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Monday, June 2, 2014

Mr. Scandal-a-Week Is At It Again!

So Mr. scandal-a-week Obama has done it again! Everything that this president says and does is ugly and deceitful, and smell like crap! This time HE freed the 5 most dangerous Taliban commanders from Gitmo....So much for not negotiating with terrorists.  We have a very weak leader, who begs for the limelight without thinking about any of the consequences so this can be expected.  Yes, getting one of our men back is good of course, no one is arguing with that, BUT while that’s a good thing  the price was pretty damn high, we freed 5 of the most vicious Taliban commanders who were labeled “high risk” and Obama did this ALL on his own, never asking for Congress’s approval. Sure we ALL want to see an captured American freed, no question about it that we will see these terrorists back on the battle field killing Americans again!  THAT IS THE CONSEQUENCES.
And this is a man (Bergdahl)  who willingly walked away from his post, and according to US diplomatic cables, when his unit began searching for him that morning after he did not show up for roll call was said to have left his post and was captured.
 And was later quoted as saying "I am ashamed to even be an American."  (Sound Familiar?)
Anyway, this deal has already been made and the damage is done, and our so called Leader, the Moonbat Messiah will no doubly be taking a Victory Lap, or whatever the progressives are going to call it.  And now there are 5 flea bag scumbag terrorists Free to do their dirty work who are returned to the battle field once again. It’s really  that simple. 

I'm sorry BUT these circumstances surrounding Bergdahl's sudden release and exchange for 5 of the most dangerous and vicious Taliban Terrorists  remain to be very suspicious to me.  As for his original capture, there has been some who say that he that he willingly walked away from his unit, meaning that he could be charged with being absent without leave or in other words DESERTION.

And there is proof that Bergdahl was said to have told his parents that he was "Ashamed to Even be American."  Ashamed to Even be American?  This is coming from a United States Marine? 

No, Bergdahl is NOT a hero.
All this has happened in the wake of another one of Obama’s scandal’s, isn’t the timing interesting, could it be that this was all done to  this take the focus off of the Veterans Administration Scandal?  I wouldn’t put it past the LAIR in Chief at all.
And to release in exchange the guy who was “ashamed to be an American, our dear leader Barack Hussein Obama agreed to release five HIGH-LEVEL Afghan
highly dangerous and violent, dangerous, ruthless,  prisoners who are known to be the most dangerous detainees at Gitmo.   All this for one Deserter.  from the U.S. prison at Guantanamo. Is it any surprise this is the kind of person that Obama breaks every law for?

Good work Mr. president!

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