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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Isn’t Lying About A Murder Grounds Enough For Not Voting For This President

The Libyan Cover Up Scandal: Another One Of Obama’s Failures.

With each passing day and with every passing lie, the Libyan Cover-Up scandal not only worsens, it show us the utter failure of President Obama’s Middle Eastern Policies.  In a obvious attempt to cover-up Barack Hussein Obama's foreign policy ineptness, his attitude toward Islamic terrorists, and his lack responsibility to those who serve this country show us that this president of members of his administration are too busy with campaigning, vacationing, and rubbing elbows with Hollywood Celebrities, Entertainers and Sports figures!
At last we are going to have a Congressional hearing on the Murderous attack In Libya and the very damaging news that could possibly change the result of the election. The State Department may finally come  clean and tell us American's the truth.  In other words, absolutely everything we were told by our government  by  Obama, our esteemed Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and the Lap Dog UN Ambassador Susan Rice. We already know that what we were told was 100% false. There were no protests, no crowds who were pissed off by the "Film" that had nothing at all to do with this mess at all.
We all now know that the White House Had prior notice about the possibility of a raid on our Embassy in Libya, bit Obama’s press secretary Jay Carney declined to comment on an assertion by the Committee’s chairman that requests from the Ambassador is  Libya for additional security before the September 11th, 2012 attack on the Embassy in Benghazi, Libya, and that they were denied. And that his boss the “Great One” President Obama“ is insisting that and we will “bring the killers to justice.” Kind of like closing the Barn doors after the Cows ran out!  And further more, What happened to the story that we heard about the FBI investigating this?  This happened over 3 weeks ago and  the FBI hasn’t even set foot in Benghazi yet?  Don’t you think that if there was any possible evidence there that it would be gone by now! 

The State Department is now admitting they knew that the Libyan attack was cause due to Terrorism and that the “Film” had nothing to due with it at all.   So there is NO questions about why the Obama administration used that explanation for almost 2 weeks after the U.S. ambassador and three other Americans rhat included two former Navy Seals were Murdered. .
And get this!  According to an email that the Associated Press has shown, a State Department security official in Libya told a congressional investigator that he had not only asked for more security for weeks before the attack on Ambassador Chris Stevens and two former Navy SEALS were murdered, but he had argued the point time and time again, without any success.  But I guess to Obama that was  just a "bump in the road."  One has to wonder if he (Obama) is securing more security for Big Bird!
Mitt Romney needs to jump all over this, and not let the Media sweep it under the rung with the rest of Obama’s and Hillary’s LIES!   Let the Messiah talk about Big Bird, maybe that’s all he has left and that’s all he is capable of discussing. Because he can’t lie his way out of this one any longer. The trouble with lying is that you have to keep telling more lies to try to protect the original lie that was told in the first place..
And we STILL haven’t heat why Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice insisted on telling us and the rest of the world that this entire mess was caused by the anti Muslim Film, and that the attack was spontaneous!  But we now know that wasn’t the case from day one.  And now I read that the protesters didn’t even know a thing about that so called Film at all.
So their excuse for that lie was that the White House claimed and they still do, that the false information was given to them in bad faith and that there was not any attempt to downplay the attack. So why did they stick to that claim for almost 2 weeks, when everyone else including the President of Libya gave us conflicting information?   Who was giving them the false information? May I suggest that this phony story was coming directly from “His Highness”?  And that is whole BS story was an attempted Cover Up from the start? 
So let’s see, our Embassy was destroyed, the Security was withdraw and our Ambassador was killed?  How can a protest be spontaneous when the protestors bring rocket-propelled hand grenades and heavy weapons to a demonstration?

 Could there be a story here?  Will the Media want answers? And there still are so many IMBECILE’S left in America that want to vote for this man!  And the Progressives are blogging about Romney wanting to Kill Big Bird”  My God, What Has America Come To? In other words no American is safer with an Obama Presidency!
When will the lefties start the “Obama lied and people died” chant?
Get the popcorn, folks.  So can we expect to see Obama throw Hillary & Susan Rice under the bus next?  Let’s face it, someone is gonna have to go under that crowed bus, the blame can’t be put on Bush this time!  There may be an outside chance knowing the temper that Queen Hillary has that she might throw Obama under the bus, before he does it to her, at least let’s hope so.  Wouldn’t that be a 2 bag of Pop Corn show.
Let’s hope that Romney brings all this out in the next debate and reiterate the lies that Obama and the rest of them  told us.  And Isn’t Lying About A Murder Grounds Enough For Not Voting For This President.

