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Friday, May 2, 2014

What Exactly Is the Libtard’s Idea of What Freedom of Speech Is?

There was a time, and it wasn’t too long ago when we could say whatever we wanted to and say it freely, without fears. We could speak our ideas freely. We feared no one. We stood for the idea of American with Liberty and Justice for all. But unfortunately it doesn't work that way anymore. Our own president betrayed us.   . The so called “American Free” press has betrayed us . We all know what happened in Germany in the 1930's and 40's, and  we American people thought that it could never happen here!   Well take a good look, it is happening.   But will it continue to happen?  Will we soon become the Socialist State that Omama is pushing us to?  Who know? Fortunately Obama will soon be just a remembrance of bad history that tried but failed because we made a big mistake when we elected him. . He tried to eliminate the freedoms of our country, and lets hope that he fails at that as well.  But standing in the wings is Hillary Clinton, someone who isn’t much better at that game.
 Is freedom of speech already a thing of the past in America? Is Freedom of speech in America already DEAD?
Think about it!
Think about Paula Deen, where was her Freedom of Speech?
Where was Donald Sterling's Freedom of Speech? Where was his First Amendment freedom of expression?  OK, what he said was ugly, and  racist, but he said to in his own home on his one telephone!  Who the hell are we to take that right away from him?  Like what he said or not, that is NOT the question, didn’t he have the right to be a Bigot?  Don’t you have every right in America to Hate, and say that you hate?  I always thought you did.  I always thought they here in America you have the right to be a racist if you wanted to.  He didn’t fire anyone because of their race or color!  So how can the fine him and take away his team?  His business?  That reminds me of Germany!   Why can’t a man that owns a Chicken Joint donate his own money to whoever he pleases?

The Donald Sterling incident was yet another example of what is happening to our First Amendment's protection of speech.  If the First Amendment guarantee the of freedom to speak one's mind without government restriction or penalty, then how can the impose a penalty as they did?  I guess Donald Sterling is not allowed to use his First Amendment rights if it is a negative remark about Blacks.
OK, I do understand the difference between a private business, and the Government.  And that a private business is owned and operated by the business owner, not the government, and therefor all bets are off.  But is that the American way?

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