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Thursday, March 14, 2013

We Have A New Pope!

We Have A New Pope! 
Every day I seem hear someone in Government telling and or my family what eat, where to eat, what to buy, and what not to buy, how to act, what to wear, what to say, where to go, and what to do! And because of this, I am as PISSED OFF as I can possibly get.  These people are driving me crazy!
Contrary to my beliefs, I am being told that I can’t eat too much meat, salt, sugar, drink big soda’s, smoke, use plastic bags, styrofoam coffee cups or styrofoam food containers.
For heaven sakes, what the hell has happened to MY RIGHTS?  Ir this the America that I grew up in?  That I served? That I was once so damn proud of?
We have a First Lady who was NOT elected to anything as far as I know, telling us what to do and what not to do, what to eat and what not to eat  when she and her Hubby don’t give a Rats Ass about America.
We have a Mayor in New York who has more money then he know what to do with acting as if he was elected the United States Surgeon General.
And disapprovingly with everything the people of New York want to do. For Cod Sakes, if he wants to spend his money educating the people about good health then by all means do so.  BUT STOP BANNING US FOR DOING WHAT WE WANT TO DO!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Have you ever had the feeling that we you’re surrounded by idiots?

The truth is that we are surrounded by idiots that voted for Obama!
For example, just look at the way this  IRS scandal is being handled.
Let me count the ways.. We have Tea party organizations that applied for tax-exempt status, and other organizations applying for tax-exempt status based upon their names or policy positions such as supporters of Israel.
And the response and denials we are getting from the lefties, these idiotic people that are calling themselves”Progressives” these days! I had not else to do but to laugh when I heard their lame explanations or excuses..  Everyone on this crooked administration lied to congress . Even the White House Lied, and who is the White House?  It’s not just a White Building!  And the acting commissioner of the IRS lied to congress.  And the bottom feeder lefty bloggers swear to these lies.  Did you ever see a lefty blogger that didn’t believe everything that comes out of that sewer pond called the Obama Administration?
Right now the lefties are in full blown panic mode.  Whenever there’s  a scandal the Left goes in to a spin, spin, spin mode. And a biased press are more than willing to spread lies that the White House puts out.
The disturbing outrage is that the IRS was able to do this And as we know the IRS scandal is not the only one facing this Administration today. We also have Benghazi Gate, Associated Press Gate,!  And is everyone forgetting our $16 trillion debt?
If you believe nobody was targeted for political reasons you are a fucking moron and/or just a lying tool for your political party. You people have shown us all just how truly pathetic you are by defending the indefensible.
Nixon may have had his plumbers, Clinton had his Trooper gate, but Obama has his Gestapo IRS doing his dirty work.
Now we are finding that there are Chemical weapons in Syria.  Well imagine that! Chemical weapons in Syria, who would have thunk?  I wonder how Syria got Chemical weapons with Barack Obama the Great One not knowing about it? 
Or, maybe, just maybe, George W. Bush was right all the time and Iraq DID have Chemical weapons that were shipped off to Syria as was first thought!  And maybe, just maybe Bush didn't lie after all!
If you remember as I do, Bush listened to the  democratic critics on Iraq,and he kept postponing the invasion, waiting for UN sanctions, and for those famous UN Inspectors and approval for the invasion. That gave Saddam Hussein more than enough time to ship the weapons to Syria.
 Of course President Bush was right about Saddaḿs WMDs -- but the Liberal media decided on the motto "Bush lied people died"
The question should be, "where did Syria get these WMD?".

Did someone else provide them to Syria? Like maybe Iraq?
None of these are good outcomes for the Obama administration, not for  Hillary Clinton, not for Susan Rice, and certainly not for Barack Hussein Obama, or his demented old grinning idiot Joe Biden.

Either they failed to detect a WMD program, failed to detect WMD smuggling operation, or BUSH WAS RIGHT!So now the truth is coming out and President Bush should be  vindicated....
 WE desperately need some real Men in the White House, not a Chicken Shit Liar....
And now Syria has weapons of mass destruction
But the left in this country will never ever be able to admit that Bush was correct.
Shame on the naysayers and the sheep who believed them. Shame on the liberal press and the Democratic swine who were willing to smear George Bush. And Shame on those voted to give this Socialist another 4 years to further destroy America.

Merry Christmas President and Mrs. Bush and a Happy New Year You were a very GOOD  president that kept us safe, rich and fully employed.
 For eight years he kept the Democrats away from redistributing us away to the undeserving freeloaders.
Obama says that Hillary Clinton will go down in history
President Barack Obama says Hillary Clinton will go down in history as one of the finest secretaries of state. In a historic first, Obama made the glowing declaration to Steve Kroft in the Blue Room of the White House in a joint interview with the outgoing the Secretary of State. It was the first interview Obama and Clinton have ever done together. It was also the first joint interview the president has ever given with anyone other than his wife.
I wonder what his criteria is for this prestigious title?
Kissing his ass, lying for him, covering up his failures, taking responsibility for his mistakes?
Does anyone with an IQ above room temperature knows that these are two shameless liars patting each other on their backs.
Lefties sure like to shovel the manure high!
 Obama says lots of things. Some are ALMOST rational MOST ARE NOT..

I think that this President has already broken the record for spending,  lying, cheating, crapping on our constitution, blaming his predecessor, and chutzpah!
 There has never been a more blatant attack upon the citizens of the United States by a President of the United States.
What he has done to the state of Israel, Mexico - Fast & Furious - arming cartels - the AP, Seal Team Six, The Tea Party,Congress by bypassing them with EO's & Czars, The evangelicals, The Conservatives, The GOP, The Catholic Church, PRO - LIFE GROUPS - -. the Breitbart Family, grassroots groups, the IRS, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the US Military, the US Embassies, The State Department, The CIA, the FBI, our law enforcement across the land  and many more people in America is unprecedented.