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Thursday, May 28, 2015

What is Hillary Clinton’s involvement with Benghazi?.

What is Hillary Clinton’s involvement with Benghazi?...  Well why not ask What was Chris Christie's involvement with Bridgegate?
 The media’s coverage of the George Washington Bridge scandal, has been going on and on for years now and it has been proven time and time again that NJ Gov. Chris Christie had nothing to do with it...  And yet it can’t seem to get out of the news!
But the many scandals about madam Hillary HAS been prover and she seems to get a “Free Pass” all the time!  What Gives?   How long will the left, and the leftist  media ignore Hillary's many many short comings?

OK maybe Hillary had nothing directly to do with those killed at Benghazi, I give you that... and maybe she didn't directly reduce security and she didn't do anything to incite the attack, directly. BUT when something bad happens usually the person in charge, or the CEO takes the fall. After all she wanted the power of Secretary of State but refuses to accept the responsibility in a meaningful way. As a supervisor I know if one of my worker, or my people,  hurts themselves in any way I will take most of the blame, so should have Hillary and Obama but they did the liberal Tap Dance, saying Oh No!  I read about it in the Newspapers the same time that everyone else did!  How much Bull-Shit to they think that we are going to believe? .

Now it is revealed that the Clinton's profited by her stay as Secretary of State . So what is Hillary hiding in her e-mails?   And please don’t take us for fools telling us that those deleted e-mails were about her daughters Wedding, or her Wedding dress! Because that is worth noting more than a great laugh!
I’d have to say that she learned a lot from working on the Committee to impeach Nixon on the Watergate scandal.
There is little doubt that they are dirty as hell and if there is a shred of doubt why take a chance? Why nominate such a person of so little accomplishment other then name recognition. Is that really where the democrat party has fallen? I hope so because the destruction will be fun to watch.

Monday, May 25, 2015

On this Memorial Day 2015

On this Memorial Day, most to us Americans spend the day by giving thanks to those who have shown their devotion to this Great Country by giving service and paying the ultimate sacrifice.... some gave service and some GAVE ALL, and I would like to thank them ALL.
Although it is natural for us Americans to spend the holidays by running to the nearest Mall and taking advantage of the Big Sales. However, Memorial Day is not just another holiday where us workers get a three-day weekend or a day when all the stores run sales and we who want to go shopping, spend the day doing just that!  But this Holiday is more that just that, it is a day set aside to honor the ultimate sacrifice of those who have fought to defend our nation and leave their loved ones to go across the seas to take the necessary  military action in foreign lands to defend our rights and the rights and lives of our fellow man. . We of course also honor  those who suffered wounds and returned home, in ways that left them with wounds that can never be recovered.  That’s why we need to remind ourselves that Memorial Day is more, (much more) that a day to search for bargains or to eat another Hot Dog fresh off the grill. Sure that’s great also, and I know that it’s great to spend the day at the beach or at a party guzzling down another Beer.  But we MUST remember that on Memorial Day, especially on this Memorial Day we MUST devote some time to , at least go to you local Memorial Day parade and  honor, those Men and Women, American Servicemen and Service women, and our sons and daughters who gave their lives when our nation called on them to do what was necessary to do.
As I said, especially today when we wake up almost every morning to worry about the emergence of other world powers who are looking to destroy us and our friends and Allies, who are being threatened and KILLED by this new brand of “Frankenstein Monsters” such as ISIS, Hezbollah, and al Qaeda  who threaten, and murder Christians and Jews, only because that are Christians and Jews!  Who are next? We’re in a very dangerous situation and we have a President who most of us agree that we can not rely or depend of protecting us. Or is to sympathetic with the Muslims to do what is needed to do.  Be it for personal or for religious reasons, and I personally don’t give a dam what his reasons are but when it comes to Islam, he has said that “The sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer” Is he still calling these monsters the "Religion of Peace"? Right now the Muslim world is a Cancer , that must be destroyed!
But Obama has said “We will convey our deep appreciation for the Islamic faith, which has done so much over the centuries to shape the world  including in my own country.”

