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Sunday, January 15, 2012

What is the difference between Barack Obama and Herman Cain?

There's a huge difference. And the fact that they are both black isn't even close to being an issue. But lets start at the beginning and let me make my case.
Herman Cain was born in Memphis, Tennessee, to Luther Cain, Jr., who was raised on a farm and worked as a Chauffeur, a Barber and a Janitor, and to Lenora Cain, a cleaning woman and Herman grew up in Georgia. Herman was in high school during the civil rights marches and his parents insisted he go to college instead of going out and protesting, but Herman read about and watched what was happening on the news on a daily basis.

Herman Cain was the successful CEO of a major pizza chain. Obama hadn't even the experience running a Convenience store.

Obama grew up in Kenya, or Indonesia, or Chicago,or Hawaii, or who really knows where, Obama never really had any job at all, and he paled around with domestic terrorists like Bill Ayer, and went to a racist, anti-American, anti Semitic church for over 20 years.
Herman has given many speeches at Tea Party rallies all across America.

Barack says he supports Occupy Wall Street.

Herman Cain was hired to turn struggling companies around to make a profit and hire more employees.
Obama doesn't know which end of a broom to use to clean up the mess that he created!
Why don't you tell me what Obama has done for this country, besides run it into the ground?


  1. That is correct! OMG = obutthead must go!

  2. Herman Cain was the successful CEO of a major pizza chain.


    That's a freaking pantload.

    Herman first failed at Pillsbury when he messed up a computer system consolidation. Since he was their affirmative action boy they had to shuffle him around so after they acquired Burger King they put him in Philadelphia for a while while they brought in some execs from McDonalds to direct Burger King.
    Now, the acquired Godfather's as part of the Burger King acquisition but weren't interested in it so they sold it to Herman and others and killed two birds with a stone.
    Herman stated that he was going to move into third place among delivery franchises and promptly landed in sixth and the chain is invisible today as Herman downsized it to nothing. We don't know if he tried to achieve growth but he didn't. Quite a few lost jobs.

    Cain has NEVER been hired to perform a turnaround. Get your facts straight. He bought Godfathers because Pillsbury wanted to get rid of the chain and Herman.

    He was eased out of Godfathers after he ran it into the ground.

    He paled (sic) around with Ayers? No, Ayers held a fund raiser for Obama and there isn't any evidence that the two ever socialized. But so what? You scared of the big bad leftists?

    Must be since Muslims make you right wingers wet your pants.

    Herman spoke at Bagger rallies. Wow, he's a real leader.

    "Libya ... let me see..."
    One next to Egypt, Herman, you moron.

  3. Anything you are against Ducky!!! I am for... Get it you moron?

  4. Isn't Ducky Cute, I allow him to post here so that people won't think that I'm predigest agents morons