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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

I Wonder If The Libertards Will Find a New Song to Sing?

Do the Democrats hate Ben Carson because he is black ? Or Do the Democrats hate Ben Carson because he is just to smart to belly up to their nonsense?
I actually think that the Democrats, Liberals, Progressives ,and all the other Psychopaths, Sociopaths, and all other maniacs, lunatics, and unstable people with mental disorders and their sycophants in the media attack and lie about Ben Carson because he is a black man who doesn't follow their orders. This is the real reason he is being attacked. They hate him because was a man who grew up poor in bad neighborhoods and became a accomplished brain surgeon with above average intelligence. He proves that you don't need the slave masters of the Lunatic Democrat party to become successful.

The lunatics in the media, as well as the Lunatic Democratic Hate groups, with their Blogs, their Facebooks and what have you will be running 24/7 to supply all the lies, the damaging made-up stories, and the Race cards that the Hillary Faithful can either dig up or make up.

Ben Carson is proving the truth that us Conservatives already knew that the oldest American hate group in America (the Democrat party) has never really changed.

The liberal sicko’s the, screwballs, the kooks and the loon are scared to death that the Republicans will elect a Black man and therefor put all their lies about Republicans being racist to bed once and for all. But just wait, now that he has taken the lead in the polls away from Donald trump who they have succeeded to destroy, the ding-a-lings will go to work with their VICIOUS LIES about Ben Carson.
After all, how dare he as Black person not be on the Democrat Plantation?
Wouldn’t a Donald Trump Ben Carson as a Vice President make a great ticket, as well as a nightmare for Hillary Clinton!...Or would a Carson and Fiorina be a bigger nightmare for her.

Lets see, Obama was a community organizer and won by a landslide,  while Ben was only a world renowned brain surgeon. How will he astonishingly low information stupid libs will act on that revelation.