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Monday, December 29, 2014

Thousands of New York Cops Turn Their Backs on Progressive Mayor Bill Di Blasoi, for the Second Time!

My deepest Condolences and Prayers to the family of the slain Brooklyn Police Officer Wenjian Liu, as well as the families of Officer Rafael Ramos the New York police hero who lost his life this past week as the two Offerices sat in their squad car..
I personally feel that Obama, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder, and that progressive scum Mayor Bill Di Blasio, who started this by giving the protesters his  support to the wave of protests triggered by the two black men's deaths in New York and Ferguson, Missouri, and has said that he talked to his bi-racial son, Dante, about interacting with police.  They all share responsibility for this Murderous act. And I hope that these worms remember this for the rest of their pathetic lives.
While Obama plays Golf in Hawaii, and the Black thugs are running wild in the streets, looting and destroying things and property, the families of these Murdered Police officers are mourning.
I support the Police Officers who turned their backs when the Mayor spoke yesterday.
Di Blasio did a great job of dividing and taking the side of the rioting, looting animals, and made a bad situation even worse, and for that I think he owes the entire Police force an apology for spreading hate and causing deaths.
Remember that folks, the next time that you go into the voting booths.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Comrade Bill de Blasio

New York's Mayor, Comrade de Blasio has again spit in the face of New York Cities cops by using the word “allegedly’’ to describe the vicious mob attack on two New York City Police Lieutenants!
Bill de Blasio, was called a 'total nincompoop' by the President of the Sergeants Benevolent Association, for his handling of the situation. after he used the word “allegedly”  to describe a mob assault by protesters on two police lieutenants.

NYPD top brass are furious at de Blasio's implication that the beating may not have happened, claiming no such skepticism is ever shown when officers are accused of violence against civilians. De Blasio has been calling these protesters “peaceful since day one and has never used the word “violent” although many acts of violence has happened on an almost daily basis.

He made the remarks after the two officers were assaulted  by protesters during a demonstration on Brooklyn Bridge against recent police killings. The two Police Lieutenants were punched and kicked in their faces and heads when they went to arrest a professor when he tried to throw a garbage can on other cops from the upper level of the bridge.
Once again DeBlasio's like Sharpton, went to great lengths to praise the protesters' 'peaceful' behavior
Personally, I think that he IS A “total nincompoop” for calling this “Incident “alleged”  They were punched and kicked in the heads, sending them to the HOSPITAL  needing instant medical attention. What part of that is “alleged”?

And personally I think that Liberals, especially Progressives Liberals, ARE DEFINITELY are GENUINELY NINCOMPOOPS!

New York City has once again screwed up big time, by electing another Leftist Idiot to the Top Position of the City, as they did in the presidential election. .

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Will Obama Deal With Iran ?

In an attempt to gain Iran as an ally against ISIS and push for a nuclear deal,  Obama has been secretly writing to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to make exactly just this kind of deal.
Is Obama ready to make deal with Iran?  Hummm, that is the Million dollar question.
America historically, for as long as I can remember does not to deal, negotiate, or  compromise in any way with people who have expressed in any way their intentions to kill you, or your people. .By doing exactly this with Iran, the same Iran who’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei called for the death of all Jews and the destruction of Israel. Obama has put the security of the United States,, Israel, and all other peace loving nations at risk!
By this I mean the following... We have just recently learned that President Obama, our dear Leader, the same President Obama who had received 75 percent of the american Jews vote, has been secretly writing to the current Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, in an effort to get his blessing for a deal.
Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, called America “THE GREAT SATAN” and expressed that it was his goal to kill all Jews and to completely destroy Israel  This insane “goal” of his is being ignored by President Obama who should be troubled by such a fantasy. Unless of course he doesn’t fing that “goal” to be disturbing.
But the news is not all bad, the good news is that the political leaders of a soon to be  Republican Congress will be taking power in January and they have made it clear that they will not permit Obama to sign off on a such a deal with Iran.
Unlike Ronald Reagan and even Clinton, Obama is in NO way a politician.  He's a narcissistic Community Organizer that believes everyone else is the fool but him.  However, the problem is that he hasn't looked in the mirror in ten years

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!


The Un-answered Questions About Benghazi


The Lies, the Fabrications, and the Cover-Up is all they have left.

In regard to the UN-answered questions about Benghazi, are we going to just forget about them? Are we going to press the issue until these UN-answered questions ARE answered?  Or are we going to allow the Libs to say, "Time to Move On"?
There are so many UN-answered question to be answered that it is simply shameful.  Where is the outrage from the families?  Why aren’t they in the public limelight every day demanding answers?  Is there something that I missed?
Did Obama aided and abetted by Hilary Clinton, and Susan Rice, cover this thing up so masterfully, that it’s simply going to get swept away in the night like so many other UN-answered questions?
There is so much more to this story that we haven´t heard that I find it shocking that it's not in the headlines of the news every day.
However he's not going to tell us anything that's going to fly, you can bet on that.
If those four murders happen when there was a Republican in the white house then they keep up the pressure to want to know why, and they would not stop asking the important questions until they were satisfied with the answers. . But when there is a Democrat and especial a black liberal  in the white house it gets put in the “Sweep it Under the Rug Mode".
It’s high time that they put the pressure on these 3 incompetent liars and get some real answers.  But you and I already know it’s never going to happen. So lets just close the door and shut the lights and go home.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Will The Real Hillary Clinton Please Stand Up!

The real danger to America is not Barack Hussain Obama but the citizenry who will vote and trust another leftist, Socialist, lying, conniving, immoral, individual like him with the Presidency.
Considering all those on the political scene today, Hillary ranks up there with Obama, Al Sharpton, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Harry Reid, Al Gore, and even that Dumb-Ass Joe Biden.  And all the others who make me want to vomit when listening to anything that they say. I try my very best to avoid them like the Plague or Ebola..Is she planning another run for the Presidency?  Well just take notice how she's distancing herself from Obama, isn’t that a good sign..
So if she does run, let us never forget who Hillary Clinton really is.   Let’s never forget what she did and what she said regarding Benghazi.  Hillary Clinton, aka as Her Thighness, is an outrageous liar, she lied about her and her lying Daughter being “Under Sniper Fire” in Bosnia, while she was really busy with photo Ops with a little Bosnian Girl. Saying and I quote “ I remember landing under sniper fire”  She lied to the face of the parents of the dead Benghazi victims at the airport when she was right in front of their coffins.
And like Barack Obama, she can't figure out where she stands on gay marriage until she figures out who is asking and who is the room listening, in other words, she will lie like her husband and her last boss to trick people into voting for her. Blaming all the failures and foolish policies on the Liar in Chief.
The truth is that Hillary Clinton’s past is full of scandals and lies.  Sound familia? Do we really want another LIAR in the While House?
Hillary Clinton is a Female Dracula!  And I hesitate in using the word “Female”

How stupid do the Politicians of this country think that we are to seriously risk handing over the Highest Office in the land to Hillary Rodham Clinton after Obama's disastrous two terms
You just can’t tell me that SHE’S the best that we’ve got! Where are all of our real American’s? Where is the press? Surely there are true Americans somewhere in power that are better that this Fake, Fraud, Phoney, depraved woman!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Obama Sends 3000 Marines to Libya in The Middle of a Deadly Disease

What pisses me off is that Obama is sending 3000 Marines to Libya for what?  To help fight this thing?
These Marines enlisted into the service to protect OUR country for the enemy, from terrorists, and such, not to put themselves in danger of catching the Ebola virus! Why in the world would we send 3,000 troops into the middle of the Ebola epidemic?   He won’t send “Boots on the Ground” to fight ISSI, but he will where they can be exposed to this dreaded disease, This man is  totally incompetent
It’s like sending sheep to the slaughter they are being sent by Obama, the Traitor in Chief.
Since when are the marines suppose to be a Florence Nightingale?   Why should these people be exposed to this dreaded disease, and what will happen when they get back?  Will they spread it to their loved ones?  Or will they even come back?
That's NOT what Marines are for!  This is insane. Our Marines don't belong there. This President is a so inept that if it wasn’t so sad, it would be a joke.  Why isn't he sending ACORN over there?  Or some of his community organizer friends?

