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Friday, March 20, 2015

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s stunning Victory.

So, since Obama and his Gang of Goons couldn't put in a anti American in Israel, he's going to the UN now in hopes they can force a deal between Palestine and Israel.

It's way past time for American Jews to poop or get off the pot - this old war between Obama and Netanyahu is REALLY getting to be old and Obama is showing his true Colors..

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Bibi Netanyahu hits it out of the Park!

Bibi Netanyahu hit it out of the park yesterday with the historic speech he gave before a joint session of Congress ,and he has Barack Obama the most anti-Israel president in US history. to thank for it. Yes, the very same Barack Obama who hates Bibi, the same Obama who was furious the speech was being given at all, walked the bases full for Netanyahu and served up the sucker pitch he hit for a grand slam. For six weeks, the president and his team have been letting it be known just how angry they are that the leader of the House of Representatives invited the Israeli prime minister to speak.   And the pitiful thing about this is that the American Jewish Liberals would vote for Obama again in a flash.  And after hearing obama’s “rebuttal” it makes me wonder if Rudy Giuliani was right, and does Obama “really”love America?
Stupidity be thy name.
And as predicted the democrats and PROGRESSIVES continued  their everyday personal attack and name-calling in desperation in defending their Messiah and that was typical of them That the illiterate little Negro hates Jews, so Netanyahu's speech before congress just had to result in negative results.  I can understand how that must have really hurt the Community Organizer Muslim Commie getting slapped by a Jew.
But perhaps, just maybe, and hopefully, this was the straw that broke the camel's back, and maybe this will wake the American LIBERAL Jews up. Obama has managed to alienate the Jewish Democrats to such a point many will either join the GOP or just not vote Democrat for some time to come.  But Botox Nancy Pelosi thought that the speech was so insulting, and left her in tears!  Oh my, poor Nancy, I hope that those tears didn’t ruin her face lift.