Let’s see, talking about Memorial Day, back in the day when Men were Men and not Girly Men...like after Pearl Harbor was bombed, or more recently when the World Trade Towers was bombed on September the 11th, George Bush didn’t have to unite the country, Men and Women rushed to enlist in the Armed Forces to fight and Kill the Bastards that dared to attack this country. For many of these young Americans, that lined up to enlist it was a more of a matter of patriotism, then a matter of national survival!  The entire country was reunited again, it wasn’t a case of Republican or Democrat, white or Black, or Asian, it was ALL Americans, including yours truly..
And that’s why we MUST give our thanks to these Men and Women for their service to our country.
Meanwhile, to get back to today’s problems we must strengthen our defenses. as well as our military power to strike when needed. Recently we have learned to well what happens when our President retreats from the responsibility to look the other away, and deter our responsibilities. You can NOT just ignore Monsters like ISIS and hope that  they’ll go away.

 Thank you to all those who have died so that WE could remain free.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Arrogance of Hillary Clinton, the New “Queen of Mean”

Let's start with the Lies, Cover Ups and Fabrications .
The US consulate was hit on the most obvious date when guard should have been increased yet it was virtually nonexistent. That is abject failure of duty. A coverup was created and repeated to deflect attention away from the reality of the incident in order to protect reelection chances. That's Watergate. A lie was implemented and repeated by the media to coverup the initial coverup. That is beyond Watergate.
Nothing phony about any of that malfeasance.  As we know a good deal more about the September 11th attack on Benghazi now than we did when it broke, the main motive and possibly the ONLY motive and the following cover-up by the Obama administration, led by Obama himself and his “secretary of State, Her Thighness Hillary Clinton, the new  “Queen of Mean”,Susan Wright the then UN Ambassador (who Obama promised to promote to keep her quite) , and the media was straightforward: to ensure a second Obama term.  None of these liars have any  respect for our founding values and the Constitution!  The arrogance of them ALL!

When the temporary mission in Benghazi was attacked and four Americans killed, the 2012 presidential election was less than sixty days away.
Only bigots, and Hillary’s Butt Kissers would  try to defend it.  Is this the kind of leadership we want from the new president in 2016?  I think not!  If the original Queen of Mean, Leona Helmsley were alive today, she’d be very happy to know that someone else has taken away her well earned title. How can anyone, progressive, liberal or Democratic  defend Hillary's actions of the past and present?   And even now, today, it turns out she probably deleted all those incriminating e-mails after the House committee notified her they were investigating them.  And lets not forget that Hillary was on the commission who was investigating Nixon, so she learned a lesson well. .
This is nothing other than obstruction of justice and evidence tampering at it’s highest degree. If she has so little regard for law now, and has had this history of such behavior, how can anyone possibly support her for President?  Hillary broke the Law, and the best thing she could say was “what difference does it make”?

If you believe this Cock and Bull Story about the attack on Benghazi being  because of a "video" as  being what Obama calls transparency then I have a Bridge to sell You In Brooklyn!

Monday, May 18, 2015

And The Loons Are Still Calling for More and More Gun Control laws.

Lets talk about the Left’s constant call for More and More Gun Control laws... This anti gun madness comes to light each and every time some Nut-Case shoots someone with an Illegal Gun.......
    This morning I woke up to the headlines in my newspaper that read,
“Biker Gang Shooting Leaves Nine Dead, 18 Injured in a restaurant in Waco Texas.

How many more NEW laws do we need to proof that?   It has been my observation through the years that no matter how many laws or how strict the laws are, criminals and Gang members are going to get and use guns.  And the Loons on the Left would be blaming the NRA and the Second Amendment, and I was right,  it didn’t take too long, for the Lefty morons to fault the Gun Laws and the “legal” gun owners.
NO law and neither the NRA or the Second Amendment would have stopped any of the mass shootings that have happened throughout the country, or this motorcycle gang shooting yesterday afternoon.   And not one NEW LAW will stop violent gun crime in California, or Texas, or in New York, Chicago or anywhere else in the United States. Criminals do what they do because they are Criminals, and Criminals have Illegal Guns!  And Criminals do not comply with these laws no matter how many more stupid laws they make!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

I Could Have Told You That!

Surprise, Surprise! Obama tries to blame the Republicans for the Amtrak Train crash...........what else is new!
Even before all of the bodies were removed from the horrific train crash in Philadelphia, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest was trying to blame budget tightening Republicans for the crash
Ah, my fellow Republicans/ Conservatives . You can always rely on their stupid budget policies blaming the Republicans, but what really makes them scumbags is that they refuse to do anything about our failing infrastructure system.  I’ll bet that somehpw they’ll find a way to Blame Bush as well.