Monday, September 22, 2014

Here We Go Again.

Well here it comes again, it’s once again time for the bunch of Third World frauds as well as the same old bunch of Liberals, Progressives, and you can count the other several thousands brainless Zombies who will participate in a nonsensical Climate March, that will upset, and possibly CLOSE-DOWN  Wall Street and tie-up  the rest of New York City.   And you can expect to see the world leaders who will do the same at the UN Climate Summit today and the rest of this week. I’d like to know if there anyone who seriously believes that humans have any impact or control over the climate? Or even the weather, as these koolaide drinking hair brained Zombies tell us all over their propaganda ridden blogs, along with these leftist Hollywood Hypocrites, who ride around in their private Jets and have stables of 15 huge luxury SUV's and/or Exotic Sports Cars?  Or our President and his Wife who takes all these separate Vacations along with the large entourage of servants, secret service people, and friends.
Let, me make my opinion very clear here, I think that any elected politician who believes the fabricated delusional hypocrisy of global warming is literally unfit for office.
And how many of us know that our dear leader has his own personal trainer fly  out toWashington. every week, in a Private Jet?
Yes, in utter contempt for the intelligence of people here in the United States and around the rest of the world, a Climate Change Summit will be held on Tuesday, September 23rd, by the United Nations, the source of decades of lies about “global warming” and since the Earth has not warmed in the past 19 years, and since the  the new name “climate change.”

Yes, my friends numerous Green Groups have been making plans to come to New York to participate in this march and try to preach their insanity to the rest of us.  This so called “Green Smit” will get together and tell the billions of big business people all over the world the greatest of lies ever portrayed to the world.
These people include people who are the average schmuck on the street, to the self-absorbed, power hungry politicians like Nancy Pelosi and company. And of course groups the likes of Friends of the Earth, the Sierra Club, and Women’s Earth and Climate Action who will be Ignoring the findings of science, but feast on the words of Ass-Wipes like Al Gore.

The days and weeks ahead will be filled world wide imbeciles like our dear leader, President Obama who  has been trying to convince Americans that climate change is a greater threat to the world than the emergence of the radical Islamic State (ISIS), or as Obama calls them, ISIL that stands for the Islamic State of Iraq that has seized a vast amount of land in Syria and Iraq, and who has BE-HEADED two Americans and a British innocent civilian. .

Maybe we should just toss out our outdated constitution and turn over all of our taxes and authority over the environment to the wonderful people that are running  the UN, maybe, just maybe they can do something about the climate since they can’t seem to do anything  about terrorism, and by the way, it seems that our Dear Leader can’t either.

But don't just take my word for it, why not take a look at the list of participants and Scientists who were NOT invited the 2014 UN Climate Summit who wanted to come but were shut out!.. I guess that their Science didn't fit the findings of the frauds who were invited to the UN.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Heres The Problem!

Should the National Football League be involved in a  player personal conduct?
In the past few weeks, we have seen how domestic violence now seems to be the football league's No. 1 off the field issue. The point is, should they or shouldn’t they be involved with the players personal -off field life?
Well, if you think that they shouldn't be, I say ARE YOU KIDDING ME? 
We saw Adrian Peterson facing a Child Abuse Charge, for whipping his 4 year old son with a Tree branch. Ray Rice, was released by the Baltimore Ravens after the release of a video of Rice punching his fiancé unconscious and dragging her out of an elevator at the Revel Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City
The original punishment was to suspend Rice for 2 games, but since a 2nd tape was revealed showing
The punch knocking his “wife” off her feet and smashing her head on the elevator hand rail ... knocking her out cold, and when the door opened, he drags her out onto the hotel floor. And the outcry about the NFL Commissioners light punishment, he punishment was adjusted to  Indefinitely, after initially giving him a two-game ban. It also led the N.F.L. to order an outside investigation into how league officials investigated the case.
So my question is, if the NFL should not get involved with off-field issue’s, and not punish these Thugs for things such as Child Abuse, and Domestic Violence, why should the NBA have gotten involved with
Donald Sterling, a Team’s Owner having a “Private” conversation in his own home on his own telephone and punish him by TAKING HIS TEAM AWAY AND FINING HIM MILLIONS OF DOLLARS?
This was stickily a case of his arguing on the phone with is “Girlfriend” who was ILLEGALLY taping the conversation!.  There is no basis for stripping him of his own team, and his livelihood because of his racist statements were ILLEGALLY recorded during a quarrel in which he was clearly deeply upset.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Benghazi, And The Spin Goes On..

Are you sick and damn tired of being lied to by our President and his bunch of crooked cronies yet? My guess is no!! ... because frankly I have rub completely out of any   patience that i may have had left with our lying, covering ups,, bunch of liberals who are running this country (into the ground).!  A interview was aired last night which should convince the nieve bunch of American citizens, who still believe in the “Tooth Fairy”, “Unicorns” and “Gentle Teen-age Giants” once and for all that their government, and it’s leader  is not telling the truth about what happened in Benghazi. Libya two years ago. that has been obvious to many of us for the past two years. And most importantly what should be done about it. This is not a storu that should nor is going to go away! People died and Obama lied about Benghazi. We are into a cover-up of a cover-up of a cover-up and the left continues to whine about the unfairness of wanting to get to the bottom of the murders of an Ambassador, two Navy Seals and a embassy worker. The world is upside down in the liberal mind. We CAN NOT take murder and the inability of our military to protect our people to lightly, and this administration does, and I am offended by it.  Just as I am offended by our President telling the world that “"WE don't yet have a “STRATEGY"!
Is this our newest method of intelligence? Is this our newest foreign policy?  Telling our enemy that we still don’t have any plans as to handle the barbarians, savages who are be-heading our Citizens?
And is this the way our lefties support the dopes who are doing this idiotic thing? You always can tell when the radical left, knows that they are wrong and that they are in deep doo-doo. They lose their cool and start changing the subject to something ,anything stupid like what Ronald Reagan did 25 years ago, or how many vacations George Bush took, or Paula Dean, Climate Control, and the one I like most is George Bush Political Cartoons !
It’s been 2 years since Hillary Klinton, and Susan Rise, and Obama and the rest of their  goons finally admitted it was "terrorists" that killed 4 Americans in Benghazi, Libya on 9-11-12, we would think that  they would've arrested them or killed them by now.
What's holding them back?  Why haven’t these terrorists been arrested and “brought to Justice “?  Like Obama told us they would? Did Hillary include that chapter in her “Hot” selling book?  Or was that to much of a "Hard Choice"
No wonder why the left want the Benghazi Scandal buried.   But i don’t!
But Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is still sticking with old school liberal thinking?  If you tell a lie often enough, people will believe it's the truth!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

President Barack Obama Vowed to "Degrade and Destroy"

Yes, President Barack Obama Vowed to "Degrade and Destroy"!  Well, I for one am still waiting!

