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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Obama Sends 3000 Marines to Libya in The Middle of a Deadly Disease

What pisses me off is that Obama is sending 3000 Marines to Libya for what?  To help fight this thing?
These Marines enlisted into the service to protect OUR country for the enemy, from terrorists, and such, not to put themselves in danger of catching the Ebola virus! Why in the world would we send 3,000 troops into the middle of the Ebola epidemic?   He won’t send “Boots on the Ground” to fight ISSI, but he will where they can be exposed to this dreaded disease, This man is  totally incompetent
It’s like sending sheep to the slaughter they are being sent by Obama, the Traitor in Chief.
Since when are the marines suppose to be a Florence Nightingale?   Why should these people be exposed to this dreaded disease, and what will happen when they get back?  Will they spread it to their loved ones?  Or will they even come back?
That's NOT what Marines are for!  This is insane. Our Marines don't belong there. This President is a so inept that if it wasn’t so sad, it would be a joke.  Why isn't he sending ACORN over there?  Or some of his community organizer friends?

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  1. Yeah, Dude, how come ACORN isn't storming the Liberian beaches? Obama doesn't do anything that is calculated for political gain. Nothing whatsoever. And he is not the first president to send Marines to a foreign country to do things that they are not trained to do: remember Clinton sending our Marines in as a meals on wheels service to starving Somalians? And also remember how that turned out: Blackhawk Down.