And that any intelligent person should now realize that the Obama Presidency and his administration is inept, corrupt and loyal to the Liberal thugs, who put him there and the rest of them who run that party from Obama to Harry Reid, to Nancy what's her face and Her Thighness Hillary Clinton. 
So if I have the facts correct and I thing that I do, Obama knew all of the facts regarding the Libyan Embassy attack within hours after it happened and everyone including the President was up to their ears in the Cover-up and knew that their friends in the Muslim Brotherhood also known as Al Qaeda who overthrew Gadaffi were the ones that carried out the attack on our diplomatic compounds in Libya and Egypt and killed Ambassador Stevens and the 3 others.
The Three Stooges, Obama, Clinton, and Rice panicked and they concoct a bull-shit story about a videotape that had absolutely nothing to do with it and mob of protestors that just happened to have a supply of heavy weapons.  So our Dear Leader send his advance team of Clinton and Rice, to the media to sell this cock and bull story to the American citizens and the rest of the world. The problem was there is no way to hide this attempt to cover it up.
In today’s hearings they said then the bull-shit story was NEVER the real truth.
And that NEVER even one person in that mod in Lybia even ever hear about the so called video tape.
The bottom line is that there NEVER WAS ANY “PROTEST” our embassy was  bombed, four people 2 or them were former Navy Seals and our Ambassador was killed, they withdraw security, our ambassador was killed in cold blood, withdraw security, another bombing more security withdrawn....it makes you wonder why did Obama need this to happen?
And the guy who made this video that had NOTHING to do with whole thing is still in jail!
So when will Clinton, and Rice, and Obama come clean and report the REAL facts (if ever).  And when will the "press" to apologize to Mitt Romney, and  admit that Romney was correct and that he "didn’t jump the gun"!
And why the rush to send Rice and Clinton to come out with that BS story?
But let’s face it we can expect hell to freeze over before we hear the real truth about this cover up..

Can't wait for Joe Biden to explain this to the nation on live TV.

And Isn’t Lying About A Murder Grounds Enough For Not Voting For This President? 

Steve Wynn the founder and CEO of Wynn Resorts, Said “the Obama administration's policies have directly resulted in American business leaders sitting on their bankrolls rather than investing in projects that would create jobs.
Every business guy is frightened of Barack
"I'll be damned if I want to have him lecture me about small business and jobs. I'm a job creator. Guys like me are job creators and we don't like having a bulls-eye painted on our back”

Jack Walsh, General Electric CEO
Welch said last Friday that the Obama administration were like Chicago guys and" had manipulated the monthly jobs report for September in order to make the economy look better than it actually is just weeks before the election.
Said, “I’m not sorry for suggesting that the Obama administration fudged government unemployment data, and compared his critics to Communists.”


  1. "And Isn’t Lying About A Murder Grounds Enough For Not Voting For This President?"

    Absolutely,for rational voters! The problem that remains, however, is the irrationally that put him in the White House to begin with is yet to dissipate to the rational level needed for comfort. I pray that the apparent, positive trend toward rationality continues.

  2. Maybe Obama and Hillary should apologize for the lies concerning Libya and the murder of 4 Americans.... and admitting to lying to the American people...but that will never happen. .Typical of liberals..if things aren't going your way, lie about the results and serve more kool-aid. to your supporters, and you'll get a free pass.

  3. I almost would not mind seeing Obama re-elected now so that he would be impeached and thrown out of office as he should be for allowing American citizens, including an AMBASSADOR, to be killed, and then lying about it

  4. PC,

    "I almost would not mind seeing Obama re-elected "

    Thanks for the "almost" but some don't have that long to live and impeachment hasen't been as successful as, I'll bet, you and I would like! Nevertheless, I always agree and appreciate your comments.

  5. They were aware of the threat and did nothing and four Americans died. If that is not enough incentive to vote that lying scumbag out, I don't know what would convince a person.

    His whole administration needs to go.