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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Someone finally grew a pair!

Someone finally showed these Race Baiting Pimps the Back Door.

The Florida Sheriff told these Stupid Hollywood A-Holes where to go and he closed the door on the way out..  This guy who refused to be bulldozed by a band of black-mailers, and race hustlers declined his Invitation to Attend NAACP "Banquet"  I guess that's what they call a meeting where they throw insults at people they disagree with.
But this time they picked on the wrong guy... Sheriff Mike Scott of Lee County Florida blasted the NAACP for ignoring black on black violence but making a national commotion over the Zimmerman trial.. There needs to be a whole lot more folks start exposing the race baiters for what they are.  Lets hope that some others grow a pair and follow his example!!

PS....And of course the NAACP called him a "Racist."

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Zimmerman, Double Standard? You can bet your ass it is.

The George Zimmerman trial is over, and a jury declared him not guilty by reason of self-defense. But now the emotional aftermath is presenting a rare opportunity to address a set of facts President Barack Obama would rather not have as part of the conversation.

President Obama said, “There are very few African-American men in this country who haven’t had the experience of being followed when they are shopping at a department store—and that includes me.”
Well isn’t that the cats pajammies. Our president has already taken sides and now has the Justice Department investigating to see whether Zimmerman can be prosecuted for hate crimes.  So it’s a If we can’t lynch him on one thing, we will on another time of thing. Isn't that kind of double jeopardy? Or doesn’t the law count when it come to lynching a “White Boy’ who happens to be Hispanic, but does that even matter when it come to these Race Pimps? Or isn’t it It's not double jeopardy if Zippy says it isn’t .  And Should Eric Holder prosecute George Zimmerman on a civil rights charge?  When a move like that would be all about race and politics and very little about the merits of the case, because we all know that the FBI had already loomed in the  race factor and found NONE. But the president says racial profiling is to blame. and who is going to argue with the president? Maybe it’s time the president notices that realized that everything he says is all about race. And now all the Black entertainers, like Stevie Wonder, etc.. are saying that they are going to BOYCOTT Florida because of their “Stand your Ground Law”.  The issue here isn’t just whether Stand Your Ground works for blacks. The issue here is whether is works for blacks when the black person is the victim or a white person is the perpetrator.

Most of the Black people killed in Chicago or in other inner-cities were young Black males. In fact nation wide its mostly Black boys and Men being killed by other Black boys and men. While Trayvon’s murder was sad. Is it worse then a baby who was shot while in her teen aged fathers lap?   Or black children are killed by flying bullets while that are playing in a Playground.  Or how about that  the young girls death who was killed going home after performing at the Presidents re-election celebration when he won the second time.
Wheńs the last time you heard a black leader condemn any of those events?

And now we see a Juror back tacking on her decision. Well isn’t that just peachy! Who forced her to vote the way she did in the first place? Dis anyone put a gun to her head to force her to make that decision?  She said that she "felt" that Zimmerman was guilty, but was forced to actually look at the evidence, and decide on that basis. That’s what juries are for, sweetheart... it’s not about your feelings. No one asked you about "your feelings" Its ALL about "evidence".. How can any person with an once of brains say that with a straight face that they "know" that a person intended to kill someone when there is absolutely NO evidence to prove it and all true evidence shows the person was defending himself? Either this woman is lying to protect herself and make some money on the side or she has been indoctrinated into believing the lies of the media spin and the massive peer pressure being put on her by her community.  Even though she admits there is no proof, and NO evidence for her to make that assumption this is nothing more than her opinion!
Either way, she is doing herself a real disservice to the country in the long run. OR did someone get to her? And isn’t it funny that she was the ONLY Black person on the jury.
This Juror said "He Got Away with Murder" and she thought that Zimmerman was guilty. But when she was asked if she thought that the case should even have gone to trial ?  She said, No,  she didn't think so.  Well Duh!

