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Monday, June 29, 2015

The Confederate flag does NOT represent slavery. It represents Southern Pride.

The Confederate flag does NOT, and never has represented slavery. It represents Southern Pride. There will always be some sick moron who interprets things differently.  That's exactly how wars are started.
And on another note, how about these people (if you want to call these illegal aliens, especially Mexicans people) flying the Mexican flag or other flags of other countries instead of, or next to the American flag, or worse, above it, but I am supposed to say nothing and chalk it up to those people having that RIGHT to display the flag of their supposed HOME country. 
 Where were all the bitching and moaning when the Mexicanswere flying the American Flag upside down and under the Mexican flag?
 But they want the Confederate/ Rebel banished?
And how about these Sons of Bitches that burn or Stump on the American flag ( the ring Leader was Barack Obama's buddy  Bill Ayers!!  
 These idiots think that the world should be made in their image, as if they are Gods over all of us. Does anyone really think that removing the flag will stop racial problems, just how low do you think it’s going to take until there’s another riot in the streets even if and after the Confederate flag has been taken down?
What’s Next?  Today it's the Confederate flag, and tomorrow who knows what?  So, you better be very careful what symbols you want to ban, because your symbols maybe next!  Who knows, you may see it as a symbol of Religion, someone else may see it as a racial symbol of Hatred.
So just who gets to define what a symbol is? The KKK uses the American flags who is bitching about that?
This just don't feel like a free country anymore. What these idiots do not understand that if you start to banish flags, and symbols, and certain speech, that it will not stop at what they think is good and bad. When we run out of flags, it will be clothing, then music, then speech, then colors, then bumper stickers, then newspapers, magazines, and on and on until the only thing left that we are allowed to say, do, display, read, watch, listen to, create, and so on, until it's your Church or Synagogue, and then what?   What will be the only those things that are government approved?  Does anyone think that this would be a good thing? Just like the Moochie banning our kids foods!  Seriously.
And that will be the end of what our Founding Fathers left us. That is what communism is. And if these whiny lefties think that once they get their way, and allow the govt to intervene, that it will stop at their door, well they truly are as dumb as a box of rocks like we know they are. Liberals Blame the Guns, I Blame the Liberals!
This man is a sham, and so is Shrillary...
If you value your freedoms, and if you want to keep those freedoms, the you have to do your best to keep this Pig in a Pant suit OUT of the White House.  Her Thighness talks about gun control and then both she and Obama illegally sends armed rebels in Libya and Syria through our embassy in Benghazi? And the rest is history!
Her speech over the week-end about the Charleston shooting, had all the content of a grease trap. And yet these Democrats really think that putting up some ugly old lying conniving slut is good for America’s future? Are they kidding? They are drinking Hillary's Douche Water. Because it takes an extra level of stupidity to look past the Lying the Stealing and the Influence Peddling, to find any reason to elect that Pig

The Black man says Whites need to change their racist ways. OK, so how about we start with this?
How about Blacks staying in school, how about Blacks pulling their pants up, stopping the gang banging and shooting their brothers and sisters, stop using the “N” word if you don’t want us whites to use it, stopping the Drugs and the Drug dealing, and get a job instead of griping about a past they know nothing about except what they have been told and; stop looking for handouts from the government.

I’m sick and tired of being blamed for something that was done in the past and that I nor my ancestors or anyone who is alive today had a part in.  I, and the White race in general, are being blamed for actions that happened over 150 years ago?  Why?

Grow up, and stop blaming the whole world for the way you choose to act and live, it’s no ones fault but your own! Personal responsibility goes a long way.

Since the late 1960’s and early 1970’s we have ALL pretty much been on an even playing field where jobs, money and education are involved, the idea of "White privilege" is nothing more than an outright LIE! In this country, anyone that wants an education can get an education; it’s not getting the education that presents the problem, it’s having the will to make use that education to the benefit of yourself, your family and society as a whole.
I simply don't believe that children grow up wanting to be a gang banger, drug dealer or criminal of any kind. instead, there are too many kids today who are brought up in very toxic environments and they lose their ability to hope and dream at a very early age then end up repeating another recycling  of their parents / or parent..

The Confederate flag is a focal point in American history. I have my own personal and  feelings about it and what it means to me and it is not at all about hatred and racism, it’s about the heritage of the South and their courage to take a stand and fight to separate from the United States over what they believed was being denied to them: States’ Rights, no matter that the lefties think.

I will admit that today there are groups that use the Confederate flag as a symbol of hatred but those people are the scum of the earth; Klan, Skinheads and Nazis, over all the most uneducated and illiterate group of White Trash imaginable. But we find that happening in ever race, and in every community including and especially in Black communities.  We are never in our lifetimes going to change that.  The New Black Panthers have held events where they trampled, and burned  the American flag. Why do you suppose they would do that? If they want to Dump On the Confederate flag because they are terribly stupid and misguided as to it’s meaning, OK, maybe so, but why the American flag?

