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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Benghazi, And The Spin Goes On..

Are you sick and damn tired of being lied to by our President and his bunch of crooked cronies yet? My guess is no!! ... because frankly I have rub completely out of any   patience that i may have had left with our lying, covering ups,, bunch of liberals who are running this country (into the ground).!  A interview was aired last night which should convince the nieve bunch of American citizens, who still believe in the “Tooth Fairy”, “Unicorns” and “Gentle Teen-age Giants” once and for all that their government, and it’s leader  is not telling the truth about what happened in Benghazi. Libya two years ago. that has been obvious to many of us for the past two years. And most importantly what should be done about it. This is not a storu that should nor is going to go away! People died and Obama lied about Benghazi. We are into a cover-up of a cover-up of a cover-up and the left continues to whine about the unfairness of wanting to get to the bottom of the murders of an Ambassador, two Navy Seals and a embassy worker. The world is upside down in the liberal mind. We CAN NOT take murder and the inability of our military to protect our people to lightly, and this administration does, and I am offended by it.  Just as I am offended by our President telling the world that “"WE don't yet have a “STRATEGY"!
Is this our newest method of intelligence? Is this our newest foreign policy?  Telling our enemy that we still don’t have any plans as to handle the barbarians, savages who are be-heading our Citizens?
And is this the way our lefties support the dopes who are doing this idiotic thing? You always can tell when the radical left, knows that they are wrong and that they are in deep doo-doo. They lose their cool and start changing the subject to something ,anything stupid like what Ronald Reagan did 25 years ago, or how many vacations George Bush took, or Paula Dean, Climate Control, and the one I like most is George Bush Political Cartoons !
It’s been 2 years since Hillary Klinton, and Susan Rise, and Obama and the rest of their  goons finally admitted it was "terrorists" that killed 4 Americans in Benghazi, Libya on 9-11-12, we would think that  they would've arrested them or killed them by now.
What's holding them back?  Why haven’t these terrorists been arrested and “brought to Justice “?  Like Obama told us they would? Did Hillary include that chapter in her “Hot” selling book?  Or was that to much of a "Hard Choice"
No wonder why the left want the Benghazi Scandal buried.   But i don’t!
But Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is still sticking with old school liberal thinking?  If you tell a lie often enough, people will believe it's the truth!


  1. "Degrade and destroy"????
    It seems that our “Orator and Chief” has become the “Chief of ambiguous statements” lately as he reads his Teleprompter.... (but that of course is only my personal opinion)

  2. Have patience, Dude. Turns out that a lot of the low info folks (we used to call them 'dumb shits') are starting to feel the pain that this administration is jamming down all of our throats. Gas has doubled since Barry took office, which is a very big part of the low info crowd's budget. Unemployment among the low info crowd is sky high, and even a low info type knows when he doesn't have a job (well, maybe 75% of them do, anyway).

    And on and on....just wait until the low info crowd gets sick, and find out they don't have Obamacare for free: which should be in the next year or two. Yes, even the low info voters (we used to call them 'stupid assholes') are seeing that the stuff they voted for is killing them.

    They will come around, to a point. And there are enough of them (stupid voters) who will vote the other way this time around.

    We should start to see the pendulum swing back in our direction, perhaps as early as this coming November, but for sure in 2016.