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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Fighting for Freedom of Speech In America

I do understand Condoleezza Rice's decision to bow out, but I regret it. We Conservative’s and Conservative speakers must not back down because of a few dumb-assed noisy Liberals or there won’t be any Conservative speakers to give their point of view. . Any time a Conservative is invited, it is always the same three ring circus with all the clowns protesting.
This is America for crying out loud! ... what happened to Condi’s right to speak, because of a few Liberal ignorant students ?  Does Free Speech only apply to legal immigrants these days!  And let's not forget that this is the same university where a crowd of thousands applauded Snooki’of Jersey Shore!
I have a perfect replacement for her. Let them invite Hillary, she could talk about how a mysterious video was responsible for killing four Americans in Benghazi, and how she is being blamed along with her Comrade Susan Rice by the vast right wing conspiracy.

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