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Monday, December 29, 2014

Thousands of New York Cops Turn Their Backs on Progressive Mayor Bill Di Blasoi, for the Second Time!

My deepest Condolences and Prayers to the family of the slain Brooklyn Police Officer Wenjian Liu, as well as the families of Officer Rafael Ramos the New York police hero who lost his life this past week as the two Offerices sat in their squad car..
I personally feel that Obama, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder, and that progressive scum Mayor Bill Di Blasio, who started this by giving the protesters his  support to the wave of protests triggered by the two black men's deaths in New York and Ferguson, Missouri, and has said that he talked to his bi-racial son, Dante, about interacting with police.  They all share responsibility for this Murderous act. And I hope that these worms remember this for the rest of their pathetic lives.
While Obama plays Golf in Hawaii, and the Black thugs are running wild in the streets, looting and destroying things and property, the families of these Murdered Police officers are mourning.
I support the Police Officers who turned their backs when the Mayor spoke yesterday.
Di Blasio did a great job of dividing and taking the side of the rioting, looting animals, and made a bad situation even worse, and for that I think he owes the entire Police force an apology for spreading hate and causing deaths.
Remember that folks, the next time that you go into the voting booths.

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