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Saturday, February 2, 2013

So it looks like our Dear Leader and members of Congress are going to expend time and energy to come to a "compromise" that absolves people of the offense of entering this country illegally. Key word "illegally"!  Make NO mistake about that!
Because as we all know Obama arrogantly disregards laws he doesn’t like.
Hey Obozo, whats taking you so long?  We would have thought that you would have  invoked one of your "executive Orders" by now. After all, the sooner we give them amnesty, the sooner they can sign up for Subsidized housing, Food stamps,  free School lunches, free Hospitalization, free Medicaid, Cell phones, SSI,  and some of the 80 other giveaway programs that the government uses to transfer money from those who earned it to those who didn't earn it. All this while they  send all that money back to Mexico.  This is an absolute outrage.
This is not only a slap in the face to every law-abiding citizen and legal immigrant, but it sends a signal to anyone who wants to live in the United States that our government bends to the will of criminals and those who support them, As well as making an absolute mockery of our  immigration laws.  Ya gotta love Obama, securing a path  to citizenship for illegals, but not too concerned about securing our borders.
Is the Republican Party going to  agree and go along with this sham only because they lost the election? What about the millions who agree with enforcing the laws that are already in place? Don't our votes count?
It would seem that our entire government is concerned with appeasing a vocal minority of voters.
Bottom lime, it's simple
if they want to get in line like everyone else did and come here fair, and square ...that's fine. Otherwise  send then back back to where they came from.


  1. "Ya gotta love Obama, securing a path to citizenship for illegals, but not too concerned about securing our borders."

    Yes, a cornucopia of DemoncRAT votes. The sooner they become citizens the sooner they can vote for the likes of him! About "our borders"-"we don't meed no stinkin borders"!

  2. you got that right Jon

  3. The only thing Obama cares about is getting those illegals citizenship so they will blindly vote for Democrats, because they will.

    I hope and pray, someone will have the courage to stand up to that man and say, "no." Our borders must be protected and American citizens should come first, period.

    If anyone deserves to have citizenship are those that have legal green visas and have been working here and paying taxes and have been waiting for years to become legal Americans.