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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Obama on Tattoos, And Who Really Gives A Crap!

President Obama told the world today just how he feels about the “possibility” of his daughters  getting tattoos!
And what a brilliant Idea he has, to discourage them.
During a interview on the “Today Show” witch was supposed to be about his views on the Boston Marathon bombings, the discussion seemed to switch to the subject about what he (Obama) and Michelle would do if the First Daughters  ever decided to get a tattoo.
Seriously? Is this the best that the Media can come up with?  This is a shade above asking the president of the United States of America “What kind of underwear do you wear” in a presidential debate.  When the country is in a $16,808,Trillion Deficit, when there are so many unanswered questions about the Benghazi  attack on our consulate, and about Iran, North Korea, and about how to stop terrorists before they kill some more.  etc, and etc. How about removing Political Correctness, and adding some  common sense!
This only goes to show you the craziness of the Liberal Progressive mind.
I have a suggestion, maybe he should just  write an Executive Order banning his daughters from getting tattoos and that will solve everything, case closed!.

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