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Sunday, December 30, 2012

What Can We Do to Defeat The Bunch of Ignorant Buffoon Who Voted for Obama?

The people on the left can only characterize us as a bunch of ignorant buffoons. Why do I say this?  Read on,
Why do I vote Republican?  I vote Republican because I have not found a democrat  worth my vote in the past 20 years.  And  because I haven’t found a democrat  that actually follows through with their campaign promises, seems 100% trustworthy, and actually seems to have my best interests at heart – and the best interests of every hard-working, decent, “legal” citizen in my town/county/state/country. The democratic party  has been increasingly looking the same with sandals, bribes, giving ‘hand-outs’ to the LAZY (I didn’t say the deserving: elderly; legitimately incapacitated in some way, people; or innocent children; etc…) There’s people who abuse the system all over the place and, frankly, I’m tired of working hard/balancing my personal budgetto live ‘within my means’, and ONLY having children that I can emotionally/spiritually/mentally /physically/and FINANCIALLY support. I respect myself, my family & friends, my home/yard, neighborhood, etc…and I’m SICK and TIRED of those who don’t. And that is the only kind of candidates I have found to be my representing the democratic party these days.

Voting for the lesser of two evils in the Democratic party is still voting for evil. All the democrats offer me a refuge for failed classless and lying clowns.
So with that being said, why was this Failure re-elected?
Would you trust your investments to a stock broker who has a record of consistent failure in the stock market and squandering the investors’ money on his personal interests and himself? Would you trust a a surgeon who has lost his last 5 patients, to operate on you?  Then why would you vote for Barack Obama?  Yes, mistakes happen, but when someone has a track record, isn’t that saying something?

So what can we expect now from this Lame Duck President?  We can expect grid-lock that’s what!  We can expect a president who will be exceptional angry at those who warned him about the consequences of ignoring the will of the American public.  He can also expect that the Republicans are going to do whatever they can to make sure that we do not have another Liberal President elected for the next 12 years or more! I think that he already knows that, and I also think that he don’t give a rats ass about his party, he is only concerned with himself.
So until someone in the spineless, gutless, Democratic party comes up with a candidate who shows signs of being the kind of American President that we saw in the days of my Father, instead of who we have in that party today People like scumbag ass-kissing Chuck Schumer and that idiot assbag flake Al Franken, Joe Biden, and Maxine Waters, Barbara Boxer, Eric Holder, Rahm Emanuel,   or Hillary Clinton who so conveniently gets a concussion a week before she is to testify. Nancy  “We have to pass it, to know what’s in it.” Pelosi.
And their followers, like Screwie Louie Farrakhan, Rev. Wright, Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson,Cynthia  McKinney  and Jimmy" Hoffa. 

I will never vote Democratic, NEVER. The Obama administration is like a very, very bad dream

And they all said that Bush was ignorant! 

Friday, December 28, 2012

Oh,The Hypocrisy

Barbara Walters Interviews The Obama’s But Has No Questions to Ask About The Country, The Americans Murdered In Benghazi, The “ Financial Cliff,” or Anything Political At All!  But She Did Ask About  The Family Dog Bo....
So one of the most successful interviewers of the day finds it more important to ask about the First Family's Dog that ANY of the topics I've listed above. Oh,The Hypocrisy.  It must be great to be a Messiah, and get away with answering any hard-ball questions. Good Lord, is this what the American Press has come to?
Isn't it amazing how these Libshits can think of such tough questions!
And this is want "Time" considers to be the "person" of the year.Or better yet a "Nobel Prize" winner!
This is the most Pathetic interview ever imagined. 
With the country biting their finger nails over the "fiscal cliff"  just days away from when this interview  took place, Babs couldn't find even ONE  questions on any matter of political significance. Ah, but she did find time to discuss the family's dog Bo, asking the First Wookie "Does he follow you around all day?" and "What is Bo getting for Christmas?"  So there!  You see she did ask some questions of importance! 
But this is exactly what the Main Stream Media does and has been doing since day one of this Clown's presidency. The Lame-stream Media would never ask questions with any substance at all, just sugar coating every interview this guy faces, and continues to give him more, and more Free Passes!
It's a wonder that Babs didn't ask the First Wookie that she's having for Christmas dinner.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Were American Democrats, Progressive's, Liberals, And The Rest Of The Suckers Duped, Fooled and Lied To By Democratic Politicians And Especially Obama!