We real American citizens must keep ourselves and our children aware that these radical idiots are all around us, in our neighborhoods, our schools, and possibly living right next door to us.
We tell our children there are no such things as monsters, we tell them not to talk to strangers, but these people are not always strangers. So I guess that we are lying to them.

We say to ourselves that people just can’t be as horrible and grotesque as we read in the newspapers and see on TV, but we are lying to ourselves, knowing full well that they can be and that they can look just like us.

And then these unbelievably terrorist’s like Ali Muhammad Brown and his ISIS Army of sick and evil cohorts rise up again to remind mankind just how depraved a human can be.
Folks, there is a war going on, not between one country and another, but between Good and Evil.

This man is proof of that there is EVIL people that want to harm and destroy us. And let us not forget that we have seen this before. Yes, unfortunately we have seen these atrocities before. We saw this when Adolf Hitler rose to power, we saw this on September the 11th 2001, and we are seeing it again right now. But unfortunately, our Dear Leader Mr. Obama is not able to handle these monsters, either he don’t have the know how, or he is to much of a coward to rise up to the situation and do what has to be done, What MUST BE DONE, before it’s too late. The destruction of ISIS is imperative, and Obama has to lead to way or get out of the way!  Obama's foreign policy. It's pretty clear, it’s like he said himself, "We DON'T have ANY strategy yet"!  Where the heck did he come up with that? Since when do we tell anything like that to our enemy?
We don’t have the time for On the Job training.
Obama thinks that he must defeat America's enemies....not ISIS but the Republican Party! The Domestic Terrorists! God Help Us.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Michael Brown “was” a Criminal and a Thug, and NOT a Gentle Giant!

Lets not make any mistakes about it, Michael Brown “was” a Criminal and a Thug,
he wasn’t at all, no matter how these Liberals try to change the facts the “Gentle Giant” and the upstanding, unarmed-teen, citizen that these PC  irresponsible people on the Left have claimed him to be.  And the following rioting, bloodshed and the stealing and looting continue in Ferguson, Missouri, is evidence of what these lunatic opportunist are. 
And the Police Officer Darren Wilson was not the Killer that the Black Community (Al Sharpton is making him out to be.
The Gentle Giant Brown who was a 6' 5". 300 lb man not a “Teen” who had just committed a robbery, so lets not make him out to be some innocent little Teenage like they portrayed Trayvon Martin when they used a 12w year old photograph to sow how cute and sweet he was. .

Thursday, August 21, 2014

As World Chaos Continues, Obama Retreats to Play Golf at Martha's Vineyard

So, our “Great Leader” President Obama returned to play Golf  at his vacation home at Martha’s Vineyard after briefly interrupting his vacation for a 5 minute speech !  inThen quickly changed his cloths and returned to play a  5-hour golf game on  Martha’s Vineyard after his 5-minute ISIS speech.  He rushed back and teed off IMMEDIATELY after condemning American photojournalist James Foley's executioner “Obama was on the golf course within ten minutes of wrapping up his somber yet brief remarks on Wednesday.
The vacationing commander-in-chief played 18 holes with former NBA star Alonzo Mourning and two business pals
Twitter exploded and commentators from Fox and ABC tore into Obama for appearing insensitive and 'stupid'
New York Times published headline gaffe, titling story 'Obama Outraged Over Beheading, Vows to Stay on Course'
Former President George W. Bush declined comment
Obama was pilloried last week for golfing during the funeral of a 2-star general and partying as Ferguson, Missouri descended into race-riots"
So as our citizens are being Be-Headed by the filthy Islamic’s  and the country is in racial  turmoil and chaos, President Obama is playing Golf vacation at Martha’s Vineyard We have a president that doesn?t know right from wrong....  All he knows is that George Bush was wrong...  And Rome continues to burn. How nice!
True to character, or lack of it, Obama returned to play gold with his buddy and former Basketball star at Martha’s Vineyard IMMEDIATELY upon his return to the Island.
I guess that his message to these TERRORISTS was that he really didn’t give a crap!

So here’s the solution, NEVER vote for any of these filthy Liberal-progressives again!  Period.

As for what’s going on at home with the riots in Ferguson as well as “The Reverend” Al Sharpton’s promise to lead a parade of THUGS across the Bridge in Staten Island, NY
Over the last week there have been several shooting deaths in Chicago, Detroit and NYC, all were minority on minority motivated...
Does anyone know why doesn't Obama, Holder and the rest of the idiots over at the DOJ look into these shootings?
You don't suppose it's because they were indeed minority on minority actions and they don't garner the headlines that a RACIST President and his RACIST regime would concern themselves with now do you?.... And we wonder why the rest of the world is losing respect for America?  Well Obama told the rest of the world that America was TOO ARROGANT, so what did we expect!
 Obama (left) bumped fists after a putt on Wednesday, sharing a jubilant moment with Cyrus Walker (R) and Glenn Hutchins (C) while playing a round of golf that began just minutes after his firm declaration of American resolve against ISIS

Friday, August 8, 2014

40 Years Ago Today!

Today is the 40th Anniversary of the Nixon Resignation, and it seems as it was only yesterday when this and so many other events that shaped America happened. the assassination of John Kennedy, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landing on the Moon, the Korean War, Vietnam, the Oklahoma City Bombing, Hurricane Katrina, and the Death of Elvis Presley and  Michael Jackson.  But lets no forget the one that I consider one of the most famous, President Reagan's famous '"Herr Gorbachev, Tear down this Wall" speech!
Yes, it was forty years ago today when Richard Nixon resigned the office of President, he was the first and only President to do so.
Nixon's knowledge of history and foreign affairs also gave him a sense of honor, dignity and morality. He resigned because of those qualities. Something that our current president lacks, and seems more interested in rewriting history than honoring it. No Nixon was not perfect, in fact he was far from it. but he was a politician who loved his country and wanted to do whatever was best for it.
And lets not EVER FORGET hat happened on September the 11th 2001! When Four MUSLIM Hijackers launched coordinated terrorist attacks and rammed Jetliners maned by a MUSLIM terrorist group known as al-Qaeda upon the United States in New York City and collapsed  the World Trade Center and crashed into the Pentagon in  Washington, D.C., and followed by Present George W. Bush’s response by going to war with both Iraq and Afghanistan. And how so many if not ALL of the Lefties, Liberals, Democrats in America including in the Government called President all those names, such as Dumb, Stupid, a Cowboy etc. and etc. Well, I ask you, who’s the dumb one now? I’ll give you a hint, he’s our current White House resident.
Yes, American did have some really good and some Great President in the past, but that ended over five years ago, and yes, Nixon or Bush weren’t perfect but the both were American patriot’s who cared about our people and especially the military! Now we have had over five years under a Muslim sympathizer committed to destroying this Great country of ours!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Invasion of the Food Police!

