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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Vilifying Christie!

Chris Christie addressed the media and the Nation about his bridge scandal and started by saying,   “I am embarrassed and humiliated by the conduct of some of the people on my team,” he then apologized to his state’s residents and announced that he had fired a top aide after emails surfaced indicating staffers planned to cause a traffic jam on the country’s busiest bridge as part of a political payback scheme to punish a local mayor.
But it seems as if none of that was good enough for the lefties who are out to detail him.
It seems like the lefties are trying to put the skids on Christie's run before it even starts. This could be a huge mistake on their part.
But we all know to well how the progressives love to make of false statements that damage a Republican’s reputation.
If the media had devoted a similar amount of time toward investigating Fast & Furious (where 3 Americans and hundreds of Mexicans have been killed).   Or Benghazi (where 4 Americans were killed and 30+ injured and Obama, Hillary and Rice lied about a video for 2-3 weeks), and the abuses of power by the IRS (where only 20% of the requests for tax exemptions by Liberal entities and 80% submitted by Conservatives were held up), Americans might begin reading the media's newspapers and magazines again.
The media is digging its own grave with its extreme Left biases -- which is proven by its extreme Bridgegate coverage and ignoring stories that would make Democrats look bad.
If only they had given as much coverage of a traffic jam in 2 days as there has been in 6 months of IRS scandal, about the same for a year's worth of pitiful "cover-up" of Benghazigate...And as for that ridicules Nre York Times Investigation story
maybe their definition of an "investigation" is different from that found in a dictionary. The media did not even investigate why Obama, Hillary, and Rice lied about the video for 2-3 weeks.
And, yes, I am quite sure that I am right!

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