But when you really think about it, Juror B-29́s remarks make perfect sense. While all of the women jurors face being called racists, Juror #B-29, also known as  Maddy, was the only non-white among them, didn’t want to be  being branded a traitor to "thr people of color." or be call an “Aunt Jemima” She says "Zimmerman got away with murder," while admitting there was not enough evidence to convict.  Well then there wasn’t enough evidence for her to come to that insane conclusion either. Her heartfelt sympathy with Trayvon Martińs Mother, or her emotions were not a good enough reason for her to say the stupid things that she said.  And having 8 kids in 10 years kind of shows us that she’s not exactly the brightest bulb in the chandelier. What a disgrace to the the American judicial system this moron is.
If she or anyone else on that jury thought that Zimmerman was guilty  then why couldn't they prove it? Or was it that SHE THOUGHT he was guilty and couldn't prove it because there was NO EVIDENCE to support her RACE-BAITING AGENDA. No surprises here.  The law is a funny thing. There are some people who just chose to ignore it  when it doesn’t suit them..
I have only one question, how did I know she would be the black?

It was recently reported that George Zimmerman, who has been in hiding since he was acquitted of murder in the death of Trayvon Martin, emerged to help rescue a family who was trapped in an overturned vehicle..  Some people such as Al Sharpton are saying that this was all staged to make Zimmerman out as a Hero.  I ask you would they go so far as to turn a car with passengers in it completely up-side done to put on a show?  And did they say that when CORRY BOOKER ran in to a burning building to save people when he was in the middle of an election campaign... TWICE?
Double Standard?  You can bet your ass it is.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

“Soul-Searching”? I Don't Think So!

Obama has been so terrible as a President that half of America is getting sick of.
I thought President Obama's  speech yesterday on race was pathetic.
The President's comments in this regard were  repulsive. The Trayvon Martin affair WAS NOT a national tragedy, in fact it was far from it was far from it.   There was NO need to call a press conference to stir up the already flames of racial tension.  Al Sharpton has been doing a great job on that without the help of the President.
In times of national tragedy we expect our leaders to speak with insight, seriousness, and solemnity. The Trayvon Martin affair isn’t a national .  Sure, it's always a
tragedy when a 17 year old is killed. Nonetheless, Our Dear leader decided to discuss it yesterday and Obama’s remarks were what was expected. The part that struck me and most others was when he said:
 “You know, when Trayvon Martin was first shot, I said that this could have been my son. Another way of saying that is Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago... One hast to wonder if  Obama was also suspended from school or did he get arrested for getting caught with burglary tools and stolen jewelry? Was walking around getting into fights? Did he punch anyone, and tell them that they were going to die tonight? Or did he slam anyone’s head into concrete 35 years ago?   

Obama apparently was chomping at the bit for an opportunity to lecture us about race.. This was the wrong event to use as liftoff for such a lecture. If young black men areńt to be considered a possible safety threat, then young black men are the only ones who can change that perception.

Obama also  lectured us on race when he said that “very few African-American men haven’t had the experience of being watched closely in a department store or hearing car door locks click as they approach”.

Obama then called for “all of us to do some soul-searching” in the aftermath of the Zimmerman trial. SOUL-SEARCHING?  I don’t have anything in MY “Soul” that needs “SEARCHING”  How about "waking up" to the FACT that we have over 4 very HUGE scandals on the burner right now at this very moment.  The IRS scandal, the Benghazi scandal, the AP scandal, and the telephone scandal, let alone the problems in Egypt, Israel, Syria, , North Korea, and the President want to talk about Trayvon Martin.
Or why isn't Obama talking about that Muslim Hasan, the killer of 13 servicemen and 32 injured, the  the Fort Hood massacre that Obama labeled  “workplace violence” rather than terrorism.”!  Or was this whole speech another distraction form these scandals?  I wouldn’t put that past him.
We have 100's and 100's of our service men getting killed over in that shit hole called Afghanistan and we need Rev. Al Sharpton, and Barack Obama to call for 100's of protests when a man was found to be NOT GUILTY by the best court system in the world?
So if there is any “soul-searching” to be done, it’s HIS!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Well It Started.

