Well, all I can say is, welcome to Obamacare, where we reward those who break the laws, and pay NO taxes, and screw those of us who abide by the law, who pay our taxes and work for a living and have to pay for those who shouldn’t be here in the first place and those who feel “entitled”, like illegals who come through the back door into our country and who 1/2 of them are Obama's relatives.
We are already paying for their medical care! County Hospitals have to take in and treat anyone, regardless of whether or not they will pay. And whether or not they are illegals!

All I know is that when I or any member of my family go to a Doctor or to the Hospital I pay for it.. But not the illegals they send the bill to Obama and I wind up paying for them as well.

Why do you think you pay 20 bucks for an aspirin in a Hospital, it's because you are paying for the BUM'S and the illegals who don't pay anything.