Lets face the facts here, with the Presidents plate so full of scandals and monster laws like Illegal Immigration (illegal aliens), the madness at the Boarders, Obamacare, the IRS putting their 2 cents in where is doesn’t belong, Hamas and Israel, missing Airplanes, the breakdown of relations with Russia and the Ukraine and all those Edicts, and Executive power that Obama has imposed on Americans, that I call DICTATORIAL, not Presidential the ultimate question in my mind today is whether the government, especial the First lady should tell you what to eat! And even further yet enforce their views about it and make it the law! And in this guys opinion, the answer is no.
The government job should be to worry about foreign relations, the security of our nation, and helping negotiate issues between us, our allies and even our enemies, keeping things within the States in order as well as our infrastructure. such as
the roads and bridges, etc. etc. . It should not do anything else, as that is the job of the private sector...And as far as our eating habits, If a person wants to eat like a pig and be over weight or if a person wants to starve themselves, and be as thin or get fat as they want to that is their business. Now, I will understand if someone is harming themselves with food, and expect the taxpayer to pay for all is medical expenses. Well then, intervention may be necessary. But if he or she has private insurance, and want to eat themselves to death, then let them go for it.

NO ONE should tell me how much soda I can drink, or if it should be diet. soda or not, or what color my lunch should be. If I don’t want it to be GREEN, the let it be BROWN! This is still a free country and I don’t need anyone in the government to tell me differently. Especially some stupid FAT ASS.

I always thought we were a nation of diversity. That we were unique and different. And that we all have our own special needs, and desires, and that’s what make us free! . If that’s the case, then why are the rules set up for a one size fits all notion governed by the (White House)? Let’s face it, what may be fattening for one person, may barely satisfy another.

We the American people know what is best for ourselves. We don’t need any invasion from a NON-Elected person, or the Food Police to tell us differently. Or to tell us to eat veggie-burgers instead of Hamburgers. .
We don’t need any instructions from the dreams of our fathers, or their wives

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hey Obama, Stop Dumping These Invading Illegal Kids On Us!

Just why should we let these disease and lice ridden “Children” into this country? They are ILLEGAL!   What part of the word ILLEGAL don’t these bleeding heart Progressive imbeciles understand?  They aren't our responsibility so why should we the taxpayers of this country take on this burden ? Why should we, the taxpayers of America have to pay for kids from another country? No matter where this inept lying POS puts them, he knows damn well that they're gonna grow up to be another bunch welfare bums and vote for the party of handouts.  That's why he supports this invasion. Democrats turned the  blacks into welfare slaves and now they get 90- 95% of the black vote and they want to do the same with these Mexican, Colombian, and other Central American children who are crossing the border’s illegally!  They have already  estimated these “Kids” to be at 52,000, so far this year!  These children are minors and are the responsibility of the country they come from, and not ours.  Has anyone thought of the fact that they don't know the language they have to be cared for, schooled, given medical care, etc, etc, and etc. Drugs are flowing into our nation like a river, and no one asks any question as to how they got here?
Obama, wants to grant amnesty to everyone, just like his Aunt and Uncle and he wants the American people to pay the bills for Lawyers, Doctors, for Teachers, and everyone else.  So they can gain permanent residency and become more DumbaRats While Obama lays on a Beach somewhere...
I say load up these disease and lice ridden kids on a banana boat and send em back to wherever the hell they came from. They are not our responsibility.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Those Pesky Illegal Immigrant Kids

I heard that President Obama asked Massachusetts to shelter these illegal immigrant kids
I guess that 2 out of 3 Obama Lovers are getting new neighbors. I didn't vote for this inept, incompetent, gutless wonder, so I didn't get any in my State.  Thank God!
I say that we should send them all to all those wonderful spots where all the liberals go on their vacations, like the Hampton’s, Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard.  And  let them pay for them.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Nation of Immigrants? Really?

Are we really a nation of immigrants? Or is that a load of Hog-Wash we are being told by Dear Leader? We are being told by these Progressive-Liberals that we should be happy about the current immigrant invasion because after all AMERICA IS A MELTING POT! And after all, we ARE a “Nation of immigrants.”... Are we?  And if we are, should we be?
And why is it  that Mexico’s illegal immigration laws are so much tougher than ours?
The way that I see it, Immigration is all but destroying the American economy!  The invasion of America by illegal aliens in general but especially , this recent invasion by “Children, Kids or whatever else we are calling them” and soon to follow by their parents and the rest of their families at our borders, it is and will be hurting our country's economy, our education system will be so over loaded that it will be all bu useless, the same with our hospitals, throe in our food stamp-program, our welfare system , our housing, it will Increase crime, hurt Medicaid, decrease the  funds available for entitlements and therefor hurt the Obamaphone program,, the Michelle Obama free free lunches ,and even our environmental quality, and in fact, the very culture of the United States. And bring in foreign diseases, as we are already seeing. Increase gangs and drug users and drug runners. etc. etc. and ETC! Does  this make any sense?
And lets look at what the future will bring...Jobs that were usually assumed to be taken by high school kids for after-school work or summer jobs are now mostly held by illegal aliens as we see in fast-food restaurants, restaurant dishwashers, waiters, gardeners etc.. Our Hospitals are already going bankrupt because, of people not paying their bills.  As well as  they are giveing free medical care to non-citizens. Our Schools are overloaded and the cost of Free Lunches, teachers , books etc. is out of sight.
These people have no interest in becoming Americans, and lave no allegiance to the country that gives them all their benefits, they send their paychecks back to their native countries and they don’t pay any taxes here because the work off the books!
We don’t need Obama and his administration, or these Progressive/Commies to tell us any differently.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

To Sum It All Up.

It is simply depressing and beyond words that with ALL the crap-o-la going on the world, with ALL the sandals, after sandals, that are attributed to Obama and his totally INEPT administration (past and present) and that we have two and a half more years of endless streams of lies, after lies.  Not to mention (but I will)  the fact that with ALL this going on at home and in Iraq, Syria, Iran, and with the Obama continues to put all this aside and with Hamas, the Palestinian Terrorist organization kidnapping 3 young innocent boys one of who is an American. Coinciding with Obama’s Freeing the 5 most Dangerous Terrorists in the World, known as “Taliban Commanders” from Guantanamo Bay, for one lousy “Deserter”.   5 high ranking Taliban Terrorists, for 1 U.S. Deserter and Likely, a Traitor as well.
And in the midst of all this, Obama chooses to go on a Golf Outing followed by a fund-raising, a speech on climate change at a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Organization!

And all the Liberal’s can think about blogging about is Climate Change, and the Highway Lane Closures on the George Washington Bridge.. How much more damage can the Obama bunch inflict on the economy between now and the end of his second term

Obama is not fit to hold any office in America, especially the presidency!  And Michelle is  is too busy doing Jumping Jacks and eating Cheese Burgers to care.