Forget the fact that the train conductor was driving the train at over 100 miles ah hour, twice the speed limit?
Like John Boehner said, “Blaming GOP for Amtrak crash is just plain stupid” ... And I think that John Boehner was much too kind in the way that he said it...
Go ahead liberals, get all that shit out of your system.  You’ll feel better.

This message has been brought to you by the DNC and the LIBERAL/PROGRESSIVE MORONS everywhere

Any way, how could we republicans be responsible for the Train Wreck, when we were too busy causing the earthquake in Nepal?

As they say: “Liberals, for the most part, are a very  fairly disgusting group who will take the most horrific tragedies and politicize them in order to slam conservatives and push their progressive agenda.”

 I could have told you that would happen, the Liberals are "First Responders", FIRST to respondt with  their ridiculous lies, unwarranted accusations, and completely classless, and cluless politicization of this or any other tragic event

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Pamela Geller, a Brave, and Courageous Women, and a True Patriot.

If you are going to be ostracized, hated, ridiculed  should be for "speaking up", and saying what needs to be said? Or should it be for being cowardly?  Well Pamella Gella surly wasn't Cowardly!
The point of my “rant”  is to sow, and to prove that Pamela Geller and others like her are not the ones who are involved in hate or in hate speech! They simply try to inform the people of the truth.  Think about it, what did she do that upsets so many people?  Some say that she put peoples lives in danger... I say that she may have put her own life in danger, and that she did so without any fear of her life. So why the uproar?   Should we stand up for what we believe in and respect people like Pamela for leading the way, or should we all become good little Muslim sympathizers and just give in to these sons of bitches who are running around the world murdering people for no reason but only because they have their own beliefs and don’t think the same way as these savages do! 
Lets face it, Pamela Geller, a brave woman and courageous women, who really should not have to be defended by any American, but should be praised by us.  Love her or hate her, and I just can’t understand anyone wanting to “hate” her , you have to admit that what she is doing is brave and courageous.  And that she has the courage of her convictions.   Pamela Geller is a rare voice of courage, and should be applauded .
How many of us, men or women would fight the fight for Free Speech and do it at the risk of his or her life? The truth is, Pamela Geller, is a heroine and a true patriot period!
Over those years, she has stood steadfast not only against Anti-Semitism but also against Christians and for that matter anyone who refuses to adhere to Radical Islam. And yet for this she is vilified for standing her ground against theses savages! question them.
These Radical Muslims are butchering Jews and Christians by the thousands, and I don’t see anyone in this country doing Diddley Squat about it. No one and certainly our Dear leader Barack Hussain Obama.  Maybe because he’s spending a bit too much time on the Golf Course, Or maybe because he don’t see any Fund Raisers being held in the Mid East.  Or could it be that he just doesn’t care if these Savages wipe Israel off the face of the earth.   But I for one am sick and tired of his stupid and sick policies, that benefit only the people who we see burning down stores, looting them and jumping all over burning Police cars?  . Of course, our rancid leader in the White house doesn’t have the balls to stand up to or worse is in full sympathy with the very savages that are intent on destroying us. So when a woman comes along with the cajones to stand up to these animals, a brave women who loves freedom and  liberty she must be slammed down, ostracized, hated, and ridiculed! Well, not while I have anything to say about it.
Sorry to keep repeating myself but the liberal- progressive - lefties position on this (and some from the Righteous Right’s as well) is just getting me down.
Pam Geller has been correct in doing what she did, it’s unfortunate that it worked out the way it did, but at least the two Gunmen who had loyalty to ISIS were killed.  Obama and his Liberal party of weenie’s  as well as the rest of the cowardly Liberal morons who call what Pam did Hate Speech seem to be willing to take away our basic rights in order to force their liberal and Socialist views on the rest of us Americans

As I said, Pam Geller is a brave woman and courageous women and a hero in my eyes. And I stand with Pamela Geller not ready or willing to give up my Free Speech. What about you? Where do you stand?

I think that freedom loving people around the world over owe a debt of gratitude to Pamela Geller for what she did and for the courage she has shown.
I have to wonder what might have happened in Germany in the 1930s if others had stood with Pamella Geller?

