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Friday, March 30, 2012

SHAME on you Obama, Sharpton and Jackson

Thousands of people led by the usual black racists like Al Sharptongue Jessie Jerkson, Spiked Lee, Morgan Freeman, and all the rest of the president's lackeys and maggots  have even used social media to label George Zimmerman guilty of racial profiling and murder.    They even went so far as to start a "KillZimmerman" Twitter account began publishing calls for violence against him. To begin with Trayvon Martin was not the innocent looking baby-faced boy in the photo that has been circulating on the  front pages pf all the newspapers across the country. And George Zimmerman wasn't the beefy-looking dumb looking figure in the  published mugshot. Both photos are a few years old and neither are accurate. 
Martin was 17 years old, around 6 feet tall and, according to his family's attorney, about 140 -150 pounds.  And also had an arrest record with 3 prior arrests for burglary.  
But the way that I see it, the whole truth and all the facts haven't yet been told. Why did Zimmerman follow him? Why did the fight begin? Why did Martin punch him?  
Who was screaming for their life in the 9-11 phone call?  Was it Martin or was it Zimmerman?
But what the left is doing here, is convicting Zimmerman and lynching him even before the facts are all in.   Because that is what they do, why bother with the facts? Why not allow the police to complete their investigation?

Could it be that even the president will once again wind up with egg on his face!


  1. This from Doctor Bull Dog & Robin:

    "You just knew it was coming. The Left never lets a manufactured crisis go to waste, and the Trayvon/Zimmerman incident is no exception.

    If you ask me, though, the Trayvon/Zimmerman incident is a shining example of why citizens should be allowed to carry guns.

    After all, if some punk were smashing your brains into the sidewalk, wouldn't you like to have the option of using a gun to make him stop?

    Also, something that I haven't noticed anyone else picking up on is that Zimmerman showed extreme self-control in shooting Trayvon. He could have unloaded his clip into Trayvon, yet he only fired once. That tells me there was no malice in Zimmerman's actions and he was merely using the gun to stop Trayvon from beating him up and did not intend to kill him. If it had been me, I would have unloaded my clip into the little puke"

  2. Very good point Jon, thanks for it and thanks for the visit.

  3. "... wind up with egg on his face?"
    I got something better I'd rather smear in his/her/its condescending, nappy-headed little pie hole.

  4. I agree with Marine4ever... Very well said.

  5. JB, I would have to argue the point on "did not mean to kill him."
    As a former LEO and, now, as a private citizen with a CHL, a firm policy taught in both cases is NEVER shoot to wound. If that weapon is drawn, it is to be used to defend yourself using lethal force because of fear for your life or the life of others. Note that "FEAR for YOUR LIFE or the LIFE OF OTHERS" is the key to the defense. I can't speak for the other states and their interpretation of self defense, but in Texas the perp doesn't have to be equally armed for lethal force to be applied... "FEAR for YOUR LIFE" has to be shown, however. It goes without saying that the weapon should never to be used to intimidate. That's not to say that, perhaps, a wound was inflicted that stopped the threat. However, when the threat ceases to be, there can be no further action.
    Like you, I'd just as soon stand over the punk(s) and empty all three .40, 13 round magazines in him/them. However, when the case goes to court, you're gonna be in DEEP doo-doo. Because of that, those of us that are certified to carry are more dangerous UNARMED rather than BEING ARMED. Carrying a weapon is serious business and along with it comes a tremendous amount of responsibility... or, again, you're gonna be in DEEP doo-doo!
    Soooo, I try to spend some quality time on the range practicing close quarter combat drills and perfecting "two to center-mass, one to the head."

  6. M4e,

    I agree and if the SOB is dead he can't sue you either!

    1. Yeah, JB. That was the OTHER thing that made a really big impression on us!