And the media is too busy trying to tie Chris Christie to that Bridge sandal asking every question over and over again trying to get him involved with it as they just can’t seem to  believe he had nothing to do with it.  It seems as if this is the most  Major Crisis facing America today.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Bowe Bergdahl, Hero or Deserter?

Oh well, another week another new Obama scandal!  Only this time, Obama really screw thing up! Who would have thought that Obama could be the Laughing stock of the USA?  Including his own base!  Who would have thought I'm losing count.
Who would have thought that President Obama would have thought trading a scandal at all, so ok, I’ll give him that....
At first Obama thought how would a trade for a American held for 5 years for 5 crumby, scummy, Taliban Goat Herders could be a bad thing?
Who would have thought that Americans wouldn’t be sharing in Obama’s so called Victory lap of Freeing this lousy undeserving Punk?   OK, let us count the ways, we could start with the "birther" issue, but some won’t agree that was a “scandal”.

We certainly can list the IRS scandal, where  Obama targeted his political enemies, such as Conservative and Pro-Israel groups.   Pro-Israel groups?  Isn’t that being bias, against Jews” Hummm. 
The Justice Department performing a Associated Press Reporters’ phone record investigation.
The “Fast and Furious” scheme, that allowed weapons from the U.S. to simply “walk” across the border into the hands of Mexican drug dealers, which led to the killing of a Border Patrol Agent, and the perjury of Comrade, Eric Holder.
The Black Panthers going scot free after the voter intimidation case at a polling place in Philadelphia. When the Black Attorney General (Eric Holder) dropped the criminal case with NO voter intimidation case, and NO intimidating White voters were found, and NO one was going to be prosecuted! Sound bizarre?  I would think so!
And of course the biggie, the anti-Muslim video that let to the attack in Banghazi. Where Hillary Clinton, and Susan Rice came ot and LIED to the Faces of the entire country about what had happened there where an American Ambassador and  ex-SEALs were killed
And obama’s promise to “We’re going to go out and we’re going to prosecute the person that made that video,”

And then the  Obama's Veterans Affairs scandal!  You may say that was the most serious of all because 40 American Vet’s died waiting to see a doctor for months. And we are still seeing the effects of this one as they are still coming out with more and more details about it.  ...
BUT!  To have A DESERTER traded  for five of the worlds most dangerous terrorists!  At first Obama thought how would that be a bad thing?
Who would have thought that Americans wouldn’t be sharing in Obama’s so called Victory lap of Freeing this lousy undeserving Punk?
Given the collective anger over the exchange of five Taliban commanders for what appears to be a U.S. Army deserter, combined with the anger from the Veterans Administration scandal, one might be tempted to think that Obama would be impeached or would resign, but neither of those options will ever, ever, occur.  Not with this Egotistical, Narcissistic, president! .

He’s not leaving because he doesn’t care what Americans think and only cared when the issues involved his election and re-election. . He was, after all,. He doesn’t even care what the members of Congress think, or what the Constitution says. he just does whatever he pleases and uses executive orders  by working his way through federal agencies and departments.

He knows that his approval ratings can fall below 50 percent on any given day, but he has the stupidity of his liberals base accusing conservatives of being stupid, and racist, and he knows that the vast bulk of Americans are too busy trying to do whatever it takes to hold their families together, to hold onto their jobs, if they still have one, and that most do not spend much time paying attention to the issues.
On one more note!
 Hillary Clinton has NOW let it be known she did not favor releasing the Taliban commanders. However, when she was the “Secretary of State Hillary she was personally involved and in favor of swapping those  five Taliban Ass-holes for Bowe Bergdahl But she thought about the potential danger in the release of the prisoners just last week..

Should Hillary become the Democratic Party candidate for President, You can bet you last dollar that Hillary will put as much distance as possible between herself and Obama, as possible.Bowe Bergdahl, Hero or Deserter?
So, In My Opinion, I Would Say, Most Definitely A Lousy, Stinking Defector And Traitor.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

What Really Pisses ME Off

What really pisses ME off among MANY other things about this situation is the fact that nobody has made any mention about these hero's who died trying to find this SOB  deserter.
Here are their names, just in case anyone is interested.

PFC Matthew Michael Martinek
Staff Sgt. Kurt Robert Curtiss
SSG Clayton Bowen
PFC Morris Walker
SSG Michael Murphrey
2LT Darryn Andrews
But instead we see his Father wearing that HIDEOUS Taliban style beard and  praising Allah and promising more Gitmo detainees to be released! 

I would like to know what ever  happened to "we do not negotiate with terrorists."?  But now that we did and our President has set a precedent, look for more of Americans to be captured and held prisoner, so that Mr. Lair, Liar, Pants on Fire to make more of these swaps, for more Guantanamo prisoners, until Gitmo is empty and O’blabber can keep his promise and close it.. This whole situation is smelling worse by the day..

In the GOOD Ole Days a deserter would be put against the wall in front of a Firing Squad
But even if Bowe Bergdahl were to be convicted for desertion from his post prior to his “capture” by the Taliban nobody would even think him facing the death penalty.
I know that there are various penalties for varying definitions of desertion and or AWOL, and I understand that the death penalty is not even a consideration, and I’m ok with that, however, I would like to see this guy imprisoned for a long time for what he did. And I’m sick of hearing these Liberal’s pleading his case because of their love for Obama. Let it sink in to these Liberal’s sick minds that their Messiah has released five of the most dangerous terrorists in the world. And these lunatics are capable of doing anything.

Look. At. Yourselves, you selfish bastards, look at the disgusting think your Hero Obama has done. You all are morally bankrupt hypocrites, is this what this country has finally become?

Monday, June 2, 2014

Mr. Scandal-a-Week Is At It Again!

So Mr. scandal-a-week Obama has done it again! Everything that this president says and does is ugly and deceitful, and smell like crap! This time HE freed the 5 most dangerous Taliban commanders from Gitmo....So much for not negotiating with terrorists.  We have a very weak leader, who begs for the limelight without thinking about any of the consequences so this can be expected.  Yes, getting one of our men back is good of course, no one is arguing with that, BUT while that’s a good thing  the price was pretty damn high, we freed 5 of the most vicious Taliban commanders who were labeled “high risk” and Obama did this ALL on his own, never asking for Congress’s approval. Sure we ALL want to see an captured American freed, no question about it that we will see these terrorists back on the battle field killing Americans again!  THAT IS THE CONSEQUENCES.
And this is a man (Bergdahl)  who willingly walked away from his post, and according to US diplomatic cables, when his unit began searching for him that morning after he did not show up for roll call was said to have left his post and was captured.
 And was later quoted as saying "I am ashamed to even be an American."  (Sound Familiar?)
Anyway, this deal has already been made and the damage is done, and our so called Leader, the Moonbat Messiah will no doubly be taking a Victory Lap, or whatever the progressives are going to call it.  And now there are 5 flea bag scumbag terrorists Free to do their dirty work who are returned to the battle field once again. It’s really  that simple. 