We saw no violence in this country when any other trial ended and the majority of the people didn’t agree wit it.  The Casey Anthony case for example to mention one of the most recent. We were ALWAYS very proud of the discipline the  people have shown no matter how the jury’s decision turned out.
There was no murder here. The case proved and the jury agreed that George Zimmerman killed Travon Martin in SELF DEFENSE
Maybe we were surprised, but the jury came to a verdict and we MUST respect that.  When before in America did we act like uncivilized barbarians rioting in our cities, and cause violence and breaking into stores to “Get Stuff”.
No one knows what happened that night, but he the jurors have a pretty good picture of it. There was a lot of evidence: eyewitnesses, ear witnesses, forensics, clothing, photos, etc.. During the 4 minutes, it was Trayvon Martin that, instead of going home and staying alive, went back to take care of the "CREEPY AZZ CRACKER." This verdict was not just a "barely not proved beyond reasonable doubt." It was a resounding "innocent." Quit pandering by minimizing the no guilty verdict.
The press just wońt stop lying about George Zimmerman. If I hear one more word about his "poor judgment" or “if he didn’t follow him” oe “if he stayed in his car” I’m going to puke!   Zimmerman wasn’t on reial for any of that.  He was on reial for the event that followed all of that.
And what exactly did George Zimmerman do that showed poor judgment? He called the police and reported suspicious activity. He was a Neighborhood watchman and that was his job. He followed this “Child” because he looked suspicious and after 7 previous crimes in that neighborhood all by Young Black “Children” it was his job to check him out. 
Trayvon Martin picked on the wrong "CREEPY-ASS CRACKER" and got himself shot to death that night. The press has been shamelessly making up lies and withholding evidence to make this man the Most Hated Man in America. And that my friend is not what we do in America.
Well, at least all of the new about Obama’s scandals have stopped making the headlines.  I guess that Obama owes Al Sharpton one for that.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

It Ain't Over Til It's Over!

I applaud the jury, these ladies got it right and had the guts to say so. Hopefully, their lives wońt be disturbed by the leftist media and the Al Sharpton slobs who wanted to convict and lynch  George Zimmerman before he even had a trial. The State’s  false accusations were shameful. Even Obama and Holder threatened this man and made it clear that he would face civil rights violations if found NOT guilty . This the America we live in today. What a shame What a travesty of justice, but thats nothing new from this vile administration.

And this morning I heard that NY Giants Football player Victor Cruz tweeted that “Zimmerman wońt last a year before the hood catches up with him.”  And that threat goes without reprisal? And the felt calls the Conservative party a party of hatred?  Didn’t that read what I read?
All I know is that I was becoming sick to death hearing that same old crap about that “Black Innocent Child” who was unarmed and holding a bag of Skittles and Iced Tea!   Not one world about finding Burglar Tools and stolen Jewelry on that “Black Innocent Child” who was thrown out of School the previous week or that his own Mother Kicked him out of the house that very week. The Leftist Media tried and convicted George Zimmerman on the first day and never stopped presenting him as a monster and Trayvon as a Little Black Angel Child, who was just walking in the rain with his Skittles and Iced Tea.  And Zimmerman “Followed him and should have never gotten out of his car!  Well folks, wake me up when you can show me that a Neighborhood Watch Man shouldn’t follow someone who didn’t belong in that community and was walking in the rain looking in windows etc. Isn’t that what a And to add to this miss justice,  we now found that Eric Holder under the orders of the Obama administration sent crew ( foot-soldiers community organizers) down to Sanford Florida to help organize a Anti-Zimmerman rally along with Al Sharpton. Is anyone shocked? Why am I not surprised?
Neighborhood Watch Man is supposed to do?

