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Saturday, February 22, 2014

We Republicans Have Been Vilified And Insulted For The Past 13 Years, And We Aren’t Going to Take It Anymore!

We Republicans have been vilified and insulted for the past 13 years, from the day that George Bush was elected and through the past 5 years of Barack Obama’s failed Presidency. From his gross failures, his lies, and his manipulation of the United States Constitution.  From the Duck Dynasty issue to the Chick-fil-A issue.  Black Republicans have been vilified and insulted by the Left for the past 13 years from Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, to  Herman Cain. Ben Carson, the more eloquent version of Herman Cain, Black neurosurgeon from Baltimore has become the latest Black conservative to have been shot down, The liberals have taken the politics of personal destruction to new levels. It is no wonder that the Republicans have become a little uncooperative. If the President and his party treated me in the same manner they have treated Republicans, I would be loathe to have any part of them. The day he took office, the President forgot his promise to be President to all Americans and became President of liberal Americans.

In the five years that Barack Obama has been President the liberals, media, talking heads, and politicians, have been wearing out their race cards. There has been no such thing as a disagreement on policy or a dislike of planned results. If you disagree with Obama you are automatically a racist. Why else would one not cheer every word he speaks.
And now the Liberals are fixed on Ted Nugent, addressing him as a prominent Republican! 


I do not agree with most of what Mr. Obama says and does, while not caring a bit about his skin color. He talks too much and says too little.
We all know where Obama and the liberals stand, with Socialism, class warfare, lyes, and broken promises. We know exactly where Obama and the liberals stand: bigger government, less freedom, and massive job losses. Obama had his chance to make things better. Instead, he took over healthcare, passed massive tax increases, and presided over record gas prices and unemployment.