I'm sorry BUT these circumstances surrounding Bergdahl's sudden release and exchange for 5 of the most dangerous and vicious Taliban Terrorists  remain to be very suspicious to me.  As for his original capture, there has been some who say that he that he willingly walked away from his unit, meaning that he could be charged with being absent without leave or in other words DESERTION.

And there is proof that Bergdahl was said to have told his parents that he was "Ashamed to Even be American."  Ashamed to Even be American?  This is coming from a United States Marine? 

No, Bergdahl is NOT a hero.
All this has happened in the wake of another one of Obama’s scandal’s, isn’t the timing interesting, could it be that this was all done to  this take the focus off of the Veterans Administration Scandal?  I wouldn’t put it past the LAIR in Chief at all.
And to release in exchange the guy who was “ashamed to be an American, our dear leader Barack Hussein Obama agreed to release five HIGH-LEVEL Afghan
highly dangerous and violent, dangerous, ruthless,  prisoners who are known to be the most dangerous detainees at Gitmo.   All this for one Deserter.  from the U.S. prison at Guantanamo. Is it any surprise this is the kind of person that Obama breaks every law for?

Good work Mr. president!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

My Daily Rant!

The nightly news reported that forty veterans died while waiting to receive care from a Veterans hospital in Phoenix , and that care that was denied because of trickery, deception, deceit, deceitfulness, dishonesty, deviousness, unscrupulousness, and underhandedness!! Forty Veterans may seem like a small amount of people in comparison to the numbers of Americans who will die from the implications of Obamacare. However if any of those Forty Veterans, may have been one of you or your husband, wife, brother, or sister or Father if WOULD be very important. So, lets face it, let’s call it like it is, let’s call a spade a spade! The fact remains that it’s the truth. The truth, IS the truth and there is NO other way about it, President Obama lied to us, he has told America some real whoppers about ObamaCare. However, he has been telling us nothing but lies about Obamacare, and now we can see, what we ALWAYS has feared about this misery called Obamacare! ObamaCare is a Miserable Failure, it isn't at all what is was cracked up to be. And "to put the icing on the cake" Obama repeatedly broke the presidential oath of office time after time by delaying or altering the law after it had been passed by Congress in 2009. He violated his oath to preserve the Constitution... He lied, and lied, and lied, and many of those some poor, dumb souls actually fell for it. And it wasn’t a white lie. It wasn’t a fib. It wasn’t a half truth. IT WAS A BOLD-FACED LIE. “If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. Period. If you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. Period. No one will take it away. No matter what.” That statement turned out to be a lie. Period. Last week I wrote a piece in my Church community newspaper asking if anyone had faced any hardships as a result of ObamaCare. The response was overwhelming. I received about a hundred replies – from small business owners, nurses, doctors, electricians, stay-at-home moms, and yes, even military personnel. Every single person said they had been adversely affected by President Obama’s signature legislation
I find it absolutely despicable that Mr. Obama, his administration and the elected officials who shoved this mandate down the throat of Americans are now giving THEMSELVES waivers. The president is also giving his friends waivers. Mr. Obama’s behavior mirrors that of a captain jumping overboard, abandoning his own sinking ship! My theory is NO ONE promoting this farce ever read it or knew what it contained... Remember Pelosi’s famous health care remark?  “You have to vote for it so that you can read it” “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it” ...
 All they cared about is creating millions of new entitlement slaves. Obama has lied about everything he stood for from his campaign promises to Obamacare!
Obummer and other democrats are sitting on their hands going all over the country fund raising,  playing Golf and Basketball and going to Hip-Hop concerts and expensive New York restaurants and spending Millions of our Dollars flying allover in Air Force One  going to “Fund Raisers” campaigns for State Campaigns, and Hollywood parties and calling them  "Fund Raisers" rubbing elbows with the Hollywood elite.  Sending our First Moocher on those obnoxious  $100 million vacation and  sending hundreds of millions of dollars to our enemies the Muslim Brotherhood.  While you and I and Millions of other Americans can't even pay our Mortgages.
 If Obummer wants to Campaign for himself or for someone else, some of the money he raises should go to pay for his trip!  It costs us MILLIONS every day for these trips! That's YOUR MONEY, and that's MY MONEY!  So Wake up you stupid, sheep!
Obummer ONLY says what the crowd he is talking to at the time wants to hear and then goes to another group and says the exact opposite! He is a Liar you know it and I know it. OK, now you can go ahead and call me a Racist!  Who cares!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi! Hell YES, We Want Answers! And we Won’t be Silenced!

YES! Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi!  Hell YES, we want answers!
We had 4 of our people savagely Murdered by Terrorists!   Ambassador Chris Stevens  was a Good and Patriot American appointed by this administration. Ty Woods served in the special forces for over 20 years. People like this, though, are nothing more than useful idiots to elites such as Obama and Hillary Clinton. Stevens was tortured and brutally murdered during the attack. Woods fought courageously to fend off the attack and save his fellow countrymen. And people wonder why many of us simply despise the likes of Obama and Clinton.  And these leftist Idiots want us to forget them and “Move on?”  Move on to what? More Lies and more cover ups, and more scandals? You all know as well as I that the the Benghazi massacre was a cover-up from the start to the finish, and that Obama and Clinton, and the others are lying .
Hell YES, we want answers!  And we won’t be silenced!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Fighting for Freedom of Speech In America

I do understand Condoleezza Rice's decision to bow out, but I regret it. We Conservative’s and Conservative speakers must not back down because of a few dumb-assed noisy Liberals or there won’t be any Conservative speakers to give their point of view. . Any time a Conservative is invited, it is always the same three ring circus with all the clowns protesting.
This is America for crying out loud! ... what happened to Condi’s right to speak, because of a few Liberal ignorant students ?  Does Free Speech only apply to legal immigrants these days!  And let's not forget that this is the same university where a crowd of thousands applauded Snooki’of Jersey Shore!
I have a perfect replacement for her. Let them invite Hillary, she could talk about how a mysterious video was responsible for killing four Americans in Benghazi, and how she is being blamed along with her Comrade Susan Rice by the vast right wing conspiracy.

Friday, May 2, 2014

What Exactly Is the Libtard’s Idea of What Freedom of Speech Is?

There was a time, and it wasn’t too long ago when we could say whatever we wanted to and say it freely, without fears. We could speak our ideas freely. We feared no one. We stood for the idea of American with Liberty and Justice for all. But unfortunately it doesn't work that way anymore. Our own president betrayed us.   . The so called “American Free” press has betrayed us . We all know what happened in Germany in the 1930's and 40's, and  we American people thought that it could never happen here!   Well take a good look, it is happening.   But will it continue to happen?  Will we soon become the Socialist State that Omama is pushing us to?  Who know? Fortunately Obama will soon be just a remembrance of bad history that tried but failed because we made a big mistake when we elected him. . He tried to eliminate the freedoms of our country, and lets hope that he fails at that as well.  But standing in the wings is Hillary Clinton, someone who isn’t much better at that game.
 Is freedom of speech already a thing of the past in America? Is Freedom of speech in America already DEAD?
Think about it!
Think about Paula Deen, where was her Freedom of Speech?
Where was Donald Sterling's Freedom of Speech? Where was his First Amendment freedom of expression?  OK, what he said was ugly, and  racist, but he said to in his own home on his one telephone!  Who the hell are we to take that right away from him?  Like what he said or not, that is NOT the question, didn’t he have the right to be a Bigot?  Don’t you have every right in America to Hate, and say that you hate?  I always thought you did.  I always thought they here in America you have the right to be a racist if you wanted to.  He didn’t fire anyone because of their race or color!  So how can the fine him and take away his team?  His business?  That reminds me of Germany!   Why can’t a man that owns a Chicken Joint donate his own money to whoever he pleases?

