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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Do Debates Matter.?

Do Debates Matter?  Heck yes they matter! Watching Romney spank the president and take the Main Stream Media on at the same time was the best thing I've seen in a long time.  It may have even surpassed watching the Yankees sweep the Boston Red Sox.
In my opinion why Obama looked so frustrated, lost, bored, and bewildered, and uneasy at the debate was because he knew that he didn't have adequate intelligence to deal with an unscripted conversation and certainly could not confront Mitt Romney's vastly superior intelligence. Being a rather slow-witted individual, he just wanted off stage. There is no mystery as to what the situation was. It was simply a display of the pipsqueak's mediocre natural abilities.  Let’s face it, Obama was completely lost without his Teleprompter, The use of the split screen was devastating. Mitt Romney spoke forthrightly, firmly, he took the lead,  with carefully studied facts and he had the details ready. He looked right at, and into  Obama’s eyes and accused him of lying in the most polite way possible. Obama on the other hand looked down and at the Moderator, but hardly ever at all directly at Romney.  He looked terrible, he had the look of defeat all over him, he had that look of a person who didn’t want to be there in the first place.  He was entirely on the defensive, and didn't seem to have any strategy at all. But if he did, it was the wrong strategy, because he got whipped. .
The debate confirmed my opinion that Barack Obama is a inept man who is in this position way over his head and should be defeated and put out of his misery and put the rest of us American’s out of ours as well. Obama’s miserable performance and Governor Romney’s stellar performance were a vast contrast . And this particular debate may have turned this race around for Mitt Romney, it may have been the turning point that most of us Republicans have been waiting for. Perhaps Obama should start returning to The View and David Letterman Show where he gets the Soft Ball questions thrown to him. ,

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  1. Comparing and contrasting these two is like comparing a Licensed Medical Doctor with scientifically develpoed treatments (Romney) to a low class Snake Oil salesman in a bright plaid jacket and a big phony smile (B.O.). The latter types have been fooling the gullible since time began and, I guess, they always will.