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Bottom Line Is That Pamela Geller Is The Real Heroin

The bottom line is that Pam Geller is the real heroin.  Standing up for free speech simply pointing out the hate and murderous craving in radical Islam.   When push comes to shove, Liberals ( and some Republican’s as well, and some of those who call themselves Conservatives ) are showing their true colors, they are not really for free speech and liberty but for their own agenda. They just like to blow wind out of their behinds. 

Why are these people supporting the so called “Religion of Peace” and not supporting Pam Geller’s right to say and do what she wishes to do or say? ?  Aren't they for women's rights.  And another thing, why was there so much more outrage over Ms Gellers free speech expression compared to those  who stomp on the flag or openly call for more "dead cops"?   Does race or realign have anything to do with this? Why are those who are criticizing Pam Geller not realizing they are playing right into the hands of the terrorists ?
Are we now free to say whatever you want to say as long as the Muslims like it..
And where was Hillary on all this?       

Monday, May 11, 2015

Since When Has this Country Become Afraid to Offend Those Who Want to Kill Us?

Our right to offend is as important as the Right to Speak the Truth!
Whatever happened to our right to Freedom of Speech? And doesn’t that right include the right to offend those who blew up the World Trade Center and Murdered three thousand of our innocent citizens?
Do WE not have the right not to be offended, when we see our fellow Americans be BEHEADED on the internet?  Does the freedom of speech count when it involves the possibility of criticism and ridicule of what Pamela Gella did in Garland, Texas?

Have we already forgotten what happened on September 11, 2001 when three thousand of our totally innocent Americans were murdered by a cowardly attack on the Twin Towers in New York and at the Pentagon in Washington?  Well who did it?  Were we offended when that happened?

Where you offended, and you feel hatred with all their other attacks, Charlie Hebdo in France comes to mind, as does the Boston Marathon!

 Or are we going to say, as Hillary Clinton said, “What difference does it make at this point?”  Did that attack and so many others after it just become ancient history?
Is it going to take another 9/11 to wake us up again?

Pamela Geller who leads the American Freedom Defense Initiative hasn’t forgotten.  But as I read in so many blogs and other places, not to many of us stand behind her! I personally believe that Pamela Geller should be applauded, praised, and supported. for her guts to do what she did, not to be ostracized and ridiculed.
And lets not allow Pamela Geller to become another Salman Rushdie. So please, stand up for your right of Free Speech, and your right to insult if you wish to.
We must never loose sight of our right to say what we like, not because it is true, but to be allowed to say what we feel like, and our right to our own opinion.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Cinco de Mayo? No... Nada!

Please feel free to express your gratitude to Mexico for Cinco de Mayo!

Yeah Right!  Aside from another excuse for getting Stinko Drunk Why should we Americans celebrate Cinco de Mayo? And do you even know what Cinco de Mayo is all  about?

Most of us Americans believe that Cinco de Mayo is Mexican Independence Day, but they are wrong, it’s nothing of the kind, not even close. . Mexican Independence Day is actually September 16, not May 5.

Cinco de Mayo is the date commemorating the Mexican Army victory over French troops at the Battle of Puebla way back in 1862.

So why has Cinco de Mayo become such a large event and a reason to have a celebration here in the USA? to do with our Nation and doesn't even commemorate the independence of Mexico.
It’s really just another day for Americans  to celebrate and have a reason to Drink beer by the Keg and Margarita’s until they get plastered., and for the Beer makers to sell more Beer. Cinco de Mayo is a day manufactured by the Beer companies to get drunk

Personally, I would rather celebrate Mexico by having a "Sinko de Mayo" day.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

What happened in Baltimore?

What happened in Baltimore will no doubt result in the same thing that happened in Ferguson….
It  will go down as a Police Cover-up, and the Cops will be hung out to dry.  If the courts don’t find it that way, then Race-baitor Al Sharpton will see to that. It’s unfortunate but it seems no one cares about the truth, it’s the protestors and the Rioters who wins in the end.  The Police Officers are now going to be judged on keeping the peace. Apparently that’s how the process works now in the new America!  The thugs doing the looting and rioting eventually get their way.
Freddy Gray was just another innocent “Gentle Giant” that was picked on by those “Racist” Cops.

Is it possible that 3 Black Cops could engage in racial profiling?