It was reported Wednesday, according to documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, that from March 25 to April 12, CRS spent roughly $5,000 upon being deployed to Sanford to work marches, demonstrations, and rallies “related to the shooting and death of an African-American teen by a neighborhood watch captain.”

Friday, July 12, 2013

Zimmerman Trial Update.

In my mind as well as in many others George Zimmerman is innocent or should I say NOT GUILTY of the crime he is being tried for. . The evidence clearly shows this is true.  The Prosecution’s case was so week that it’s almost a joke but this isn’t funny.  Yet the liberal media and the liberal/progressive bloggers like this delusional UN-informed  Dervish Sanders. And the Black community have already convicted him in their court of public opinion. The prosecution was grasping at straws and emotion in his summation. It is the prosecutions job to prove his case beyond a doubt. Especially when the  illiterate nincompoop star witness for the prosecution  Rachel Jeantel was proved to be to a retarded disaster, and was only able to speak in Ebonics !
The Blacks/Liberals/progressives  have turned Trayvon into a saint and a martyr.
Just as I thought there already is a MOB of protesters yelling and screaming outside the court.
We are a nation of Rule of the Mob filled with lawless people and led by lawless leaders like Al Sharpton and his band of thugs.  Zimmerman  is the victim of a racist witch hunt. He never would have been charged with a crime had it not been for vile race-baiters, like Al Sharpton, the Black Panthers, Jesse Jackson. and aided by Barrack Hussein Obama, and Eric H. Holder
Makes me wonder is a white person has a chance in this jury system!

Monday, July 8, 2013

The Killing of Trayvon Martin, And Why I Think That George Zimmerman Will Walk!

I think that just about everybody in America knows the story about , George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer who shot and killed Trayvon Martin.
The “UNARMED BLACK “BOY” who was just walking around in the rain in a Gated Community with his “Skittles and Arizona Iced Tea.   At first  Zimmerman was NOT charged with any crime as the Sheriff believed  George Zimmerman’s story.  But
then came the racial firestorm!  First by that Race Baiting Pimp Al Sharpton who threw the initial fuel on the fire, And then by that Saint King Samir Shabazz the head of New Black Panther’s. Who UNLAWFULLY  put Zimmerman’s face on a “WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE” poster and offered a $10,000 bounty for Zimmerman’s “capture.”
 “Wanted: Dead Or Alive” leaflets for George Zimmerman.
 We saw that other Racist Pimp Spike Lee tweet and make public what he thought was Zimmerman’s home address.
George Zimmerman and his family had received so many death threats that they had to go into hiding for months in fear for their lives.
So with all the publicity from the Black community George Zimmerman was then Handcuffed and taken in and interrogated.  The Sanford police and prosecutors concluded that Zimmerman acted in self-defense and had not committed a  crime. So they let him go.  Zimmerman told police that Trayvon Martin a Hooded 17 year old had been acting suspiciously that dark and rainy night, that he had followed Trayvon, and he had been knocked down and had his head smashed on the ground against a concrete sidewalk and, fearing for his life, pulled a licensed concealed handgun and shot him. And yes he was then brought before the Florida Grand Jury who called for his arrest. And eventually he was Arrested.

Now as the whole world is watching the trial unfold and as every day passes and more information is released, we are learning more and more about what took place that rainy night and the death of 17-year old Trayvon Martin who was “just walking with a can of Iced Tea and some Skittles”.  And the  death threats by the New Black Panther Party, Al Sharpton grabbing the news spotlight nightly and  the Prosecution's lying witnesses. Especially that dumb Girl-friend of Trayvon Martin’s who was at first called the state’s most important and Star witness, that young Miami woman Rachel ‘Dee Dee Jeantel, the Beauty Queen who escaped from “The Biggest Looser”
who was supposedly on the phone with Trayvon Martin the entire time just before he was shot, and who is NOW Accused Of Lying Under Oath!  And who refused to characterize the term “creepy-ass cracker” as racial or being an offensive term.
Someone ought to tell that to Paula Deen!