Were American's  Duped, Fooled and Lied To By Democratic Politicians And Especially Obama?
Yes, Barack Obama won re-election, but already we´re finding out things that were kept from us during the campaign. And as sure as we can expect The First Moocher to be basking in the Sunshine of the World's Greatest Beaches, we are going to be hearing more, and more about Obama's scandels in the coming months. 
But will anything bother the Obamamainaics? 
Who so willingly drank the Hussein brand of Kool-Aid. Many of us were not fooled or duped by Hussein Regime or the Democrat Party.  Most of us never believed the hype thrown at us by the Lame Stream Media.
But those lefties who worshiped the King of Kenya, and the Queen of Organic Tofu bought it all and lapped it up.
Those simple-minded, dumbed-down, un-aware, dope-smoking, self-absorbed, Liberal media-influenced, celebrity-obsessed, food-Stamp grabbing, Kool-Aid drinking, entitlement-addicts, uninformed, government-dependent, Obamaphone grabbing zombies, as well as the gullible, white guilt-ridden racists, Birkenstock-wearing, David Letterman influenced idiots, bottled-water-drinking, Politically Correct Occupiers, who made up the base of the Obama/Biden administration who are made up of Marxists, Socialist, Communists, and Morons put this obamanation back in office. And are soon to see their taxes (those of them who pay taxes), go as high as the Space Shuttle that Obama canceled.  Most of these numb-skulls don’t even know where Benghazi is, let alone understand what happened there.
After changing their story God only know how many times, the White House finally conceded the raid on the U.S. consulate that resulted to FOUR Americans deaths was a planned attack linked to al-Qaida, as per information released by national intelligence agencies. 
And thank God this admission resulted to the resignation Susan Rice’s bid for Secretory of State
Yes, those who drank the
Bahama Mama flavored kool-aid, those blind and/or stupid morons who voted and for him were duped, fooled,and lied to and come January we all are going to suffer...
In January everyone who is currently paying at the 10% rate will jump to a 15% rate.
The taxes that Obamacare itself will impose on the middle class will have the largest tax increase in the history of our nation, not to mention all the other tax increases, such as the 8 percent increase in the Capital Gains tax, and the new and expensive government programs he wants to start.  But lets face it, the Lazy Bums
and dysfunctional morons who hang out at the corner Convenience Store, doesn't have any Capital Gains!

 Welcome to the new America comrade! But will they care? No, I don't think so.  I think that they are so excited just thinking about what Rapper, and Obama's Gang Leader pals will be will be at Obama's inauguration party on Jan. 20th,  that they are in another world.   As for me,  I'm so anxious to see that Moocheel's $98.00 dress that she bought from Target looks like, that I don't give a hoot about anything else. 

Yes, the Democrat's and the Press have been lying to the People for four years. The biggest lie is that taxes wońt go up and big government will care for you better than you could. By this time next month, people will begin to learn the hard way, when even more lose jobs, everyone pays more taxes, and the free healthcare doesn't develop
No, these ding-bats didn't want to believe it when Romney spelled it all out for them. 
Mitt Romney had the unfair advantage in the debates, not only did he have to win the debates but he had the unfair advantage of knowing what he was talking about, something that the Liberals didn't understand. 
Obama never had a job and knows nothing about job creation...as far as jobs for people who need jobs, yes, he creates jobs,  he creates them in his administration for his cronies. 
Will we ever see those lies exposed in the Main Stream Media? Of course not! These phony bastards are and always have been in Obama's pocket. 
No one can’t deny that the Lame Stream Liberal Media, the Lame Stream TV late night talk show hosts, such as David Letterman, The View and other douche bags who interviewed him like Chris Mathews and threw him softball questioners played a major role in getting him elected…Twice!
And these same people never even once had the balls to question that fabricated story to cover-up the murders of four Americans in Libya, or even bothered to try to expose the truth.  But rather contributed to the fabrication by backing the story told by our UN Ambassador and Madam Thighness Hillary Clinton. And the same people who vilified Richard Nixon for the Watergate cover-up. How can anyone have any respect what-so-ever for those so-called Americans who gave support and voted for Obama when they had the opportunity to finally get rid of that idiot-in-chief . They are worthless sheep.  It makes me wonder how anyone who understands the economy and worries about their future and their children's future could have cast their vote for this man. It just doesn’t make any sense

And anyone that doesn’t believe that the mainstream media has an agenda needs to have their head examined. But most if not all liberals are still dumb enough to believe their crap.

This is what we get when a liberal controlled media and a Socialist "liar in chief" President who will say anything to get re-elected. But you can bet your last dollar that Barack Hussein Obama will go down in history as for being the con artist that he is.   And that  he has not only conned so many Americans, but much of the world as well, into thinking he is the "Second Coming" and that his ambitions to transform our country into  a Socialist Nation will fail. 

And to add to the misery, we now are going to have John Commie Kerry (the winner of the Golden Douche Bag of the Year Award) as our Secretary of State. Did anyone really expects anything better coming from this Socialist dictatorship. No, in fact Kerry fits in perfectly..

Thursday, December 13, 2012

When Will This Obamboozler Start Acting Like A President?