The Donald Sterling incident was yet another example of what is happening to our First Amendment's protection of speech.  If the First Amendment guarantee the of freedom to speak one's mind without government restriction or penalty, then how can the impose a penalty as they did?  I guess Donald Sterling is not allowed to use his First Amendment rights if it is a negative remark about Blacks.
OK, I do understand the difference between a private business, and the Government.  And that a private business is owned and operated by the business owner, not the government, and therefor all bets are off.  But is that the American way?

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

First Amendment? My Ass! There Isn't Any First Amendment

Sorry folks, these PC idiots on the Left have forced me to be on the side of people like Sterling,  Chick-fil-a. and Paula Deen and Don Imus, etc. Why?  Not because I agree with what they said, but to defend their right to say whatever they want, especially in this guys case when he said what he did say in his own home on his own phone. But was set-up by that little Tramp and her Co-conspirator Magic Johnson.
Free speech in this country doesn't need the approval of anybody, and lest of all a bunch of 7 foot thugs!  If a man can’t say WHATEVER he wants to in the privacy of his OWN home, the we DON’T have Free Speech at all. Our first amendment rights are GONE!
And silly me, I always thought that the First Amendment guaranteed your right to free speech.  If so, then WHAT WAS HE FINED 2.5 MILLION DOLLARS FOR? What did he do to deserve that?  And how can they Ban him from going to the games, when he owns the team?
Ducky said: “Having Cuban on your side isn't necessarily something to relish on your side isn't necessarily something to relish.”
Well Ducky, your wrong again!  If Marc Cuban IS on the side of Free Speech, then I DO “relish” what he said!
Mark Cuban said in effect after the punishment of Donald Sterling by the NBA, "In this country, people are allowed to be morons." Or stupid, or even Bigoted!

So tell me folks, does all this mean that all the Basketball players, and the Football players, and the Rappers, and the Black Comedians are going to stop using the “N” word?  And stop calling Whites “Crackers”?  Well maybe they will, FOR A WEEK!

And why was that assfaced, race pimp Jessie Jackson at the game yesterday?  Did he suddenly become a Basketball fan?  He claimed that he was there to show a "symbolic expression" to protest the statements made by team owner Donald Sterling.  I say he was there to stirring the pot and to throw Fuel on the Flames of the situation!
When will this end? And when will this double standard end? Not in my lifetime, I'm sure!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Maybe We Should Boycott Basketball!?

The latest distraction from the list of failures,  scandals, and the horrific  job performance that Obama is doing,  is the story about a LIBERAL BILLIONAIRE Basketball Team owner named Donald Sterling’s Racist Remark. So why is Donald Sterling’s Racism Big News?
It's a distraction of course!  Yes, from Obama, the President who seems to love to make statements about Blacks in the news, like, Henry Louis Gates, the University Professor at Harvard, theTrayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case, and now Donald Sterling but he can’t seem utter a word about the IRS scandal, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, etc.  Anything to take the focus from Benghazi and IRS, and the rest of Obama’s scandals. 

Shame on Donald Sterling for failing to uphold standards of the Political Correct Police..

Maybe us dumb crackers don’t understand this so please tell me where I’m wrong!
But isn’t there more important issues, for the President of the United States to be concerned with then a senile 80 year old billion dollar team owner fighting with a bunch of uneducated overpaid athletes that get paid millions, because they played Basketball in the Getto schoolyards for hours and hours. And they just happened to be born 7 foot freaks!. Otherwise most of them would not have gotten out of 2nd grade.
Oh yes I almost forgot, He Did Impose Some New Sanctions on Russia Last Week, how much can I ask for!!
Sterling apparently doesn’t like black people, OK, is that a Crime?  Is that any reason to keep this freaken story on the front pages of every newspaper on every news report on the radio, on television, and every other place I go?
Pretty soon their going to want to make anything said about a Back person a Hate crime, it’s plainly obvious.
My question is why should I care how Donald Sterling feels about blacks?   And my answer to that is, I really don’t!  I don’t care the least.  But I do care about the lynching he is getting in the press etc. etc. and etc. for expressing his own opinion in his own home on his own telephone, and having his private conversations taped.
Sterling is clearly a  bigot there is no argument or disagreement there ..
Unfortunately,  the politically correct Professional race baiters like Sharpton and Obama have of course, jumped into their professionally offended black person mode. They smell either dollars or political coverage out of this latest media invention. Do not expect this to go away until the NBA forces Sterling to give up his team, and throw a hefty fine at him.  And that is exactly what will happen.  Yes, even here in the USA, where you once were able to say whatever you wanted to.
Is he worse or more dangerous than the racist maggots like Jay Z, Snoop Dogg, Spike Lee, or that Buffone Al Sharpton and the rest of those creeps? And the latest is that the former NY Knick  Larry Johnson is calling for a all Black Basketball League...  Isn’t that sweet. And Charles Barkley said that the NBA is a "black league" and it's time that they had some representation of their own.

And they say that only whites can be Racist

Sunday, April 27, 2014


Vladimir Lenin once said “A lie told or repeated often enough soon  becomes the truth

And we all know that Obama knows his Lenin. And that is no lie!
Lenin, Stalin, Obama, Eric Holder Bill and Hillary Clinton. “What Difference Does It make”!
This president's past history is totally based on lies. Right from day one when he had sealed his papers so no one can learn the truth about his background,or see his Birth Certificate. At this point it doesn’t make any difference if the Certificate was true or Fake.  The point is that this president went through a lot of trouble trying to hide it. And that’s NO lie. .
We all know that once someone lies, especially someone that we should be trusting above anyone else, they then find it much easier to lie again a second time and then a third time, and again and again until it becomes habitual; he or she tells lies without thinking about it. And soon without anyone in the  world believing it.
Hillary Clinton called it "Miss Speaking"! Oops, I  Misspoke About That Bosnia Experience ... when she spoke about her and her crew landing in Bosnia “under sniper fire."  When it was CLEAR and proved by Video footage that there was NO no visible threat from “sniper fire” at all.  In fact the video showed her and her daughter Chelsea at a greeting ceremony on the tarmac. They were greeted by a little Bosnian girl reading them a poem. Hillary and Chelsea even paused to take pictures.
When this  falsehood of the tongue was questioned by the press and  Chelsea was asked about what happened, she said,  "I support what my Mother said," and backed up Hillary’s LIE!
Which brings us back to  President Obama’s now famous lying and repeating it several times to secure support for the Affordable Care Act –“If you like your plan, you can keep your plan”!
Obama said in a campaign speech that his father served in World War 2. Oh Yeah Right! The communist Kenyan was 9 years old when that war ended., so he must have been the YOUNGEST soldier who ever served.  And how about “I Promises to Close Guantanamo Bay” Still waiting!

