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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Does Paula Deen Really Have To Go On An Apology Tour?

Does Paula Deen Really Have To Go On An Apology Tour? NO!, she has no need to apologize for using a term used by blacks allover the air-waves on the streets, in the playgrounds and even on the stage in Concerts, in the Movies,  Broadway show’s, Comedy acts, amongst themselves, and you name it.. When they ALL stop using that word, THEN, and only then they can complain about others using it Until then they and the rest of the media should stop this stupid whining, bitching, and moaning
Does Paula Deen Really Have To Go On An Apology Tour? NO! Especially NOT for something she had said  over 30 years ago? Would people feel better if she said as a white woman raised in the south she never even thought about the word nigger?  NO, that’s not what the South was like in those days.
Frankly, I am fed up with the crying and wringing of hands about it by Blacks and Whites as well!  While blacks continue to Rap about it, Sing about it and call each other the same word. I’m just  Fed up with double standards.
When the blacks stop using it, then everyone else might follow suit. Until then, ot’s just tough shit, deal with it.  I never seem to hear any complaints about Blacks using the words “Cracker” or "Whitie"
This country has become Paranoid when it comes to Blacks and Muslims.


  1. Agreed. Nobody should be forced to apologize for speech. But when makes their living in the court of public opinion, they will inevitably whore themselves to those who pack the court.

  2. and the other cherished group...ahem...G---ays!..but open season on Jews, Christians and women...pffttt!!!