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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Michael Brown “was” a Criminal and a Thug, and NOT a Gentle Giant!

Lets not make any mistakes about it, Michael Brown “was” a Criminal and a Thug,
he wasn’t at all, no matter how these Liberals try to change the facts the “Gentle Giant” and the upstanding, unarmed-teen, citizen that these PC  irresponsible people on the Left have claimed him to be.  And the following rioting, bloodshed and the stealing and looting continue in Ferguson, Missouri, is evidence of what these lunatic opportunist are. 
And the Police Officer Darren Wilson was not the Killer that the Black Community (Al Sharpton is making him out to be.
The Gentle Giant Brown who was a 6' 5". 300 lb man not a “Teen” who had just committed a robbery, so lets not make him out to be some innocent little Teenage like they portrayed Trayvon Martin when they used a 12w year old photograph to sow how cute and sweet he was. .


  1. Dude: you are spot on. That 'gentle giant' was a sociopathic menace, a nasty felon of the worst kind. But what the true injustice that has happened in Ferguson, MO has never been uttered by anyone at any time: all of the rioting, looting and demands that cops oughtta be jailed has laid waste to an enormous amount of property value in Ferguson.

    In that town, perhaps 8,000 home owners have seen their property value plummet by half, I would wager. Who in their right mind would buy property in Ferguson now? Has any conversation gone like this in the last few weeks: "say, honey, let's look for a home to raise our children in Ferguson, MO.' Not very likely. Let's put a dollar figure to that statement: 8,000 homes in Ferguson, each home average value $245,000 BEFORE Michael Brown. Average home value AFTER Michael Brown: $125,000...and falling. That would be a total loss because of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the Oakland CA looters of approx. $960,000,000. 960 MILLION DOLLARS up in smoke. Almost a BILLION dollars to home owners in Ferguson.

    Nobody has said squat about that. Who picks up THAT kind of tab?

  2. The tittle of your post said it all.