Well what can we expect when this whole case started out to be bias and  prejudice right from the Get Go!  When the President of the United States put his two cents into it saying “ HE FEELS FOR THE PARENTS OF THE SLAIN TEEN BECAUSE IF HE HAD A SON “HE WOULD LOOK LIKE TRAYVON” . 

 There are many angles to this story and in my belief George Zimmerman should have been charged at all.  And guess what?  We are seeing exactly that in the prosecution's week case against George Zimmerman
But the one thing that we DIDN’T hear was President Obama saying a word to cool the lynch-mob atmosphere created by his Black allies in a nation where he is the chief law enforcement officer of ALL the people....
 So what will happen now if by and chance George Zimmerman is NOT found Guilty?
Can face the world, in a world where half of the Nation has already found him guilty and who wanted to lynch him even before he has a trial?  Maybe he will have to go into hiding?...But in any case, ... life will never be what he had known it to be before ....
Our society don't really believe in the thought of "innocent until proven guilty"..not when it come to anything based on race... But we find the left crying racism all the time.
I say, “Free George Zimmerman & leave Paula Deen alone already”   As for Paula Deen,  Personally the whole thing is pretty stupid and another case of a Double Standard.

But in this man's opinion, The  Prosecution doesn't really have any case at all, because George Zimmerman did in fact act in self-deference. 
 And that's why I Think That George Zimmerman will walk!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

George Zimmerman Guilty Of Murder?

Okay, okay, here’s the bottom line..
Why don’t we just end the Zimmerman trial right now, let's just find him GUILTY as Sin and Kill the bastard!  Let's string him up in the streets and have a party!
Why don’t we save a lot of time and money and give these poor jurors a break in this hot weather and let them go home to their families.   Lets face it, the dirty vile leftist news media and the progressive pigs have already found him guilty in the blogs, the BLACK  TV analysts are all telling you about how George was TOLD NOT to follow the little Punk, so it doesn’t matter what happened afterwards, He followed the thug while he was just walking in a Hoodie with his Skiddles and Arizona Ices Tea like any other little punk who was High on Marijuana.  There wasn’t any sing of his trying to do some  looting, or vandalism, or any other kind of un-lawful activity!  So lets just lynch Zimmerman right now and save us all the BS.
This is what we’re dealing with, this is what these leftist pigs .. 

 After all we heard Travon’s Girl friend Rachel ‘Dee Dee Jeantel, that Beauty Queen who escaped from “The Biggest Looser”  tell us all the truth about what really happened!

 We saw just how the justice system worked when the jury was stacked at the OJ trial.  They didn’t bother to look at the facts then, why change?
Lets go ahead and just hand him over to the Black Panthers, putting him in jail will amount to the same thing anyway.
Did Zimmerman kill Martin because of his race or was Martin the aggressor and Zimmerman legally defended himself with lethal force? Or does it even matter?
And while we are at it, why don’t we hold a Public Stoning for Paula Deen.  Lets not let her get away with using a racial slur 30 years ago.  What the hell, we don’t need no Stinkin Southern White Women on our TV screens anyway!  For God’s sake, she said “Nigga” we ain’t gonna let her get away with that, are we?  I don’t give a Rat’s Ass where or when she grew up.  Makes no friggen difference to me, she said “Nigga”!  Period, Who care if it was 30 years ago?  I don’t care if it was 60 years ago, she said it so let’s stone the bastard and lets put a burning tire around her as well.
I don’t need to know her explication I don’t want my kids to be exposed to that culture of racism or homophobia and religious
intolerance either!  After all, this is 2013 and we GOT a Black President in the White House, that’s how far we have come, so lets no go back there into medieval times where people didn’t give a shit about each other..
Seriously I can see Africa from my window.