Many claimed to believe that the election of Barack Hussein Obama would bring about the end of racism in America; Obama was supposed to be the Post racial President.and I believe the majority of the racism prevalent today emits from the black community. There are Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons in the black community that make money keeping this pot stirred and tended, and until black America realizes this and stops it themselves, it will never stop. I’ve never been racist that I know of, I don’t judge people by the color of their skin, and don't want anyone to do that to me or my family either. Obama and his Socialist ilk, are far from Uniters, they are Racial Dividers.  I for one am sick and tired of all this racial double standards we have here in America from Oprah to Sharpton
By stirring up racial tension over this issue, the Obama administration hopes to gain support for its administration while blaming unrest in Ferguson and Baltimore on slavery and Jim Crow.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ban, Ban, Ban, That's The Liberal's Answer to Everything

The horrific mass shooting and killing of nine African Americans inside a Charleston, South Carolina, church last week by a sicko white supremacist who had his picture taken holding the Confederate battle flag has once again brought up the old debate over weather or not the Confederate Flag is a symbol of racism
The country seems to be about equally divided on this, to half of Americans, the answer is yes. well I respectfully disagree, I say, NO this flag is not a symbol of racism.
 First off, if they choose to fly this flag, it is their right to do so as is your right to call others stupid for doing it. Does either of those make anyone feel  better? I think not.
I’m sure that everyone is aware that sadly, racism does still exist but not just in the south where they fly the Confederate Flag, but everywhere in America. Just as it still exists in cities like Baltimore or in Ferguson, Missouri where the Blacks burnt down half of their own city and looted and burned to the ground dozens of stores, and in Staten Island NY, where looters ransacked that CVS along with dozens of other stores. There wasn’t any Confederate Flags involved there!
If you think the Confederate Flag is a symbol of racism you need of a history lesson. The Northern economy depended on slavery, And so did the Southern economy. The American Stars and Stripes flag flew over slavery for 86 years, the Confederate only 4.
Removing a flag will never stop any of these idiots and bigots. However some education might..
The Confederate Flag is not racist slave ship never sailed under the Confederate flag. They sailed under the American Flag. The Confederate flag represents Southern heritage, not hate like the Liberals will say it does. .Yes it is true that racists will find any excuse for their racism. And yes, I would agree that they might find the flag an excuse for their racism, but a racist will be a racist with or without the flag.  And taking down the flag is not going to change the mind of one single racist.  .
President Obama says that it is time to retire the Confederate flag to museums, where it belongs.  Well I have always disagreed with president Obama and I disagree with him on this issue as well.
Does the Confederate flag represent racism. Look at any photograph of the KKK you will never find a single Confederate flag in any photograph of their ceremonies, none!   but plenty of American flags, so shall we ban the American flag which flew over the KKK meetings?
The Stars and Stripes flew over American slave ships, which mainly transported slaves from Africa to the Caribbean and to America. It flew over many of the  states, particularly Massachusetts, where prominent families made fortunes in slave trade!  And look who also came from Massachusetts?  The Kennedy’s and the Kerry’s to name a few.
So is there of the stupid symbols, signs, clothing, or flags that we can ban and not allow  anymore?  Or Foods, and Drinks?

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Donald Trump is NOT a Clown

No, Donald Trump is NOT a Clown, Donald Trump would not be where he is today if he wasn’t smart.  The real clowns are currently in the White House.  There has never been such a Clown as Joe Biden and there has never been a president as inept as Barack Obama.  Nor has there ever been anyone as UNQUALIFIED to be president as Hillary Clinton is.
Trump is definitely a man of unquestionable intelligence, if you want to talk about accomplishments, look at his accomplishments.  I’d match his against any of the Democrats in the past 20 years, anytime!
As long as he can put Americans to work at real paying jobs and off of welfare and assistance food stamps  like we have now, Who cares about his “funny” hair. You want to talk about “Funny”, I can do that til Kingdom comes about the parade of idiotic Liberals we have seen around Washington lately, starting with Barney Frank, to Michael Moore, to Joe Biden, to Nancy Pelosi.    . We need someone with business sense to get people working again at jobs they can at least hope to pay their bills.  And talk about paying their Bills, at least the tax-payers won’t have to pay for Trumps vacations or his wife’s, or his wife’s Mother-in laws.
Sure, Trump can be a big blowhard with a lot of talk,. But he also knows business better than any politician in congress, and it takes a businessman to get people working.
I have to laugh at the Liberals and progressives blogging today calling him a totally overrated clown who speaks without knowing facts..  That is the exact description of Barack Obama.  Say what you may about Trump, but “Not knowing Facts”?  Trump knows exactly the facts and he acts accordingly.

“Trump is Rich"?
So what?  What’s wrong with being rich?  Was Kennedy rich?  Is John Kerry Rich?  And don’t tell me about the Clinton being Poor either!
No, Donald Trump is NOT a Clown!  He’s as smart as they come.
Theres a lot more to being the president than spending 5 years talking about a "hoax” like Global Warming, or drawing a “Red Line” in the sand. Or playing Basketball with Kobe Bryant, or Golf with Tiger Woods, or sunning himself in Hawaii.
Or Covering Up the deaths of 4 Americans.