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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Hell with it, lets elect Ron Paul

The Hell with it, lets elect Ron Paul!  Maybe it would be a good idea if Paul should win the election, because if he did  the United States would get a real taste of what real problems would be like. Obama has only given us a taste of them, Paul would give us the Full Monte.
When disasters, like what has happened in Japan or in Haiti strike or like when Katrina hit New Orleans we would all be on our own because there won't be any FEMA
And if you think infrastructure is unimportant, you'll get a chance to see why happens when goods can't be shipped across the country because the roads have deteriorated and the bridges have collapsed in areas that can't afford the upkeep. But what the heck, we don’t need no stinken roads or bridges.
Yes, come to think about it Ron Paul could really teach this Country a lesson by showing us how really bad things can get with a President who truly does nothing for anyone and who don’t give a damn about her neighbors. Lets all sleep with a gun under our pillow and it;s each man or women for themselves.  Screw the rest of the world. .
Heaven help us, if that madman is ever elected.

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  1. This sounds so familiar, must have read your thoughts before.
    Starting a blog is fun. Have fun. I can't post very much right now, but look around the blog-a-sphere, for more bloggers.