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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Un-answered Questions About Benghazi

In regard to the UN-answered questions about Benghazi, are we going to just forget about them? Are we going to press the issue until these UN-answered questions ARE answered?  Or are we going to allow the Libs to say, "Time to Move On"? 
There are so many UN-answered question to be answered that it is simply shameful.  Where is the outrage from the families?  Why aren’t they in the public limelight every day demanding answers?  Is there something that I missed? 
Did Obama aided and abetted by Hilary Clinton, and Susan Rice, cover this thing up so masterfully, that it’s simply going to get swept away in the night like so many other UN-answered questions? 
There is so much more to this story that we haven´t heard that I find it shocking that it's not in the headlines of the news every day.
However he's not going to tell us anything that's going to fly, you can bet on that. 
If those four murders happen when there was a Republican in the white house then they keep up the pressure to want to know why, and they would not stop asking the important questions until they were satisfied with the answers. . But when there is a Democrat and especial a black liberal  in the white house it gets put in the “Sweep it Under the Rug Mode".
It’s high time that they put the pressure on these 3 incompetent liars and get some real answers.  But you and I already know it’s never going to happen. So lets just close the door and shut the lights and go home.
This is just going to fade away like Obama’s promise to “Bring these killers to justice”
Yeah right.  Obama would much rather Boogie down in the White House or play Gplf with Tiger Woods.


  1. .

    Hey. Soiling yourself, are you?.

    If President Obama, Secretary Hilary Clinton, and Secretary Susan Rice are able to cover this thing up so masterfully (your words), how can they be "... 3 incompetent liars ..."?

    Ema Nymton

  2. Enema said........

    "how can they be "... 3 incompetent liars ..."?

    Well Enema, I supposed that they were just born that way!

  3. Amen to what JonBerg said... no doubt.
    We can always depend on Enema to make a point, Wacked Out as it may be...

  4. I'll also Amen Jon's comment

    1. It's hard to believe there are people who could careless to know the truth and the huge cover-up by Obama, Hilary and Rice. Not at all of us are fooled.

      We want answers and I want them all held accountable. Period.