Obama has mounted monuments of lies. And the Mother of ALL Lies, and the most blatant lie was prior to the 2012 elections, when he claimed that the Sept. 11 attack that killed our Ambassador to Libya and three Seals acting as security personnel was a “spontaneous demonstration” based on a video regarding Mohammed.
Yes, they were Brutally Killed after they repeatedly ask for more help and security, and the rescue never came
As we know, that was a blatant lie, but in her testimony before a congressional committee then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton famously asked “What difference does it make?”

Obama’s lies go all the back to his Oath of Office in January of 2009, when he said,
“I do solemnly swear  that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”
The constant lies that sets the Obama administration above anyone else continued throughout his 2nd term in office, lets not forget Lois Lerner, on leave from the Internal Revenue Service and likely subject to a contempt of Congress citation after it has become obvious that she was a key player in the deliberate effort to deny tax exempt status to “Conservatives”, “The Tea Party”, Israeli Organizations, and other Conservative organizations that need it to raise funds.

Also let us remember that the Attorney General has already been slapped with a contempt of Congress citation after refusing to give up documents regarding the “Fast and Furious” program that put guns in the hands of Mexican drug cartels. all lead back to Our Dear Leader, the Liar in Chief Barack Obama.
But our dear friends, the Liberals always defend Obama by bringing up “Bush Lied”.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Is This What They Meant When They Spoke About “Hope and Change” Is This an Example of Progress and Change?

This is NOT about a wealthy man, not about a plantation owner that owned slaves not about a man who is anti American. But that somehow don’t get through to these
useful idiot liberals. It doesn’t seem to matter to these deaf and dumb Libatard Tree-huggers that his family has worked this ranch in an area that no one and no one has ever before worked. It is pure desert. No slaves, no Indians (excuse me, I meant Native Americans), it’s not about the gays or lesbians, it’s about a man that ran this ranch his entire life until the government INCLUDING Harry Reid was set on taking it. Tell me I am wrong Mr. or Miss liberal.
Yes, now it's coming out that pathetic 'Dirty' Harry Reid and his son is involved in this crooked deal. It seems that Dirty Dingy Harry and the Chinese Government are making a Land Grab. Not surprising though, Harry Reid is well known for his corruption and shady real estate deals.
So the bottom line is that if Harry Reid can get away with making a deal with a land swap to make money off land that belonged to us the American people, then I say Mr.Bundy can do so also.
Now we have a Rancher standing up to Big Government
Lets not let theses communists, fascists, socialist criminals and the assortment of characters who live in a fantasy world get away with doing this.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Hillary Clinton the butcher of Benghazi

Yes, you read it right, Hillary Clinton the butcher of Benghazi cancelled a speaking engagement to 700 people in San Diego after finding out the mother of a dead Benghazi victim, American soldier Sean Smith, was going to be there. Apparently Hillary is brave enough to dodge sniper bullets in a NON EXISTENT ATTACK in Bosnia, along with her lying Daughter who backed up the LIE that didn’t happen or in or near ANY specified place,  but can't face a Benghazi victims mother. This shows the pure cowardice and a guilty conscience. And that she would make a terrible president just like the president that she is protecting that currently holds the office.  Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice and their Boss Barack Hussein Obama, all are typical Leftist cowards and lairs.
 Isn’t it too bad that our LEFTIST media doesn't give Pat Smith the mother of Sean Smith, one of the American soldier’s  who was killed in the Benghazi attacks, the same amount of coverage and support they gave Cindy Sheehan every time she farted during George Bush's second term. But then again....”What difference does it make at this point”?  The Traffic jam on the George Washington bridge is much more important to report on.
They already know damn well who the people are who were responsible, but its not enough, now it’s a witch hunt for Christie. Boy would it have been nice to see the Jackass Democrat flakes do the same for Ambassador Stevens' family and other family members of our Benghazi hero's.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

We Republicans Have Been Vilified And Insulted For The Past 13 Years, And We Aren’t Going to Take It Anymore!

We Republicans have been vilified and insulted for the past 13 years, from the day that George Bush was elected and through the past 5 years of Barack Obama’s failed Presidency. From his gross failures, his lies, and his manipulation of the United States Constitution.  From the Duck Dynasty issue to the Chick-fil-A issue.  Black Republicans have been vilified and insulted by the Left for the past 13 years from Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, to  Herman Cain. Ben Carson, the more eloquent version of Herman Cain, Black neurosurgeon from Baltimore has become the latest Black conservative to have been shot down, The liberals have taken the politics of personal destruction to new levels. It is no wonder that the Republicans have become a little uncooperative. If the President and his party treated me in the same manner they have treated Republicans, I would be loathe to have any part of them. The day he took office, the President forgot his promise to be President to all Americans and became President of liberal Americans.

In the five years that Barack Obama has been President the liberals, media, talking heads, and politicians, have been wearing out their race cards. There has been no such thing as a disagreement on policy or a dislike of planned results. If you disagree with Obama you are automatically a racist. Why else would one not cheer every word he speaks.
And now the Liberals are fixed on Ted Nugent, addressing him as a prominent Republican! 


I do not agree with most of what Mr. Obama says and does, while not caring a bit about his skin color. He talks too much and says too little.
We all know where Obama and the liberals stand, with Socialism, class warfare, lyes, and broken promises. We know exactly where Obama and the liberals stand: bigger government, less freedom, and massive job losses. Obama had his chance to make things better. Instead, he took over healthcare, passed massive tax increases, and presided over record gas prices and unemployment.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Vilifying Christie!

Chris Christie addressed the media and the Nation about his bridge scandal and started by saying,   “I am embarrassed and humiliated by the conduct of some of the people on my team,” he then apologized to his state’s residents and announced that he had fired a top aide after emails surfaced indicating staffers planned to cause a traffic jam on the country’s busiest bridge as part of a political payback scheme to punish a local mayor.
But it seems as if none of that was good enough for the lefties who are out to detail him.
It seems like the lefties are trying to put the skids on Christie's run before it even starts. This could be a huge mistake on their part.
But we all know to well how the progressives love to make of false statements that damage a Republican’s reputation.
If the media had devoted a similar amount of time toward investigating Fast & Furious (where 3 Americans and hundreds of Mexicans have been killed).   Or Benghazi (where 4 Americans were killed and 30+ injured and Obama, Hillary and Rice lied about a video for 2-3 weeks), and the abuses of power by the IRS (where only 20% of the requests for tax exemptions by Liberal entities and 80% submitted by Conservatives were held up), Americans might begin reading the media's newspapers and magazines again.
The media is digging its own grave with its extreme Left biases -- which is proven by its extreme Bridgegate coverage and ignoring stories that would make Democrats look bad.
If only they had given as much coverage of a traffic jam in 2 days as there has been in 6 months of IRS scandal, about the same for a year's worth of pitiful "cover-up" of Benghazigate...And as for that ridicules Nre York Times Investigation story
maybe their definition of an "investigation" is different from that found in a dictionary. The media did not even investigate why Obama, Hillary, and Rice lied about the video for 2-3 weeks.
And, yes, I am quite sure that I am right!