The Caucus Club, one of Detroit oldest restaurants, is closing its doors after 60 years. And in Atlanta Sean “Diddy” Combs the celebrity whose restaurant has closed their doors for good.  Even famous restaurant chains like Bennigan's, Tony Roma's, Chevys, and Friendly's have been closing some of their locations and scaling back on the amount of their employees, or even going out of business entirely!  Whenever I go to some of the Malls here in New York or in the suburbs, I can’t help but notice the  empty spaces in the major Malls or in the smaller strip malls everywhere.  So where’s the improvement?  What I do see is Cities, and Towns re-paving the streets and highways, thus putting GOVERNMENT workers to work.  And I see this all over the place no matter what Town I drive through.  Are these the Jobs that Obama has been creating? 
I own a business, and I support a family, and I own a home and I do not see any improvement in the economy what so ever. Could this be a case of Cooking the books Chicago style?  

The economy is not getting better and anyone who says it is getting better is most likely a Liberal/Progressive Obama supporter, and will believe anything and everything that comes out of this lying Clown's mouth.
Does anyone put this past this administration?   I don’t! 
And yet somehow jobs are  magically up the economy and the economy has grown overnight!  And so has Obama’s Bull-Shit!


  1. These numbers are totally bogus and everyone knows it

  2. Dishonest Unemployment Numbers Indeed!

    Is anyone aware that these "Numbers" include Campaign Workers? And these people will be OUT of work come November!

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  4. I don't see the BIG deal, DebDude....four years of lousy numbers and, 2 days after a debate where Obama stank and Romney made great points about the jobless rate being over 8%, the Labor Department under this Administration says joblessness is now under 8%? WHat's the BIG DEAL? :-) It's like it was no big deal that Holder's Dept of Justice found him innocent of Fast & Furious, too.......!!

    see a trend? unbelievable. And yes...BS

  5. "This is great news for America.
    Or is it..?"

    I give it a resounding NO! As is well exposed in this post: the "household" survey used to collect this data is un-sceintific and fails to recognize those who have 'dropped out' of the work force* and it gives the gullible (who vote) a false sense of employment trend. On the other hand when it comes time to vote it may not matter what sort of propaganda is being disseminated , at least some voters who have dropped out won't buy into this subterfuge and will vote for the man who can (and will) pull them out of their rut.

    *It's my understanding that if the interviewee states that he or she, who is unemployed, has quit looking for employment they are no longer considered as part of the 'work force'.

  6. Z, we all should be used to the Liberal's tactics by now. And every time they do these things it's a "Big Deal" because they are trying to pull the wool over the America Public's eyes. And I for one won't stand for it.

  7. Jon,
    This was a lie that went too far, even for this rogues gallery.!

  8. UPS hiring something like 600,000 TEMPORARY help for the holiday season--bid deal! Certainly better than nothing, but not so much to write home about either. If UPS put on even 1/3 of that number during Sept, or if stimulus money created many jobs, that means there was actually a job LOSS, NOT gain!

    Important point here!!!! Census surveys, polling calls, etc are more likely to be answered by liberals than conservatives. This is the main cause of skewed results. People have to be less concerned about sharing their opinions if they want there point of view known. It makes NOMObama look like he is leading in the Presidential race, and it makes it easier for the dems to "cook the books, if they really are, on the jobs numbers. Also, how much weight should be given to a 60,000 sample anyway?