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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Great Job Mitt, You Hit It Out Of The Park

That's what happens when you have real knowledge of the facts and you can talk freely, without the lies, excuses,  and spins  or when you just read from a teleprompter that someone else wrote for you.
Mitt Romney crushed, and upstaged Barack even if Barack broke  the debate rules.  I guess that Barack came prepared to debate John McCain.  Surprise. Last night we saw a Confused, bewildered, intimidated, and completely lost Obama without his teleprompter! . Is this what you want to re-elect?
Romney was in complete control from the beginning to the end. And summed it up perfectly.
Obama looked like a scared Rabbit, and his body language showed it..
 Romney took it to him and made Obama look as if he didn't want to be there !

Nothing will give me more satisfaction than watching those liberals squirm today.

You're entitled to your own airplane and house, but not facts! 

And as Clint Eastwood would say,  Gov. Romney You made my day!

The Yankees and Mitt Romney hit it out of the park on the same night.

Barack Obama had never looked  so totally, ignorant,  shell-shocked, stunned, unhappy, angry, sour, and defeated as he did lat night.  Poor baby!

I wonder what he and Michelle ate as their anniversary dinner last night...  could it have been Crow?  


  1. Finally, this fraud is exposed as nothing but a puppet, of his socialist masters, who is completely lost and helpless without his electronic crib sheet!

  2. Ah, come on people. NOMObama lost on purpose. Do you really think he wants to "inherit" the REAL MESS he is leaving behind? Besides, Jet Blue is giving away a FREE trip to the Carribean if your candidate loses the election. One more FREE vaca for MOOOchelle the Mooocher!

    Seriously now though, Mitt was better than many or maybe even any of us had hoped for. What an outstanding performance. NOMObama on the other hand was just about what we, or at least I expected. He set the bar pretty low!

    The bottom line is this. The Republican base has been reinvigorated. The Democratic base has been demoralized. The independents have tilted to the right and many are no longer undecided.

    Way to go Mitt!

  3. Don't cha love the smell of liberal in deep desperation?

  4. When armed with the truth and the facts to back it up, you have nothing to lose. And Romney, literally, ripped Obama apart! For the first time, Obama was ill-equipped without his teleprompters and kept on looking down and not sure what he was saying or doing. He couldn't even look Romney in the face.

  5. "Don't cha love the smell of liberal in deep desperation?"

    Well, rhetorically speaking, of course! Otherwise liberals stink!