 "I Won, Now Deal With It"
Throughout this entire "Mess", the North Korean Satellite Launch, the Fiscal Cliff, the Terrorist attack in Benghazi, and the country more divided than any other time in decades. Our Dear Leader Barack Hussein Obama, Our Party Animal In Chief has managed to squeeze in three rounds of golf, go to several Parties, shoot several Photo-Ops,  but has not been able to find the time to met face-to-face more than once with John Boehner, the man with whom he is trying to strike a deal on taxes and spending that could prevent another recession and send this country into a Fiscal Tail Spin.. With the deadline for going over the “Fiscal Cliff” less than three weeks away, this boob schedule  is filled with everything but anything that may in fact do American some good and act like a responsible leader. As you and I have said many rimes before, the problem is not Obama, the problem is the irresponsible, ignorant, leftist idiots that voted for him!  Find it to be mind boggling?  Well nothing has changed from the Obamboozler's past 4 failed years, why should anyone expect anything different? 
And if that isn't enough, this morning I read that Chelsea Clinton is getting ready to run for  Political Office.I think that's even worse than
Crazy Uncle Joe gonna to put y'all back in chains.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Aid for Super-Storm Sandy Victims

As you know, America is the first country to send aid when other countries are in trouble.

It is highly appropriate that we now send THANKS to all of the countries that reciprocated for our help with their disasters, misgivings, social turmoil, and poverty by sending monetary and physical help to America when Sandy ravaged our East Coast leaving dead, homelessness, and pure disaster.

Listed below are all the Countries and World Organizations that are giving us gracious assistance. Please assist in thanking these entities by passing on this email so people all over America can join in and THANK our neighbors, whom we have assisted with BILLIONS!!!!

List of countries that helped us in our time of need:

1 . Israel




Maybe now Americans will realize that charity begins at home. With millions

of our people in need and in poverty, let's save our money and spend it

at home instead of sending it to Egypt, Libya, Pakistan, etc...

Staten Island, Queens, New Jersey, and parts of New York and Connecticut

would gladly thank America if we spent the billions there...

Where's the Coverage? Israelis Help Hurricane Sandy Victims 

On October 29, "Super-Storm Sandy" made landfall on the eastern coast of the United States. The storm destroyed thousands of homes, left millions without electric power, heat or hot water, and killed over a hundred. Gasoline, food and other necessities remain in short supply, particularly in some of the hardest hit areas of New York and New Jersey.

Given that Israel is often the country first on the scene with aid at major natural disasters, it should be no surprise to learn that various Israeli non-governmental organizations (NGOs) were working to bring relief to victims and supplies to emergency workers in New York and New Jersey. Except you wouldn't learn it from most of the popular press.

According to the Israeli Foreign Ministry, a delegation of about a dozen trained rescue volunteers fromIsraAID is leaving Israel headed for the devastated areas of New York's Long Island and the New Jersey shore. Leading the group is Shahar Zahavi, who oversaw relief work in Haiti in the wake of the 2010 earthquake.

In addition, affiliated NGOs Israel Flying Aid and Israeli Humanitarian Aid-Latet, ("latet" means "to give" in Hebrew) were already at work. "We have been responsible for making fuel deliveries to hospitals in New Jersey, and going directly down to the South Shore of Long Island and delivering generators, food and providing other essential equipment and supplies," says Ra'anana resident and volunteer Joel Leyden. "We're talking about devastation close to a nuclear bomb having gone off, with hundreds of homes completely leveled and thousands of people without electricity, without food, without water, without shelter."

Residents and those working in the area have been happy to see the Israelis. Dr. Jason Mallin, who normally practices neurology at North Shore University Hospital but was volunteering with the Nassau County Department of Health, said, "We read about Israel and the great work you did in Haiti. We have thousands here that need you. It's awesome that you are here!"

Only The Wall Street Journal picked up an Associated Press brief mentioning this news. The story was also covered in more depth by some in the Jewish press.

Other than that, this news has been  ignored. Though Sandy wreaked havoc on their readership, neither The New York Times nor the New Jersey newspapers gave any space to a story about Israelis traveling half-way around the globe to help hurting Americans, instead deeming it more important to their readers to inform them about internal Israeli politics, Scientology attempting to make inroads in Israel and an Israeli film festival.

Given that hundreds of thousands are still suffering, you’d think it would be helpful to them to know that Israel was there to help. But… Where's the coverage?
From Haiti, Japan and Turkey to New York, South Sudan and Indonesia,

Israel has provided humanitarian aid around the world.

Israel provides search, rescue and medical teams when disaster strikes civilians.

Israel is there 24/7 as a global partner for peace, democracy and humanitarian aid.
 The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Jingle Bell Shock

Barack Obama will attend Gangnam Style
concert despite rapper´s anti-American protests!

But why are we surprised!

This only goes to confirm what I always believed... Obama is the worst President in America's history. 


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Late Breaking News!

President Barack Obama issued a direct warning to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Monday over that country's stockpiles of chemical weapons, warning their use "would be totally unacceptable," and vowing there would be consequences if such weapons were used!

I have two words to day about this!

 YEAH, Right! 
Assad must be shaking in his boots.

I doubt very seriously if any of these tyrants are  impressed with any threats coming from a little chicken-shit pipsqueak like Obama!