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Monday, May 13, 2013

"What difference does it make"? She said!

"What difference does it make"? She said, as she sat there screaming and lying her ass off !
You got that right you ugly arrogant lying elitist pig, it makes plenty of difference to real Americans.
We have four dead Americans, it makes plenty of difference to the four families who lost these poor people.  No matter what YOU and the rest of  the Obama Administration may think!
“What difference does it make”? What Difference Does it Make?  It may not make any difference to you, but it does to 99 percent of us REAL AMERICANS!
What we saw at the last hearing was the typical narcissist Hillary Clinton’s arrogance. I'm sure it matters to the families of those 4 Americans who were killed
 I'll tell you what difference it makes to us Hillary, we all know the real truth about what happened, no matter how you and the rest of the other slime-bags in Washington  try to spin it or lie about it.  We all knew that you and your scrawny Socialist Boss knew, and we all knew that lying stooge Susan Rice knew about it also, no matter what you all say to us or to the bunch of dead brains who participated in that phoney hearing.  We all know that YOU and your Boss Obozo refused to send help and you all lied about it as you each stood in front of the American public.  Their blood is on all of your hands, and that includes Susan Rice and your Boss....Mister Barrack Hussein Obama!.
You were allowed to walk away without being asked the real questions, such as where was Obama when was he told and why didn’t anyone do anything about this attack?  We know that you all sat around and watched the whole attack take place in Real Time!
"What difference does it make" ?  Why didn't you receive those e-mails and letters that were sent  begging for more security in this terrorist outpost, you all knew how dangerous this place was. This was not some beach in Hawaii , this is one of the most dangerous places in the entire world.  What difference does it make?  I want to know why the whole bunch of you aren’t being held accountable!
"What difference does it make?" I wonder if that what you said when you found out that Bubba was lying about Monica?   "What difference does it make?"  It makes all the difference in the world to us you arrogant elitist pig!
Why don’t you ask that question to the four families of the four dead Americans. Then we will know all know what difference it makes!
Would you ask that DUMB question "what difference does it make"  if it were YOUR child that was MURDERED?
I wonder what that bunch of Progressives would be saying if Sarah Palin were sitting in that seat shouting "What difference does it make" to a Democratic Senator and giving the same wise ass answers. The media would have a field day,  the bloggers on the left wouldn’t stop their bitching about it for the rest of the 4 years that the president would have left in office.
I’ll tell you “What difference it makes” The difference is that, as an American I would expect some truthful answers from the United States Secretary of State.

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