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Friday, October 5, 2012

Romney Looked and Sounded More like a President Then Obama Did

 This was a big win for Mitt Romney. He was in command of the facts and showed a confidence that has been lacking in the past.  He was, in fact, the governor of Massachusetts and the president didn't seem to know what to do about it, which was totally unexpected from him.
During the whole debate  Mitt Romney was at ease. He was smiling throughout the entire debate and looked  Obama directly right in the eye, Obama never once showed the same respect.  Who the hell does he thing he is?  He is the President, not the Emperor!  How prophetic. Romney Looked and Sounded More like a President Then Obama Did, and that was pitiful on Obama's part.
Anyone with the least amount of  manners knows that when you are speaking to someone, ANYONE, you look them in the eye, and address them, you don’t look down or in the other direction!


  1. What else did you expect from that idiot

  2. Obama looked drowsy, listless, and incompetent. And to think that he's actually President! Ugh.